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CustomPapers.com are they really good?

gergsun 2 | 1  
May 15, 2007 | #1

I've read so many people posted their opinion about Custompapers.com, most of them said this site is really good.

So do people agree with that?

plum21 - | 1  
May 15, 2007 | #2
hi there,

i have read the site and it looks and sound harmless to me. I can't comment on their productivity and efficiency.

All I can say is that search on other forums and check on how this site rally works and their product essays as well.

I am a freelance writer of essaywriters.net and i was oh so shocked that at custompapers.com someone pay per word or something and as for me i currently get 6 dollars per page with essaywriters. Now, i know how the site earned when i make the essay or something. they just put the rate and the writers don't know how much the customer really paid. i am waiting to be paid this june1-3 by essaywriters. I'm crossing my fingers to get paid. Hopefully, I'll not be scammed.

I have followed all their writing guidelines and got 2 dollars worth of fine because one order was cancelled.

As for your post, just do more research before thinking of sending that money on a certain site, to prevent being scammed.
Mar 26, 2014 | #3
Hi Gergsun

I would most definitely not recommend Custompapers.com Perhaps I had a really bad writer but they are most certainly not what they advertise.

Most of the feedback on-line is okay but I would say their service is not consistent and they are are not prepared to write and do as much as they claim. I do think there are many better sites out there.

Custompapers.com initial service before payment is very prompt and the moment you make payment and receive the work (whether you like it or not) goes down hill from there. It prides itself for being "reputable" and "reliable" but to be honest it just seems like a fly by night organization.
mre 1 | 175  
Mar 27, 2014 | #4
Yes, custompapers.com is a legitimate company, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and based in Illinois I believe.

I know we aren't supposed to post positive reviews, but what I posted is not really a review is it? They are legitimate...I believe an LLC, they are accredited (you can look that up), and they are based in Illinois (you can look that up as well).
Apr 12, 2014 | #5
Please help me! I've been searching for hours and come up with this.

How is custompapers.com??? or writing-lab-report.org/?? I'm taking way too many credits right now and I have multiple exams colliding as I speak I simply don't have enough time to write an important lab report due soon. I have used an online source before years ago and it miraculously worked but I forgot the website and haven't used it since. Can anyone please message/email me about these sources I've found? Or recommend their #1 reliable source for papers. It would be much appreciated I've been searching for hours reading reviews etc but so far its only got me worried (obviously). Thank You! @yahoo.com

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