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Fake Address of Besttermpaper LLC ([DND*]) & Bestdissertation LLC (bestdissertation

Sep 24, 2008 | #1
I arranged for someone to visit the purported "corporate" address of "Besttermpaper LLC" ([DND*]) and "Bestdissertation LLC" ([DND*]). As you may or may not already know, "Universal Research Incorporated" from Ukraine owns, operates, promotes, and/or controls all of the following, verifiably fraudulent Web sites:[DND*][DND*][DND*][DND*][DND*]


As of September 23, 2008, online records from the State Corporation Commission of Virginia indicate that neither "Besttermpaper LLC" nor "Bestdissertation LLC" actually exist.

Apparently, the Ukrainian owners (Olga Mizyuk and Yuri Mizyuk) use two different, FAKE addresses in "apple pie" Virginia to falsely lead American consumers into trusting that their Web sites, writers, and base of operations are also American and physically located in the United States.

Fake address #1:

Universal Research Incorporated
11654 Plaza America Dr. #365
Reston VA 20190

Fake address #2:

Besttermpaper LLC ([DND*])
1911 North Fort Myer Dr #223
Arlington, VA 22209-1607

Bestdissertation LLC ([DND*])
1911 North Fort Myer Dr #223
Arlington, VA 22209-1607

To prevent their FAKE address from being indexed in Google's search results, they advertise that address on their sites in the form of an IMAGE, rather than regular text. The average, unsuspecting customer with no prior knowledge of these liars' tactics may be fooled into believing that purchasing from them is safe due to their "American" address and blatant lies about their writers' qualifications. What a racket! However, unlike 99% of their potential victims, I know better.


An investigator has provided indisputable evidence that the corporate address of "Besttermpaper LLC" ([DND*]) and "Bestdissertation LLC" ([DND*]) is FAKE. That's right--it appears to be a complete sham! In fact, suite #223 does not even exist! (There are no businesses AT ALL on the 2nd floor of the building! There is nothing on the 2nd floor besides elevators and a parking garage.) Therefore, the address that the liars display on[DND*] and[DND*] is fraudulent:

1911 North Fort Myer Dr 223
Arlington, Virginia 22209

Street sign: - 1911 North Fort Myer Dr 223

Front door of 1911 North Fort Myer Dr:

Directory in the lobby of 1911 North Fort Myer Dr (proving that not only does suite "#233" not exist, but there are no "2xx" suites/offices at all): - 1911 North Fort Myer Drive

YouTube video proving that 1911 North Fort Myer Drive #223 does not exist:

Click Here to View

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- -

Other investigations:[DND*] - proof of fake address s-com-superiorpapers-com-essaywriters-622/ - proof of fake address m-academia-research-com-fake-address-627/[DND*] - proof of fake address[DND*] - proof of fake address
swat_2002 1 | 4  
Sep 25, 2008 | #2
thank you very much
OP WritersBeware  
Sep 25, 2008 | #3
You're welcome.

The crooks are still displaying the same, fake address on their sites.

Still no change from the crooks. I guess they've decided to simply maintain the fake address because they know that I will just reveal the truth about any other fake address that they may obtain, no matter where it may be in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain.

As with, is still perpetrating the fraud on the American public.
OP WritersBeware  
May 01, 2009 | #4
These frauds have created yet ANOTHER set of fake addresses for their other sites.
dwagster - | 2  
Mar 15, 2010 | #5
Hi Guys,

May i know if is reliable for writing dissertations? I am new to this forum and any advice would be great!

Many Thanks
OP WritersBeware  
Mar 15, 2010 | #6
1. Please do not take threads off-topic.

2. Try the search box.

3. investigation (search).
cocklejoe 3 | 120  
Mar 16, 2010 | #7

Have you listened to the audio message on their homepage?

It's brilliant, though quite bad quality sound. At one point, I'm sure he promises "in-death research"...
dwagster - | 2  
Mar 16, 2010 | #8
Yes i did,

That's why now i am stumped. I was just about to make my payment when i decided to just read up a bit more about bestdissertations and viola...i come across this forum.

I'm now looking out for other more reliable writers. Is the quality of work from that bad?

OP WritersBeware  
Mar 16, 2010 | #9
Have you listened to the audio message on their homepage?

It's total crap. They simply hired a "spokesperson" company to record the message.

By the way, for all those who do not already know, "modmuff" is a certifiable nutcase who has already been banned about 15 times. The psycho enjoys ruining as many threads as it can with its signature, mindless rants against its competitors, this forum, the forum's members, the moderator, America, and nearly every ethnic group on the planet.

Just skip over its psychotic posts. Hopefully, the moderator will take action and delete the psycho's trash.
layman - | 4  
Jul 22, 2011 | #10
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Is there any good essay-writing site? or, which one is better? Research field: Generative linguisitics.


Dear WB,

Would you like to tell me whether has any English native writer or not? vs., which one is better?

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