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Personalstatementwriters.com for Statement of Purpose essay?

Ammar 1 | 1   Student
Apr 09, 2012 | #1
Hey guys, I am applying for a university in the states and they asked for the SOP.

I have contacted on of the writers @ Personalstatementwriters.com and she said she is able to write it for me and submit it within the deadline given.

I was wondering whether any of you have tried this website or has any info about it? whether its legitimate...??

and what website do you suggest I could use before i proceed with the payment... for admissions essays...

I would really appreciate your help.
abhirup - | 7   Freelance Writer
Apr 10, 2012 | #2
try to contact writers directly if u can..u'll get ur work done in almost half the normal rates..most sites cannot be trusted
OP Ammar 1 | 1   Student
Apr 10, 2012 | #3
hmmm... any writers here would like to help out???

I guess I just have to try their website out and come back with the feedback :)..
ssunnshine - | 2   Student
Jan 04, 2014 | #4
What happened with the feedback? I was wondering about them too.
Delbert - | 6   Student
Oct 21, 2015 | #5
I don't no much about Personal statement writers but I tried papers statement and the provide good services.
samantha10 - | 1  
Nov 03, 2015 | #6
Hellloo..friends i have to some assignment work...Please tell me about best assignment experts.. and here is my sample statement of purpose essay for application at an university:

Upon reflection, I realize that my endeavors for the pursuit of knowledge goes far beyond that of a student wishing to complete a course of study. Outside of an academic setting, I find myself drawn to explore the world we live in, particularly that, of the realm of the unknown. For years, neuroscience and the cognitive process has fascinated me - the steps we take as a society to better our lives and improve the development of our species. As such, I have actively sought in-depth research and leadership opportunities to observe human behaviors regarding the natural inclination for advancement of societal gains. As my scholarly search brings me to exploration of economics as a subject matter, I have become passionate in the analysis of the economic unknown - unresolved conflict, the vast gap between the world`s rich and poor and the never ending inquiry concerning the links between economic improvement, its trade-offs; and societal, national, and individual happiness. I am excited in the opportunities your Economics Program would bring me in further, effectively exploring my interests. This program boasts a unique position of being one of the best established, and therefore, I am confident that it would provide me with the needed tools in research design and methodology to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a prominent economics professor, with the ability to release my findings via published articles, thus sharing the knowledge.

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