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Run far when you see

Picky 1 | -   Student
Jan 17, 2012 | #1
Well much of what I have has been said but I will add on a little more. The company in question is (, [1-888-520-0986 & 44-800-680-0956]). I was introduced to this by a good friend as he though I was sinking with exam preparation.

He recommended the company above that they would do some good work for me while >I concentrated to the more specialised parts. I contacted them and asked whether the could fulfill the requests I had. One of those to have text book where extensions of the questions were. In just seconds they wrote back giving me assurance that they have all it take to do the work. I now asked them how payments to be conduct which they quickly helped me with. I paid and up loaded the work to be done. I really was impressed by the way things moved fast in here. A few seconds after payment was done, I received a message that a write had been assigned my work, this was nothing but good news again. Five minutes later one person from customer support asked me to upload the extensions of the questions.

Now this is the very guy who assured me that they would have the text book. He had a name Rob. I wrote back to him telling him what he had promised me and this time I copied and pasted his own mail. He apologized and said they would get the book. Now there was total silence around. I wrote to the writer to find out if he was doing something. He never replied, well I thought he now was so busy. 8 hours before dead line he write asking for an extension. Support writes too asking for the same but none is giving a reason why an extension is needed. When I asked why, I got one of those classic answers, well I could not get the book from any library. Now comparing my home country, I wondered how USA could be this poor to fail to have this book in one of those Libraries. Well I gave in 24hrs. 30 minutes before deadlines the writer send a message expressing how sorry he was for failure to get finished, but promised to send part of the work to me. Before I even responded the work was up and the support service had named this "completed" I wrote to them asking what the meaning of the word completed was in this case, they excused with some silly excuse again. They now ask me to look into it and either approve or ask for a revision. when I looked at the work, I got a shock of how low the the standard was. Beside the fact that I had paid for over twenty pages didnt matter, I only received nine pages and nothing but low grade work. I asked these people to refund my money but asked if I had 24 hrs more then they would assign a new writer. I now had one day and half to hand in this work, well I said if this 24 hours is enough then I will use the remaining half day to prepare and hand in. I wrote in and asked this to be the last chance. I got Robs word and he even gave me the number of the new writer. 8 hrs later the writer asks for more information but this was solved again with that good for nothing support man "Rob". I scanned a few pages and send them in. There was no response on this. Two hrs to dead line, Support(Zoey) writes accusing me for being late with the deliveries and that this meant a new extension. I now told him that this was enough. He said I had options, either to extend or to ask for a refund. I decided to go for a refund. He directed me on how to do it. On trying to access that place on the site, they had now removed the refund button. I wrote again but no reply came from him. Now some new girl answer directing me in the same place. The button wasnt there. Now I was getting, as it was time to hand in but I was busy fighting for my money and planning re-exam. After an hour I get a message that my work had been upload when I looked at the work it was the first piece of crap and no change same nuber of words,, just same everything. I rejected it and wrote back. Now they send a new piece of the same work with a button refund. When I pressed it, I got two options reject the work and ask for for money without work or reject the work, ask for money and take the work. I chose the first because it was very minor standard which I could not even hand or two it was also beyond dead line.

As soon as I pressed refund an automatic message came in that according to their policy I had to make the same piece of work and hand in to them in seven day or else I dont get a refund. When I asked why this was to make sure I didnt use their writers work. I found thie silly coz I imagined a company that had fail to meet a deadline fourt imes now was bust setting deadlines up for me. When I wrote to them asking about this some girl Bella said she would comment on that before the manager get into the case . Remember time was running for the work I had to hand in to them


custom writings /essay-writer.html 1-888-698-3760 AND 1-888-520-0986 AND ONE MORE 44-800-680-0956
Niko_K - | 2   Student
Aug 23, 2012 | #2
Thanks for warning, Picky.
cybermediaboy 2 | 90  
Oct 16, 2012 | #3

Hello Picky,

In case you ever come back to check the replies to your post... it's a real shame for me to read this. Sorry.
Sometimes the writers (especially new ones) just take the orders without checking if they really have the access to the sources required to complete the paper. From next month on we will require a scanned title page of the book or publication from them, before we confirm we can do the order or assign the writer.

Hopefully, you will be the last person to run into such situation.

Sorry that you haven't posted your order number, and I can't check the situation further.
PLease mind that should you consider giving us yet another chance - you have a right to order 24 pages absolutely free from us, just contact the support officers and show them this post.

You are also eligible to use progressive delivery feature - that let's you receive and check part of your paper early - free of charge.

Best regards,
Director of the company
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Oct 16, 2012 | #4
PLease mind that should you consider giving us yet another chance

this from the scumbags who invented a "plagiarism writing detector" that steals the papers it's supposed to be "scanning." they are not here to help you.

customers and writers: if you see,, Brownie Freelance, UVO, or Academic Experts associated with anything, take note: these people are gangsters, and they will take your money.
cybermediaboy 2 | 90  
Oct 16, 2012 | #5 does not have anything to do with us last 3 years already. Originally it was our plagiarism detection engine, but later the guy who developed it left the company and settled his own business apart from us.

And I doubt it steals any papers. As far as I know they don't have any database of prewritten papers, so no point in stealing anything. Do you have any evidence?

Pointless discussion again. Sorry. I completely forgot that figting windmills is a waste of time. People just tend to judge things they have no idea about. I better get back to work.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Oct 16, 2012 | #6
it's always good to see a scumbag thief get angry and start throwing out red herrings. tilting at windmills is one thing, but karma is truly a *****. cheers.
cybermediaboy 2 | 90  
Oct 17, 2012 | #7
I'm not a thief and I know that, neither we are scammers, and I am perfectly aware of that too, editor75, I think you have some problem with me which I can't understand, can you explain, what is it?

Have you been fired from uvocorp or what? Just interesting, what makes people mad of us...

Or you really believe we run and steal papers from people who use it?
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 17, 2012 | #8
You're with UVO Corp? Isn't that the company that's trying to rip off this forum as we speak?
cybermediaboy 2 | 90  
Oct 18, 2012 | #9
If I wanted to do something bad to this forum, I would shut it down completely and erase all backups 2 years ago when an acquaintance of mine offered me full root admin access to the server where this forum is hosted.

What you refer to is a mistake someone from seo department did, we have taken the copy of the site down already. No harm was meant neither caused. This forum is very useful.
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Oct 18, 2012 | #10
I would shut it down completely and erase all backups 2 years ago when an acquaintance of mine

That only proves you hang out with criminals. If you check the link from the CustomWritings / Uvocorp scam thread, the illegal site is still up and running.
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 18, 2012 | #11
So...someone from your company mistakenly copied someone else's website without meaning to cause harm? It's outright theft, which tends to be pretty harmful (and illegal).
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Oct 18, 2012 | #12
in Kiev, I don't think the law has quite caught up with money yet. but I guess you could make that argument about anywhere, more or less.
ProfessorVerb    35 | 829 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 23, 2012 | #13
I don't think the law has quite caught up with money yet.

That's a nice turn of a phrase -- I'm going to steal it.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Oct 23, 2012 | #14
just don't borrow it.
honeydew - | 2   Student
Oct 15, 2013 | #15
I wish I had read this before ordering. The did a really bad job for me yesterday and I just asked for a refund. I will be back to report to you their reply

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