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Its Easy to Write Your Own Essay

AndyBusinessWriter 3 | 11  
Oct 03, 2008 | #1
I have gone through many cases in this site where students are suffered from different scams. The best alternative is to write your own work, here are some tips:

1. Understand the topic first - describe it in your own words. Effort required :15%

Easy Essay Writing2. Search for reading list (from class handouts/books referred from your tutor) and start preparing the basic draft.Effort required :25%

3. Look for recent research from the topic (journals/news/magazines etc) and add to basic draft.Effort required :20%

4. Search for advantages/dis-advantages, so that you can critically analyse the topic.Effort required :40%(shall increase your mark)

The above can be as simple as buying it.

If anyone got any other idea, please write here.


you guys just know to criticize about essay companies, else can write your valuable comments, to avoid these sites?

sophia911 1 | 3  
Jan 03, 2011 | #2
you say its easy but its hard
AmonsEssays 2 | 193  
Jan 06, 2011 | #3
Yeah, if it were actually easy for everyone this service wouldn't exist.
Juliano - | 5   Student
Jan 07, 2012 | #4
So "one" little question about my approach taken and would be quite grateful if anyone could help me out..

Firstly, I created a rough Table of Contents based on what our prof requires & I consider as important for my report. Secondly, I gathered information (meaning and data) on each of the chapters which created my literature to be used. Third and lastly I started writing everything. During this step the whole structure of the second and third levels was changed again and also additional information added.

Now, after sleeping 3 hours within the last four days, I face the unproductivity of my work. Could the pages of meaningless data be a result of the wrong approach, or (and maybe also) could it be that 3-4 levels for a report of 10 pages (excl. graphics) are simply too much?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 08, 2012 | #5
Try to answer these questions yourself. Try also some repeated reading of the draft; I am sure it will lead you to pinpoint the weak areas of your report that may be hidden from you critical eye so far. It'll be equally beneficial to have it peer-reviewed (ask your friend to have a look at it). Confusion, frustration, etc. are part of the writing process so you should not lose your spirits but be positive that you're moving into the right direction - accomplishing your writing task.
Mar 29, 2012 | #6

School Research Paper Manifest

A research paper is a manifestation of academic composition that has hypothetical and significant data that has experienced the correct procedure of in depth research. It could contain information focused around a postulation with considerable proof from a mixed bag of supporting and consistent sources. Composing a research paper is one testing and fastidious undertaking. Anyway with enough practice during the time in school, it could be much simpler once one gets accustomed to it. However in the event that one truly takes a look at the representation of it, a research paper simply needs a couple of essential tips for it to be less trying for people that are battling.

The first thing for students is to be aware of the time the paper is due and make sure they mark the date. This will help them organize on how they will work on it in order to meet the deadline. After knowing the date, they need to go through the instructions making sure they are highlighting the major terms that they fill will be helpful.

Easy ResearchThe students need to read through the instructions writing down key issues. They have to think through to be able to come up with topics of interest. Under the topics they have chosen, they have to try and look through them highlighting major issues to be discussed. With this they can be able to identify some of the major topics and eventually settle on one topic.

After settling on one topic what follows is to research on the topic. They need to visit online, school and public libraries so that they can find appropriate materials that will be helpful. What the student has to know is that, the credibility of sources depends on the author's credentials and reputation of the publication of the organization. The problem with many students writing research is that, they rely mostly on online information which can also guarantees a percentage of about fifty to sixty five of research information. Any person can be able to publish information in the internet but what the researcher has to know is that is it imperative to develop a critical eye to evaluate the credibility of internet information. Since there is bulk information over then internet finding the right information is not an exact science and it is time consuming. According to Macceca, the Web is not a standard reference framework; it represents some unique and, in numerous regards, phenomenal conditions that convolute the undertaking of sorting out tried and true from undependable data -and even entangles the thought that we have an agreeable feeling of that refinement.

The student then reviews the information collected and organizes the ideas. For proper organization, it is good to make notes by including the key information such as book titles, articles, time of the sources, authors and other database one might have used. Students also have to highlight key terms they will be using. The main reason to do this is to be able to keep records of the information one have gathered in case one lose the original source.

It is time to start writing. What students have to know is that, the research paper encompasses the introduction, body and conclusion. At this stage the student is free to start with the area one will be comfortable with because they will have time to arrange their writing later. They don't have to bother with grammar because sometimes it can alter the flow of their writing. They have to make sure that they finish all the writing before editing. After that, they can go through their writing, review what they have written. They also have to read through the paper, correct any grammatical errors and make sure that the sentences and paragraphs flow. They also have to ensure that the sources they used are well cited and in cases of in text citation they are punctuated with quotation marks. If possible they can give a friend to go through their work.

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