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any good UK-based writing companies?

vaginous 1 | 2  
Nov 17, 2006 | #1
i know its a long shot but anyone know of good uk based companies?
has anyone used papers from
any good?
Dylan - | 130  
Nov 18, 2006 | #2
I've used Oxbridgeessays a few times - they're fine and provide good quality. I've also used ukessays and they've been okay but I think Oxbridgeessays provides better quality / research and works out cheaper as I think a 2:2 with Oxbridgeessays is about the same quality as a 2:1 with ukessays - that's just my experience. I've never ordered a 'first' u/g or master's level essay with either company so can't really say how they compare at that level.
BenCole 1 | 54  
Nov 18, 2006 | #3
Ditto to what Dylan has said. Quality is good and work is done to deadline.
SchoolofRock - | 3  
Nov 20, 2006 | #4
i used and like them. i live in teh us but when i called the guy on the phone said they had a few writers in canada, austrlia and england even though they r in the us.
Nov 20, 2006 | #5
My money says "SchoolofRock" works for Nobody comes out of blue just to give a thumbs up to an unknown site.

Opinions about sites are useless and completely unreliable. I bet that 95% of opinions, whether positive or negative, are by site owners and their competition. Don't trust any reviews.
Dylan - | 130  
Nov 21, 2006 | #6
Are they an unknown site? I have seen some good reviews of them on other messageboards but have never used them myself.

It's always difficult to know if people are really working for essay companies when good reviews come up; similarly when I see people posting bad reviews being denigrated and abused by other posters I start to wonder if the abusers are connected with the company being complained about.

Basically I'd say take anything you read online with a pinch of salt!
SchoolofRock - | 3  
Nov 21, 2006 | #7
sorry just found this site and thought i was helping other dudes. got ripped off by essayreleif once too.
Nov 21, 2006 | #8
Are they an unknown site? I have seen some good reviews of them on other messageboards but have never used them myself.

My point exactly. You can't trust the other reviews, either. The first thing that people tend to do after launching a new site is self-promote.

Created on: 22-Mar-06
Dylan - | 130  
Nov 21, 2006 | #9
My point exactly. You can't trust reviews and you can't trust criticisms or deflections - nobody knows who is really posting!

Smoke and mirrors anyone?
gantoris - | 52  
Nov 21, 2006 | #10
Good points amy, this is exactly like what you do to promote essayfraud and its articles. Care to explain why you go to great depths to help promote them? 11

This is the exact same thing you posted here on essayscam
Major 38 | 1,328 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 21, 2006 | #11
I find the article about turnitin very good so I think it's worth "promoting."
LarryC - | 6  
Mar 04, 2007 | #12
Are there any legitimate essay writing companies in the United States? I'm an American and I'd like to work as a writer for a legitimate company.
jinx 1 | 2  
Mar 06, 2007 | #14
I am new on this site and talking about good writing companies, has anyone of you tried with a longer piece, i.e.a thesis or dissertation?

I've meant to try but first wanted to check the level with shorter pieces, and what I received was a terrible quality, that was good for nothing. How then can I trust them with writing a dissertation for me, which is way more costly.

I am talking about and[DND*] and then somehow I found this site, thanks God, and found out the whole truth.

Now I've been thinking about ********** (on their site I came across the essayfraud logo), they seem alright, but I would be grateful if someone shared their opinion.
Ezekiel - | 3  
Mar 06, 2007 | #15
If you want the kudos of a degree, and the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, then why not write your dissertation yourself? That way you will know that it meets your quality standards and if it doesn't you will only have yourself to blame.

It makes me laugh to see students posting about all the research they are doing to find the right company to write their papers or dissertations. If they spent that time doing their own research and writing their own papers then they would have more money in their pocket and have their self-respect intact.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Cheats deserve to be conned. It's called karma.
Mar 06, 2007 | #16
Well, what do we have here? Another teacher with nothing better to do? Here's an idea: why not spend this time EDUCATING a student who needs your help so that he/she doesn't feel the need to look for help elsewhere? Or, you could just keep posting here and continue blaming others for teachers' failures.
Ezekiel - | 3  
Mar 07, 2007 | #17
Well, what do we have here? Another ill-informed post. I'm a student who writes all their own essays - obviously a novelty on this board where the majority of posts are from lazy and dishonest students, low grade ESL writers, and essay company shills. You all deserve each other.
Mar 07, 2007 | #18
I respect students like you, Ezekiel, a great deal. It's so hard to remain honest student nowadays, especially when persons like Amy and others are trying to lure students into the traps of paper mills. They pretend to "fight scam sites" but their sole purpose is to promote particular scam sites and fight their competitors

Let's pray there's still hope for our system of education.
jinx 1 | 2  
Mar 07, 2007 | #19
"It makes me laugh to see students posting about all the research they are doing to find the right company to write their papers or dissertations. "

And how about you, Mr Preacher? Why don't you spend your quality time doing smth else, then "researching" this site yourself?
Mar 07, 2007 | #20
Curious, you're a brainless monkey.

You're an expert at re-posting the same crap that has already been disproven.

How much are your scam profits down, exactly? Perhaps, 20%? That must really hurt.
Mar 08, 2007 | #21
Now I've been thinking about **********(on their site I came across the essayfraud logo), they seem alright, but I would be grateful if someone shared their opinion.

And how about you, Mr Preacher? Why don't you spend your quality time doing smth else, then "researching" this site yourself?

Well, well, well - look who's here: comrade jinx from Russian Federation who became suddenly interested in ********** and essayfraud. He even started the thread about it.

What happened, Amy? You asked your employers to send you reinforcements to promote your "US based" sites and defend you from annoying persons like me? Your sole efforts are not enough anymore?
Mar 08, 2007 | #22
Only a Pakistani or Ukrainian like you would type "from Russian Federation." Any American knows that it should be "from THE Russian Federation." Every time you post, you give away your true origins and intentions.

I can guaran-damn-tee you that not a single member of this forum agrees with you. I'm "Russian"? You're such a babbling idiot. Any proof to support your incoherent assertion?

I don't own any paper mills, but you sure as hell do. Tell me, how come you never deny it? How come you never answer my questions about how much your profits have sunk since Essay fraud appeared?
Mar 09, 2007 | #23
Amy, your arguments are pathetic.
Not only Pakistani or Ukrainian may type like that but people from Germany, Switzerland may type like that as well, even Americans do:

Unlike you I never pretended to be American so your criticism of my English doesn't mean anything. I told you that before:

I see you are here to offend (brain damage, moron) and check spelling and punctuation. As you can see from my profile, English is not supposed to be my native language.

Either you've got weak memory or you are too lazy to look in one's profile.
Well, I am not. That's why I was "surprised" why Russians are so interested in your beloved sites.
I don't believe in such coincidences.
Mar 09, 2007 | #24
Again, not a shred of evidence. Your parents must be proud of the complete buffoon who sprung from their loins.

Let's take a poll: how many EXISTING members honestly believe "braindead Borat's" comical assertion that I am some sort of "Russian nationalist"? (Borat, you can't sign-up with yet another account just to place a bogus vote.)

Moderator, why don't you vote first?
Notonyourlife - | 12  
Mar 09, 2007 | #25
hellos amy - i am interested to know. Is it true are you a russian nationalist? My father is a Russian and i miss Russia very much thouhg I haven't been there since I was a baby. I think we will be very good friends amy and i am glad you like me too. thank you for the advice about spelling in your other letters. i know its is me you are talking about. so is it true are you russian?
Mar 09, 2007 | #26
I am not referring to anyone in particular. Your post just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

No, I am not Russian. My grandfather on my mother's side was English, and my grandmother was French-Canadian. They both came to this country as children. My grandfather and grandmother on my father's side were both English. As far as I know, their descendants came to America, from Great Britain, around 1810.

I currently live in Cupertino, California, which is about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

Curious22 is the owner of some fraudulent term paper mills from either Ukraine or Pakistan. He tries to discredit me in any way he can because I often post research in this forum about his scams.

These are the cold, hard facts. Anything contrary that "Borat" types is pure nonsense.

By the way, Borat, Ryan Seacrest announced on "American Idol" last night that you will be making an appearance on their "Final 6" episode to benefit charity. Trying to get some good karma for a change, hah?
Mar 09, 2007 | #27
notonyourlife - I very much doubt that you could be a friend to anyone. Everyone knows that Russians have a habit of sneezing in the face of friendship. All the time claiming it is for the motherland.
Notonyourlife - | 12  
Mar 09, 2007 | #28
but i do have lots of friends and i am a friend to all of them you idoit! i was really nice to you just now in my other letter espeicially becuas i thought you were being funny about rampism but now i know that YOU ARE A RAMPIST even though you are from nigeria! you a rude especially becuae say things like that even though you dont know ehat you are talking about! it is not my mother it is my father who comes from the land and you are an idiot because if you read my other letters you would know that! nonceforhjire no one will hire you because you are a rampist! if you were in my country i would burn you in my eyes as my mother use to say becaus ei am very angry and htough i would not like to mett you in a dark alley since you would be camofladged and no i am not RAMPSIT!
Mar 09, 2007 | #29
That's completely inappropriate, nonceforhire, and you'll probably get banned.

UPDATE: as soon as I posted this, I noticed that the moderator deleted your filth. See ya!

Curious should be out of here, too.
Notonyourlife - | 12  
Mar 09, 2007 | #30
Curious i don't understand why you and amy are so bad to eachother why cant you just be freindly? i want to believe one of you but now i reas the letters yo have posted I just don't know which one although amy ha s been very kind to me. are you real curious and if so why should i believe that you are not what amy says. please can you put up a pictue of youi up so that we can see what you look like? i will if you will so its alright.

PS. Is ti rue that you own a essaymill? if so how much do you charge for a 50000 word disertaion on diplomatic strategy. If it is ok i will buy it so can you tell me quickly?
pious - | 70  
Mar 10, 2007 | #31
May I interrupt your interesting conversation? I'm a newbie. You all seem to know much about scams. Can you recommend a writing site that isn't? I mean one that pays. :)
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 08, 2008 | #32
Can give you one or two names which are totally unknown because these companies cannot afford to pay for grand websites. Essays are good. Please contact me.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 08, 2008 | #33
Tarangita, you're a tool. stop with the spam already. every thread does not need your personal entreaty to privately recommend your company.
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 08, 2008 | #34
Wish they were mine! Paid £300 and still hurts, despite getting a good essay.
Jagu 1 | 14  
Feb 28, 2009 | #35
don't bother asking people here, most people will just advertise the company that they represent or work for. In rare cases you will get some useful answers...
abdulmuhith - | 1  
Mar 01, 2009 | #36
do not buy from, they will track your ip address add you int their address book and every-time you chat to them online they will know it is you chatting to them. they will attract you with cheaper prices and then lure you in, with a complimentary discount, they start off speaking to you in american and then they're accent slowly fades away into an indian or pakistani accent, i should know, i am a british bangladeshi and my university is full of freshy cants like them! i speak no bengali but i do understand, and coming from an asians point of view, they are stuck up their own asses and always looking to theif yu in every possible way, they will give you the discunt, when you talk to them all they will talk to you is about the payment, and afterwards when you do pay them they take the money, then return it, you realise the money is back, they say to you that you have to send them a copy of your card, photocopy or ay thing, they "want to know that i am cardholder" what a fool! and then when you do do that, you hear nothing from them, thats it! when deadline comes they say to you payment did not go through so they will have to extend, and when they do send you the work it is plagiarized, and they definitely dont refund you any money!!!! instead they talk in their freshy language! they claim to be in kingston university! my ass!!!!!!!
Mar 01, 2009 | #37 = Pakistani fraud = owned by a certain "Software House" company from Pakistan that just lost its other 555 sites in a lawsuit
Mar 02, 2009 | #38
add you int their address book and everytime you chat to them online they will know it is you chatting to them.

My God, all of us here read your post twice! We are grateful to you that you let us know your experience. Please don't give your personal details to anyone. We have found out a way of doing it and are trying to help others with information. Thank you very much. We had a friend who had been arguing on behalf of this company. He is stunned after reading this.
humble 2 | 264  
Mar 02, 2009 | #39
***** lost more than 500 sites in law suit.
bloodyhell - | 2  
Apr 21, 2009 | #40
Bloody hell Ive already been on the phone with and gave them my card details. Is there anything I can do to stop it. I emailed back and cancelled it 20 min after talking to them. Tried to call no response. I used a credit card, anyhow I can stop payment?

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