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What is a safe website that I can get to write me a 5 page research paper?

Knodat 2 | -   Student
Dec 04, 2011 | #1
I need it done within a few days. thank you!
jwolfe2 6 | 67  
Dec 06, 2011 | #2 people on here will ***** about them, but they have some quality writers these days.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Dec 06, 2011 | #3
Oh really? Wow, that's some prime info to know!
justsayin - | 2  
Dec 08, 2011 | #4
Mr. jwolfe2
Im supposed to post 15 useful messages before i can get a hold of ya. Just ran into this website by accident. This is embarrassing but I never done a research paper and I need to help my kid.

She got all the notes, and references, but have no idea how to do a research paper. The thesis statement(?) I went online and read up about what it was and got confused as to how to use it for the topic which i think is too broad to begin with ? boy, i got a headache all over again..

Is there a site i could go to, to help us figure it out. Heck, I been online all day yesterday, and then this morning again. And I just have no answers. I read some of your posts, and you seem like quite a quality writer. I know your probably busy doing a paper, but if you get time, could you please let me know. Im concerned about going to your site cause seems like maybe theres just a few good writers and afraid i'd get the lemon with my luck.

You know, its just a shame that my kid goes to private school and them teachers should be the ones teaching, instead here i am trying to figure it out and its just embarrassing that I cant help my kid out. (sorry just had to get that out).

Thank you much
jwolfe2 6 | 67  
Dec 08, 2011 | #5
I'm not sure what you want me to tell you. There are a great many resources on the web about thesis statements and research papers. You seem to have a solid understanding of English and I'm sure with a little more research you could figure it out. Regards.
Twig 2 | 117  
Dec 08, 2011 | #6 people on here will ***** about them, but they have some quality writers these days.

That's a lie.
jwolfe2 6 | 67  
Dec 08, 2011 | #7
no i'm pretty sure people on here do talk **** about them
justsayin - | 2  
Dec 08, 2011 | #8
mr. jwolfe2,
Could I ask for you specifically if i go to masterpapers?
jwolfe2 6 | 67  
Dec 08, 2011 | #9
if you have a revision request. i have a lot of regular consistent work already, but if another writer screws your order up i can step in.
abass - | 3  
Dec 10, 2011 | #10
how can a researcher get to join your skilled team of researchers?
Dec 10, 2011 | #11
your skilled team of researchers?

This assumes that he actually has a skilled team of researchers, which he doesn't (nor does masterpapers).
chedderisbetter - | 3   Student
Dec 10, 2011 | #12
Has anyone have actual experience with the quality of thier work? I see people bashing them, but have you actually used thier service and can spell out why they are bad?
Dec 10, 2011 | #13
spell out why they are bad?

Read their webcopy. there are many mistakes, odd sentence constructions, and other signs that their homepage was written by someone without full fluency in the English language. Now, if this company actually has professional, high-quality writers on its payroll, you'd think they would have better webcopy...
rrhetoric - | 1   Student
May 11, 2014 | #14
There are a lot of methods of gaining comfort with the site you are using. Reading through the site will provide some measure of a clue. If there are a lot of poor sentences or it sounds like a foreign person put it together or a second grader, then you can bet it's probably not a good choice. I've used and and both have been awesome. It's always a toss up when going with a new site. Just be careful and take the time to review the writing on the site. If they have writing samples, it's usually a better chance of quality and legitimacy.
queen sheba 74 | 799 ☆☆   Observer
May 11, 2014 | #15
rrhetoric= spammer
Mayjames - | 2   Student
May 16, 2014 | #16
I used to use masters papers but they were very expensive and always delivered quite late. Check out faculty writing. They have always produced A results for me and even hours before my deadline. Their prices are also very affordable plus they offer discount coupons of upto 1/4 the price of the paper.
Nathansmith - | 8  
Jan 14, 2015 | #17
well u really got to be lucky to find one for urself :P as so mny frauds here on internet...well try with these guys....whatsapp them () :)

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