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Smartmaster 1 | 1   Student
Jul 29, 2012 | #1
Hi, I just ordered a 12 page lit review from for 414$. Deadline is Aug 11, 2012.
I will report back to you about the quality and grade it got me.

Yesterday I submitted my request. Today they gave me a paypal link to pay and called my mobile phone to check whether the payment was legitimate and not from a hacked Paypal account. They then assigned me a writer "Andrew" and I mailed him some instructions.

I will keep you updated about the progress. From what I read about the site it seems legit (or at least not to be an outright scam).

Best regards,
th63 1 | 462  
Jul 29, 2012 | #2
I worked for them a long time ago, and I have to say that they never cheated their writers. They always paid me everything I was owed, and there was only one other company in my experience that I could say that Those were the only ones.

I would add that if they cheat their writers they will very likely also have no problems cheating their customers, maybe even less because good writers who always finish their work on time are not all that common.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Jul 29, 2012 | #3
I worked for them a long time ago

Who you work now?
th63 1 | 462  
Jul 29, 2012 | #4
I work for no one now. I've had enough of this and I'm done with it.
mre 1 | 175  
Jul 30, 2012 | #5
I can guarantee custompapers is no scam. The paper should be pretty good when it is completed and you should be overall happy with the experience. I have not found any instances of the company scamming people.
Helenrob 1 | 91   Freelance Writer
Aug 01, 2012 | #6

God Bless you. Another one bites the dust
mre 1 | 175  
Aug 12, 2012 | #7
So what's the verdict?
rupertcrook2012 - | 6   Student
Aug 13, 2012 | #8
What is the Verdict?!??!?!?
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Aug 13, 2012 | #9
mre 1 | 175  
Aug 14, 2012 | #10
That makes absolutely no sense. If you had said "innocent of all charges" then you may have received a laugh.
VeronicaM 8 | 32  
Oct 06, 2012 | #11
CustomPapers has a listing with the BBB.
Darkest Horse - | 12   Freelance Writer
Oct 06, 2012 | #12
Knowing custompapers to be a totally legitimate and hard working operation, I'm sure the verdict is a positive one. Ooops, I'm not allowed to say that, am I?!
Sindra_John 1 | 33   Freelance Writer
Oct 07, 2012 | #13
Too much people advertising.
Darkest Horse - | 12   Freelance Writer
Oct 07, 2012 | #14
Ha ha! I can assure you that I am not advertising. Having undertaken some jobs for the company, I'm simply vouching for its authenticity. In my experience 90% of essay websites are improper in nature. Without explicitly saying so, I think its important to highlight to people, those sites that they can trust. It's just my opinion and it is in no way commensurate to an advertisement.
Zec - | 1   Student
Oct 08, 2012 | #15
С scam or not?

Hello guys!
What do you think about С Is it scam or not?
I can't find much reviews about this company. Has any heard of or used this service?
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 08, 2012 | #16
Recommendations don't seem to be allowed here--the site is for exposing scams, not for recommending good companies. I know it's frustrating, but that seems to be the way it works.
th63 1 | 462  
Oct 08, 2012 | #17
Custompapers is not a scam, and it's one of the very few companies around that I can say that about. Most of them do cheat their writers and customers and should be avoided.
Darkest Horse - | 12   Freelance Writer
Oct 08, 2012 | #18
Recommendations don't seem to be allowed here--the site is for exposing scams, not for recommending good companies.

I totally agree. I suppose it's derives from the fact that anyone can come on here and self-promote but not necessarily anyone will come on to criticise unless they genuinely have had a bad experience. It's a shame because it creates a ferociously negative and deceitful environment where even the good writers seem on the defensive. Shame on all the scam-artist plagiarising scum who get us all painted with the same brush!
OP Smartmaster 1 | 1   Student
Oct 14, 2012 | #19
Just received the grade on the paper and it barley passed.
From this experience I only recommend using such services if you are in some kind of deep trouble and no longer care about your GPA.
Trustyourself 1 | 16   Student
Oct 30, 2012 | #20
You are lucky, in the end you still passed.

In my case, the final draft offered by a so called top 5 writer is completely out of my topic.
Too many useless sentences in this draft and key parts of this work are fundamentally wrong.

I'm totally despairing and I feel reaaaally awful.
ariados26 1 | 26   Freelance Writer
Oct 30, 2012 | #21
^Man that sucks. Tough luck. ^_^ At least they didn't scam you.
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 30, 2012 | #22
They [i]did[i] scam him. That seems to be the precise point of his post.
th63 1 | 462  
Dec 17, 2012 | #23
Of that $414 he paid, the writer would have gotten about 25%, which is normal for these companies.
JohnsMom - | 296  
Dec 17, 2012 | #24
Thanks for the info six weeks down the line. It comes from experience, though, and I commend you on that. I'm a little surprised pays writers as low as $8.60/pg if this is accurate (that would be the rate if the writer only received 25% on this order), but I guess that would explain why you got out of the business.
fionaclare - | 5  
Dec 21, 2012 | #25
I ordered from them as well after reading these forums...I'm supposed to get my paper emailed to me tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's something decent. I'm nervous that they won't send me anything at all!!
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
Dec 21, 2012 | #26
Let us know how it goes, fiona. I am curious.

I know that there is no way on God's green earth that I would write for 25 percent of the sale price of the paper. If some companies are paying that low, then I can see why the quality would not be very high.
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Dec 21, 2012 | #27
I'm a little surprised pays writers as low as $8.60/pg if this is accurate

CustomPapers would be surprised too. They don't have set rates, but their writers bid on projects; some may bid as low as $10, others as high as $20-$40. It's up to the writer how much they want to complete an available project for.
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
Dec 21, 2012 | #28
I'm curious about this, Major. I haven't written for any companies yet. Surely there is a bell curve for the bidding. What would a typical paper go for in the busy season? Additionally, how do writers have time to sit around and bid on papers during the busy season? When the rush hits, I'm treading water just to get all my writing done, let along mess with a website to see if I won my bids.
fionaclare - | 5  
Dec 21, 2012 | #29
I'm thinking I should've hired a freelance writer instead of sitting on pins and needles waiting...but I wasn't aware of that option until browsing through these forums some more today and finding out about essaychat. But there too, you have to decipher who is legit or not and it'd still be a bit of a leap of faith. I emailed my writer with additional specifications for my paper yesterday and I haven't heard back from that a bad sign? Hopefully it's because he's too busy finishing my paper, ha.

They never called me to confirm my paypal account but they did assign me a that sketchy?
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
Dec 21, 2012 | #30
I emailed my writer with additional specifications for my paper yesterday and I haven't heard back from that a bad sign?

I don't know. Good writers try to get back with people right away, and when they're working on projects, they try to provide regular updates. It's just good business practice. Clients hate to be left in the dark. No matter whether you go with a company or an independent writer, there are good and bad apples. As has been noted here before, it's generally the same pool of writers.
fionaclare - | 5  
Dec 22, 2012 | #31
Ok, I got an email that says, "I don't recognize your email address so I think you might be a new customer and I want to make sure the paper is exactly right and we make a good impression. If there's anything you need, please reply and I'll try to ensure this is a good experience for you. Whatever you need, let me know. Thanks :-)" I think that must translate to, "your paper hasn't even been started yet."? DAMN IT!!!
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
Dec 22, 2012 | #32
The old "non-answer" answer ...
fionaclare - | 5  
Dec 22, 2012 | #33
Update: I received my paper today and I'm quite happy with it. They were having some technical problems with their email, apparently. Once they realized that my writer and I weren't receiving each others emails they forwarded me his personal email and it was fine after that. My advice to anyone planning on using them would be to have a flexible deadline. Give them a deadline a day or so before your actual due date in case they can't make it because in my case they didn't have it ready by my requested deadline. All in all, a good experience.

I submitted it just now. I'll let you guys know the mark once I know.
th63 1 | 462  
Dec 22, 2012 | #34
CustomPapers would be surprised too.

I know from experience that I never go $20-30 per page, and that for this 12 page paper it would be more like $120 at most. Of course any place that has bidding like that is hard for writers to make much money.

I will say that I never got cheated by custompapers, and that was the only company that didn't rip me off. Just don't expect to get rich working there.
terramorphous 2 | 1   Student
Dec 28, 2012 | #35
I used them last week for an assignment and am pretty impressed with the quality.
A little short on the word count but not a big deal.
Brandon - | 2   Company Representative
Jan 25, 2013 | #36
Hi. First of all I just want to say that I am no company representative..I just screwed up the sign up. I just wanted you guys know that I've just had a terrible experience with this website and am so angry that I even bothered to write here (big deal for me). I honestly payed for a 15 page business plan - with a master's Level of grade for goodness sake! I even described many instructions and bits to include and all I got was a text with full of grammatical errors, LOTS of beating about the bush, repeating things and a work which clearly shows you that this work has been done in a hurry and carelessly. There are even autocorrected words which makes sentences make no sense at all. Its unbelievable! this work hadnt been even checked once judging from the number of mistakes. And also the so many instructions that I gave were ignored, they just said yes yes, yes to everything when I was about to apply but then the result speaks for itself. Another thing was no references, and after I asked for it the writer just gave me a list of references which although I'm not sure, I strongly think that he just picked randomly and pasted on the reference list books which he thought were relevant. Support seemed helpful and all that but they didnt want to refund any cent and just wanted to do revisions even though I clearly stated that my real deadline was too soon and I would be better of doing it myself rather than waiting for another complete flop. They even had the nerve to tell me that I am not entitled for refund because the writer did his job! Jesus! Anyway, I just want to tell you to stay away, after my experience. I just lost 425 euros (idk how much is that in dollars but my bank account shows that) because I hadnt any use for it. I have only asked a refund once in my life and this one was the worst kind ever.
CP_Kevin - | 3   Company Representative
Jan 25, 2013 | #37
Hello Everyone,

I am Kevin and I'm affiliated with Unlike Brandon, I indicated "Company Representative" for my membership here, because I really am a company representative.

Brandon's error in providing his information for this forum (i.e. claiming to be a company representative) was not his first communication blunder. He also was careless when he gave the instructions for the model paper, and as a result it was not 100% what he expected.

We are still willing to revise, though! We want our customers to succeed. Unfortunately, instead of allowing the writer to revise it Brandon immediately wanted to punish her. It would be devastating for the freelancer to write a FIFTEEN PAGE paper and not be paid for it.

Even after Brandon insulted the writer, she continued to try to make him happy. His original instructions did not include a requirement for a sketch, but she provided a rough sketch anyway because she is proud of having so many satisfied customers and she wanted him to be one of them.

The academic freelance writers at will follow your instructions exactly as you give them. They are only human, so maybe they will make mistakes sometimes. If that happens, contact us and we'll correct the situation fast. In Brandon's case, I am still willing to arrange a revision if he simply provides a list of all that he wants changed or added to the paper. We are fair to the writers with whom we contract, and we are fair to the customers.

For the record, NO, I do not know of any writers who freelance through and work for only $8.60 per page! That would be quite ridiculous.

To everyone who posted nice comments about

We sincerely thank you and hope you'll continue to publish posts in this forum so people will know the truth: CP wants to contribute to your success. Some of the customers have favorite writers and request them all the time. All of the customers are special to me because they make it possible for me to earn a living by doing what I do best.

Brandon, I hope you contact me at or and give me the opportunity to revise the paper based on your feedback. I was offering revision long before you published this slanderous post.

Best regards, everyone, I wish you well,

toti 1 | 7   Observer
Jan 28, 2013 | #38
fionaclare - | 5  
Mar 14, 2013 | #39
Thought I'd update everyone... The mark I got was....alright. After re-reading the essay I realised that it was kind of disorganized and unfocused in some parts. Mind you, there were parts that were good as well. I had to fix some things before submitting it but because of time constraints there wasn't much I could do. If I'd had the time I would've sent it back to my writer for revisions. In the end, I was sooo relieved that they weren't a scam. lol! I think they may be hit and miss...and it'd depend on the writer that you get. Most importantly though, they definitely are native English speakers writing original papers...not reselling or plagiarizing, etc..
Trey - | 2  
Apr 22, 2013 | #40
About to Try

Has anyone ever used this website for a paper, turned the paper in and received good results?

I need honest answers.

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