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E-Bay scammers, proseartist, writer mark, academic_writing, meta works & coursework 24X7

tinkerman 2 | 4   Student
Dec 06, 2011 | #1
There are a number of "writing services" now being advertised on E-Bay but beware of the ones i have used recently. I have paid in excess of £500 and recieved nothing.

The first one goes by a number of names, proseartist, writer mark, academic_writing & meta works and possibly more yet to come, after a while of waiting until the deadline i E-mailed for 2 days and never recieved a reply, the ads are still being run by E-Bay but as the scammer kept me waiting for so long PayPal said its was too late and the transaction was timed out.

Another to avoid is coursework 24x7 they use E-bay too and i have had a similar experience with them, the report i asked for was delayed using a number of "sad stories " including a function the writer had to attend and their wifes miscarriage until they stopped altogether replying to my e-mails altogether
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Dec 06, 2011 | #2
If they're scamming the world under the shelter of EBay, then you should not just sit and mourn. It'd be better you inform EBay of your experience and do the same on review sites, web portals, blogs, and anywhere else. This way, you can save others form being scammed by them.
jeffrey256 - | 1   Student
Dec 12, 2011 | #3
Did you ever resolve things with proseartist?
koila123 - | 1   Company Representative
Jan 07, 2012 | #4

Perhaps you should have done your own work rather than trying to "cheat your way". I have followed some of your posts and it's laughable that you have used so many writing companies to get your work done; if you had expended the same effort on your work then you wouldn't be whining and cringing. The only person who is lacking any honor is you and fellow students like you. You should ******* quit school if it's too hard since it's not worth the diploma it is printed on, at least another deserving student can take that seat !


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