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School Administrators - Business Ethics Case Studies

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Ethics of School Administrations


1. If you were a former administrator to whom Gadams reported, what kind of recommendation would you give? Why do you think the administrators said nothing?

School Administrator EthicsIn this case, I would make it clear that parents made complaints about his conduct during his time as an administrator. The complaints made about his behavior involved complaints of a sexual nature. By rights the school could have and should have filed sexual molestation complains against Gadams on behalf of the students that he harassed. The administrators may have said nothing in this case because they feared legal action from parents because they did not do anything about a man who had problems, if he was not in fact, an active pedophile, or feared Gadams suing them for giving him a poor recommendation.

Ultimately, by failing to make other schools aware of Gadams issues this administrator may have exposed the school district to the exact type of legal prosecution that they feared would occur if they chose to pursue criminal charges against Gadams. Their fears were proven true by failing to act when they should have.

2. Do administrators owe their loyalty to employees? To students? To the school district? To the parents?

The primary loyalty of a schools administrator should be to parents and students first. Since school funding comes from public taxes, parents and students are their employers. While the school district is important, the members of the school board in most states are officials elected by parents. Therefore, it is the moral obligation of administrators to protect the best interests of students and their parents before protecting the best interest of the school, the school district or the schools employees. By failing to give, the type of recommendation that Gadams truly deserved the administrator put students at risk even if they were not students who attended their school. Had this administrator put the parents and students first than they would have disclosed the reason for Gadams resignation to his new employers.

Putting students and parents first is something that every administrator should practice. It does not speak well to this administrators ethics or morals that he put the needs of the district and Gadams. His failure to pursue action against Gadams (other than asking him to resign) and his giving the type of recommendation that got Gadams another job caused direct harm to the students and parents that it is his responsibility to protect.

3. Is this type of recommendation commonly given to get rid of employees? In addition, should friendship have a higher value than honesty?

This type of recommendation is not normally given to unsuitable employees. Unsuitable employees may receive a recommendation letter with a bare minimum of information (dates worked, starting and ending salary). In some cases the employer may have a legal obligation to disclose complaints such as, the one's received about Gadams behavior towards the students.

Honesty should have a higher value than friendship. If Gadams was truly molesting those girls than the administrator at this original school that gave him a glowing recommendation was not doing any favors to their friendship by lying for him since Gadams clearly needed psychiatric help. Honesty is also critical when you are an educator because whether you are an active teacher or an administrator you provide an example to your students. If this administrator lied to another school about something as critical as the fact that an alleged child molester was applying at their school and he gave him a good recommendation, than he was saying he valued friendships outside of his job more than he valued honesty and ethical behavior.


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