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Student Research Services .com - FOUND ANOTHER SCAM SITE

fedup 2 | 3  
Apr 25, 2006 | #1
Another scam student research services they just take your money and never deliver the work especially if you are not "in the USA" where they are supposedly based. you try to call them they don't answer or when you get BOB on the phone he just hang up. DON@T YSE THEM AT ALL
workingonit - | 6  
Jun 13, 2006 | #2
The scam is in students who try to pass off other people's work as their own.
MyView - | 4  
Jun 14, 2006 | #3
Nicely put, and more fool them if they want lose their money doing it at the same time
cookie - | 5  
Sep 07, 2007 | #4
I would just like to say that on the occasions that I have called Bob (from London) he has answered and spoken to me for more than 20 minutes at a time. There are some essay writing companies that are genuine, not many, but Bob is one of them. All you have to do is talk to him, explain what you need, understand what you are asking of someone and the time limit. Ask questions if you want, send references or photocopied pages you would like him to use. Bob is working really hard to help students, unlike other companies, and he depends on your business. He has been nothing but kind and nice.

research paper
Sep 07, 2007 | #5

Bob, please stop posing as customers. That is against the TOS of this site.

Bob, please also stop advertising. That is also against the TOS of this site.

You just solidified the fraudulent reputation of your site, and your IP should be blocked.
cookie - | 5  
Sep 07, 2007 | #6
If you bothered to check this out you would see that I'm actually in LONDON and not Bob in America! I actually thought I was doing Bob a nice thing by writing on here but instead you have managed to screw it up. Thank you. I can promise you this is a customer and not Bob. If everytime we write something nice means being critisised or torn apart what is the point of this?

One more thing... Who is fedup, because I sent papers to Bob by Fedex from London and I addressed to a home address not a PO Box. So to say this company is not in the US is wrong. It says a lot that I am using an American based company over a British company and going to the trouble of sending information to him. I looked at dozens of companies and emailed them all and the best and friendliest is the company I have mentioned above.
Sep 07, 2007 | #7
"6. The EssayScam Forum is not a place for advertisements or publicity in any way. EssayScam and its moderators have the sole discretion to determine what constitutes an advertisement.

7. Posts that will provide no content other than advertisements will be deleted."
cookie - | 5  
Sep 07, 2007 | #8
What about people like you who post false information or accuse someone of being someone they are not? You obviously realise your mistake, but have not said said sorry for it, nor have you taken off the message which is inaccurate. It was not my intention to advertise or promote, it was to simply state that their are actually companies that do a good job. So, what you are saying is that posts that do not suit will be deleted, but everything you write is correct...
Sep 07, 2007 | #9
I post "false information"? Excuse you. I posted nothing false, and I made no mistake. You are an agent for the site that you posted.

You violated the TOS by posting a recommendation and a link. Anyone who does so is instantly suspect. If you don't like being suspect, then don't break the TOS! Understand?
cookie - | 5  
Sep 07, 2007 | #10
You have made a very big mistake. It was the first time I'd ever posted on here, so I'm sorry for being a little neive and posting something positive, but at the same time you accused someone of being someone else when in fact I'm sitting at my computer in London. Please make sure you have your information correct before you post because some people depend on their business and by writing false information you jepodise that.

I'm no agent. I'm a student in London, why don't you do some investigative work and find my IP and you will see that for yourself. Or read the email I sent you and google me. Are we not allowed to post positive comments here, do they all have to be negative?
Sep 07, 2007 | #11
You have made a very big mistake. It was the first time I'd ever posted on here, so I'm sorry for being a little neive and posting something positive

I will not apologize for your mistake. Read the TOS. The TOS exists for a REASON. Do you know what the reason is? It's because fraudulent site owners frequently pose as customers to fool peopel into trusting their sites. Therefore, the admin no longer allows any sort of promotion, hype, or linking from ANYONE.

FYI, you may want to note the name of the site; it's "," not "" or "EssayHeyLetMeTellYouAboutThisGreatEssaySiteInWhichIHaveNoVestedInterestBut"
cookie - | 5  
Sep 08, 2007 | #12
I understand there are a lot of fraudulent site owners who frequently pose as customers, but for once not on this occassion and I hope others can see that. I simply wanted other students to know that there are in fact good sites, it's a matter of researching them, but at the same time the good sites are actually being critisised and losing business by these fraudulent site owners. So, I am British, I am in London and I certainly am not Bob posing as a customer. I didn't mean to promote or advertise, it was a genuine mistake.

All I ask and I assume other students who write on here, is that you don't jump to conclusions so quickly.
Sep 08, 2007 | #13
All I ask and I assume other students who write on here, is that you don't jump to conclusions so quickly.

If you ignore the TOS and post a glowing recommendation of a particular site, along with a link, my reaction is the type that you will receive every time, for multiple members.

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