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Hey, have you heard about

Denis254 1 | -   Company Representative
Nov 12, 2017 | #1
Hey, have you heard about Are they legit? I heard they are giving a 40% discount; how do I get that discount?
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #2
Yes, I have heard about it. I actually just heard about it right now from your post. So I clicked on it to see what's up with it.

I did not notice anything weird about it so I thought it was a perfectly safe company. Actually no, I noticed that the site is relatively new and has not had too much traffic. I would not take it as a red flag because I think everyone needs to start from somewhere

Then I came back here to answer this and I have answered it to the best of my ability and knowledge.

I may have some few questions for you though. If you are a company representative, why do you need the discount from the company?
Again, if you are a company representative, why do you need to know about the legitimacy of a company I assume you do not represent?

Supposing you represent it, then why do you need to know how to get the 40% discount? Wouldn't you have that information already?
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #3
Nobody has heard about it. Even a 90% discount from a Kenyan service is not a good deal though.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #4
Why do hate Kenyan freelance writers Major?
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #5
There are a dozen of reasons; one of them is that they have been caught red handed extorting money from their former or prospective customers. Not all of them, but let's say 80%. For other reasons, just search this forum for they keyword: Kenya.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #6
Well, I have searched this forum for the keyword Kenya and other variations including Kenyans dozens of times both before and after joining the forum. I have learned a lot about them and I cannot say I did not already know any of the things I learned, being a Kenyan myself. However, I want to challenge your line of thinking. When you say that even a 90% discount is not worth it from a Kenyan, do you really mean it? Do you genuinely believe that you could never meet a genuine Kenyan? Do you really that all Kenyan freelance writers, and perhaps even all Kenyans are scammers? Does the thought that someone could be a Kenyan disgust you? Do you know it is something we do not choose? Where do you even get the 80% figure?

Maybe disclosing that I am a Kenyan will make you trust me less but maybe it's about time I stopped caring about that.
Smiley73 4 | 428 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #7
@RandomRandom the problem is that, by experience, the legitimate independent writers have had extremely bad experiences with Kenyans and the ones who run the scam academic sites out of Kenya. A majority of the inferior Kenyan writers have made it difficult for the legitimate writers to gain the trust of the clients because they have already been burned a number of times by the Kenyan scam artists. You will have to forgive us for our immediate distrust of independent writers and Kenyan run academic writing companies because of the proven track record of these people. If you are not one of them, then you will have to prove yourself and earn the trust of the independent writers here. Prove that you are not one of the scammers and you will be offered an olive branch. Coming out as Kenyan means you will have to work harder at proving yourself, setting yourself apart from those who came before you that caused this situation. You should not stop caring that people will trust you less because you are Kenyan. It is because you are Kenyan that you have to work harder to prove the shared opinion wrong in terms of the collective mindset regarding Kenyans. If you are different from them, you can expect to be embraced by those here. Just remember that trust is not freely given in this instance. It must be earned.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #8
Still doesn't make sense to drag every other Kenyan site or writer you see even before you have proof. Clearly, Denis here is a Kenyan and it is obvious that the company is his or he's a stakeholder in it. I know he's a Kenyan because of the not-so-clever choice to include the country's calling code as part of his username. Did that prove that he was a scammer? No. Which is why I have an issue with Major's reply. Denis254 can be a scammer, or he can be genuine, so far we do not know. If being Kenyan is what makes him not genuine, then you're all lost in your beliefs.
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #9
How much is a 90% discount worth when you reveal your personal information to a criminal who would use it in the future to try to extort more money from you? Would you risk buying a set of tires knowing 80% of them would blow off at a 50MPH speed, probably not. Why would a student even bother finding a 'genuine Kenyan writer' knowing the potential risks and pitfalls associated with them?

I believe the reputation of 'Kenyan writers' is beyond repairable at this point. 20+ years of fraudulent activities and dishonesty has done its job.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #10
Again, where's the evidence that Denis here will actually do that? I'm not saying that he will or he won't, I'm just saying there's no evidence so far that he will. Again, where do you get the 80% figure? I think you think it's at 80% simply because the scammy ones tend to be exposed a lot more. The rest of us just work like I have for over two years without caring for self-promotion or the image out there, until I meet with a client who calls me all sorts of abusive names and racist names, even before they have seen my work. Then we get curious, and we find forums like this and we find out why.

Your desire to drag down every other Kenyan you see before you have evidence seems to stem from your own biases in my opinion.
I may be with you that it is actually quite impossible to repair the image Kenyans have worked so hard to ruin. I'm not even trying to build that image for all Kenyans. It would probably backfire on me if I tried.
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #11
Why does Denis lie about his true location in the profile (he chose USA instead of Kenya):

Registrant's email:
Name: Denis Maina
Associated with 2 domains: and
Organization Main-abi Ltd
Address 55 Krt
City Nairobi
State Nairobi Area
Country KE Kenya
Phone +254..


Normally a reasonable student should stop there knowing the service owner lies about his location. If he lies about the crucial part of his business, he lies about anything else, period.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #12
I can't answer that about him. He has his own reasons. I believe he should answer. (Does it bring any joy to you to expose that he is a Kenyan? That wasn't hard to figure out, was it?)

However, I can say why I decided not to include details about my location when I signed up for this forum. I figured it would work to my disadvantage rather to my advantage. I'm sure I was correct in that assumption. I did not lie about it, just chose not to disclose. I normally do not do that with the clients I work with simply because I have more and better payment options when I disclose when I am a Kenyan. I also d not see how I could have a long-term working relationship with anyone if we were not open to each other about such things.

Normally a reasonable student should stop there knowing the service owner lies about his location. If he lies about the crucial part of his business, he lies about anything else, period.

Lol, why do we need to put a period there? Are you the one to decide what extent people can and cannot lie about and to what extent? Maybe he thought saying he's in the USA would be better for his business.
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 12, 2017 | #13
So I posted the evidence above (publicly available via google search). You'd likely lie about your location when a prospective customer would ask you about that. Look it up: lying by omission. A sane student would never consider doing business with an African freelance writer or service, period.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 12, 2017 | #14
Well, am I lucky to have dealt with the insane ones? Better yet, that so far most of them are succeeding and coming back? And no, I have never lied about location when asked about it. I challenge you to find evidence if you can. And if you think not including it in this forum is lying, then that's alright. You don't butter my bread and as far as I can tell you'd warn people against me solely because I'm a Kenyan. Guess I should cry myself to sleep now that someone on the internet doesn't like me.

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