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Expected pay for freelancing for UK-based research companies?

Osbern 1 | 3  
Aug 19, 2011 | #1
Hi everyone,

I did not know where to post originally, I hope I am not doing a repeat but I need some information on the business.

I am a recent graduate (just finishing my degree by submitting my dissertation in a few days).

I aml now out of university work and do not have a job yet. And it's needless to say that I need pocket money.

I would like to work for a UK company preferably, as I just graduated from Cardiff university. I would also feel safer if I can just go knock their door if something goes wrong...

Is there anyone here who could tell me how much money I can expect to be paid for freelancing for Oxbridge Essays, UK essays or others in the country?

Do they pay by the number of words, by the hour?
What's the usual rate?

Thanks a lot guys, hope to get some answers from you!


In front of the surprising lack of response for a site which comprises so many writers, I see no other choice than to precise my question a little bit more.

Basically, I would like to know if it is profitable enough to work for UK companies, and what kind of pay I should expect.

For the writers of the site: Do you manage to live off your freelance work alone? I know things vary but eventually do you get a sufficient and regular income?

Thanks guys!
writersneed 3 | 9  
Mar 13, 2012 | #2
You can contact me and we needs lots of quality writers.
mercillavince 1 | 8   Observer
May 27, 2012 | #3
I have been actively writing for the last 3 years. My work samples can speak for me. How may I become one of your quality writers.
May 27, 2012 | #4
My work samples can speak for me.

competentwriter - | 2   Freelance Writer
Jul 15, 2013 | #5
I am a writer. Hire me.

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