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Scam or Incapability: degrees of a scam in companies?

JessD 6 | 32  
Mar 03, 2011 | #1
Greetings again,

In the small amount of time I have been able to view these threads, it appears as though there is a fairly hard toe line on what constitutes a scam as far as an essay writing site goes, yet in this vein; I guess I wonder if it is that simple...? I understand that when a website,

A. Does not pay you.
B. Lies about their physical address
C. Does not have a customer support branch, nor have any protocol for dealing with disputes in place,
D. Fines you unreasonably.

it pretty much constitutes a scam.. yet I wonder if there are degrees* of scams in certain companies. Specifically I mean companies which, might have just started up and do not have the capabilities in place yet to deal with the (at times I'm sure) massive undertaking of setting up such sites? I am probably being quite naive, yet I I am wondering if there is a somewhat murky line (at times) between scam, and incapable?
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Mar 07, 2011 | #2
I am probably being quite naive

You got that right.
justin - | 7  
Mar 11, 2011 | #3
That was uncalled for...
evident thunder 1 | 23   Freelance Writer
Mar 11, 2011 | #4
I am wondering if there is a somewhat murky line (at times) between scam, and incapable?

Good question.

I think that, for a customer purchasing an essay, the two are intertwined: a capable, talented writer or group of writers can build their business by writing quality works and charging an appropriate amount for them. Incapable writers can't get by with writing crappy essays, so they resort to scamming, by undercutting competition's prices, producing a poor paper, and then forcing the customer to maneuverer through numerous paths in order to get any sort of refund or service.

When it comes to the company's writers, though, I don't think incompetence can explain why so many services are accused of unfairly fining their employees or refusing to pay. That's just greed and a scam.
zolzol - | 8   Student
Oct 16, 2012 | #5
I think the word "scam" is used too easily and freely.

A scam is someone who takes your money and runs.

Getting a service you were not happy with is not a scam, it could be a multitude of reasons why that happened. Getting a bad mark on an assignment is also not a scam, especially if the company does not gurantee a mark.... you have to be careful when you use the word "scam".
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 16, 2012 | #6
If "getting a service you are not happy with" means buying a piece of writing that turns out to be plagiarized from various sources and cobbled together by someone that has no understanding of the subject matter or English language mechanics, then I think the term "scam" is appropriate. There are many companies and writers that do this to their customers, unfortunately.
Smiley73 2 | 251 ☆☆  
Oct 02, 2017 | #7
There is no limit to the degree of scams that a company can implement in order to improve their income. Be it a company or an independent writer, the scams abound because the students remain clueless about how the business really works and how to spot the difference between a scam and a company or person that is working on the level. The difficulty in spotting the scam rests in how most of the scam companies run on the same template and are seemingly more popular on the web than the reputable services and writers. The trust is earned in a number of ways. Anywhere from using fake photos, to make refund promises that are hard to implement or sometimes, believe. These days, the scams have been elevated to the level of blackmailing and holding model papers hostage until the client complies with the demands of the scammers.

Incapability is something totally different. The word connotes a sense of not being able to deliver. Sometimes, a writer will read the project, bid on it, get the project and then midway, discover that he got in over his head. So he freaks out and either doesn't deliver the paper or gets it reassigned, which causes problems for the student. That isn't a scam. That is just overconfidence gone wrong.

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