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njones12 1 | 1  
Apr 10, 2012 | #1
What I can tell you at this point, is to leave the essay writing company "Essay Council" alone. I'm going to get straight to the point on this issue. On April 6, 2012 I made the decision to outsource my essay writing efforts over to the company "Essay Council" but to give those of you who may not know much about the company a quick overview, they are a essay writing service who develops writing related assignments on behalf of the customer. As usual of course, they looked like a reputable company with a strong sense of customer morale. I hired one of their writers (Or should I say one of Phoenix Academic Solutions writers) to get started on my thesis which was due in a few days. I was attracted to Essay Council because of the ''free draft'' service that they offer for first time clients. After the writer sent me my free draft I was impressed and decided to allow the writer to continue on with the project. The price to initiate and complete the project was $99.61 (around that figure) I paid and after checking with customer service to see how soon the writer could get started, we proceeded on everything. The deadline for the project was 3 days which is what I was giving the writer, but my paper was due..TODAY (April 10th 2012) and for whatever reason, Phoenix Academic Solutions sends me a full refund for my project the day BEFORE it was due (3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time). At this point, I have no paper and am currently confused as to why the writer would abruptly quit on the construction of my project without notifying me first and without my consent. I never gave Essay Council clearance (or the company that they outsource they're writers to-Phoenix Academic Solutions) to administer me a refund and to cancel my project. After this occurred, I had gotten in contact with my writer to gain more clarification on this issue. They responded to my query with the slightest amount of regard saying "Yes. Sorry for what happened" I've sent message after message to the writer for more clarification and they NEVER would respond. I don't know what happened to compel them to quit operating on my project a day before it was due. Secondly, If the writer had any issues (I couldn't see how seeing as though I gave them a ton of instructions and clear and concise instructions) they could have got in touch with me and I would have gladly answered any of their questions. After calling the customer service department at Essay Council for a whole day just about (so much so that the whole department knows my name) I had no luck, every time I called the customer service reps they would state how "they're just a representative and they don't have any contact with "THAT" department. That's bullshit in my opinion, seeing as though you are a company of ''integrity'' and you would like to keep your precious jobs I still can't understand how a company can be so disconnected. The only advice that they gave me was to contact customer service ONLINE (backwards if you ask me) but here's the catch: the customer service chatline is an instant messaging system controlled by an operator who is NEVER online. How in the hell do you expect to help customers? So in summary, do not work with this company its a company full of customer service who are dumb as door-knobs, nonexistent management, with writers who either don't exist or just those who feel the need to skip town at the last minute.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Apr 10, 2012 | #2
They're the same companies. No doubt they have countless other pages scattered over the www.
OP njones12 1 | 1  
Apr 10, 2012 | #3
Understood, but nevertheless what they did was still wrong
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Apr 10, 2012 | #4
As usual of course, they looked like a reputable company with a strong sense of customer morale.

It looks the site is not very reputable after all:
Apr 10, 2012 | #5 = ESL ripoff / fraud / scam from India
FSR - | 47   Freelance Writer
Apr 10, 2012 | #6
njones12 - Out of interest how many words/pages were you promised for the $99.61?
rippedoff - | 2  
Apr 12, 2012 | #7 IS A TOTAL RIP OFF ESSAY WRITING COMPANY!!! Beware of this company and all of its network online sites!!!. This company is PHOENIX ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS (as it appeared on PAYPAL transaction) IS NOT UK nor U.S.-BASED company. It's actually from INDIA!!!

Last month, I had an essay assignment and got no time to do it. I ordered for a 1850 words FIRST CLASS (stated as minimum of 70% grade rate guaranteed) due in 24 hour for USD232!!! All necessary instructions were given. I was impressed with their FREE DRAFT so I decided to go for it. The deadline was over and the paper didn't come back. I ended up ringing the customer service. After tens of times of calling, a pleasant lady answered claiming to be American-based (obviously she isn't) saying somebody will contact me regarding my concern as it is not their department responsible for my cause.

Also, I ended up sending messages to the "personal writer". The writer replied and sent me the assignment. Though it was late, I did pass the paper electronically for plagiarism check........IT WAS A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The essay as they claimed to have been started from the scratch was actually a COPIED and PLAGIARISED WORK!!! 40% of the work was copied on the first 200 words ALONE!!!

It was the company policy that a refund will be given when a customer is not satisfied and if a work is NOT ORIGINAL or PLAGIARISED!!!

I rang the customer service again (same thing happened) but nobody was existing. Chat support was OFFLINE most of the time.

I then contacted PAYPAL and reported PHOENIX ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS. I escalated for a dispute but my money was NOT REFUNDED as the transaction or item ordered was INTANGIBLE so it was not covered by buyer protection although the seller (Phoenix) obviously defaulted from the agreement.

honey64 - | 2   Student
May 04, 2012 | #8

As far as I can see I just got essay council if the information which I found in here is true. First they were extremely professional with free draft etc. and now, after done payment - no reaction anymore. I cannot come in contact with the writer, the admin or anyone. So I fear that I probably not will get a paper at all and have paid a lot of money for nothing - no clue if I have a chance to get the money back..:(

My question is who can be seen as trust worthy and capable of writing a BA thesis, 10000 words, with a really short deadline (8 days) ?

I would highly appreciate your help and will now try to get my money back through paypal.

regards from honey
Telma - | 4   Student
May 06, 2012 | #9
Does anyone got the work done with essay council?????????
honey64 - | 2   Student
May 07, 2012 | #10
After I got this pretty bad feeling after done payment not being able to come in contact with essay council I opened a dispute at PayPal.

Then essay council reacted by saying the following:

"We are very sorry for the delay in communication. We have been facing a complete black out for the last 8 hours and it is being restored now. We really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you on account of this. We have just contacted your writer and ensured that he has started working on your paper. He will be able to complete the paper on time.

We understand that you initiated a payment dispute on account of this.
But, there is nothing to worry about the timely completion of your dissertation. Moreover, your free draft was done by the same writer and we did accept nothing for your draft. You can believe us. So, please close the dispute and lets continue working on your paper.

Thanking you,Support Team"

Afterwards it was pretty much the same - I could not come in contact with them again - not by e-mail, live chat or else. Fact was that they not even had all information which would be needed to write this kind of paper. I then told them that I won't close the dispute because they do not what they promised - close working relations with the writer - and asked my money back. I also threatend them with an escalation of the dispute.

Actually, for safeties sake, I also blocked my credit card.
I just checked at PayPal and found out that there refunded the money.

My experience with this companies is bad and I am also convinced now that they are located in India. They were in the beginnging acting very professional until they received the payment. Allthough they claimed to be able to deliver the paper on time I was wondering how they can do that if they not even know what the requirements are for this paper.

I am now trusting a freelance writer and hope everything will work out just fine without loosing money...
Telma - | 4   Student
May 10, 2012 | #11
I got a **** paper....I would never get through with the paper they sent to me.
Carry - | 5   Student
May 14, 2012 | #12
sharked 1 | 1   Student
Jun 08, 2013 | #13
More about EssaysCouncil: 3?profile.language=en-gb
waqashakeel 1 | 8  
Oct 08, 2013 | #14

hey does anyone have info on Any sort of info will help, thank you in advance for your help.
writers2beware 41 | 2,015 ☆☆☆☆  
Oct 09, 2013 | #15
Use the SEARCH box! is fraudulent, ripoff garbage from India.

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