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The Basic Essay Format

JohnWriter 13 | -   Freelance Writer
Oct 11, 2017 | #1
In all instances of essay writing, most students struggle with the proper format for its writing. Due to the numerous writing samples available online, there is a strong tendency for a new writer to get caught up in the various formats being presented. If one has not taken a writing class before, then that potential essayist will not have any idea that there is a standard format for "short" essay writing. This is the format that is followed by both IELTS and TOEFL exam takers. Let me break down the different parts of the essay for those who are still finding themselves scratching their heads with regards to the proper format.


Basic Essay FormatBased upon the original prompt requirements, the exam taker is required to explain the topic for discussion and how it is to be discussed in his own understanding. This is the most critical part of developing the essay because if the exam taker makes a mistake in the topic or instruction representation, then the whole essay will no longer be aligned with the original instructions and will have the potential to fail the test. One needs to increasingly practice English comprehension skills if the examinee is to pass the biggest hurdle of essay writing.

Paragraph 2 - 4: BODY OF PARAGRAPHS

This is the part of the essay that tests the English writing ability of the examinee. A talent in logic and reasoning in English is paramount for these sections of the essay. The work here will prove that he has the grammatical ability to write understandable English sentences. This is the proof that he can think in English and can express himself coherently in the same language. The grammar doesn't need to be perfect in every paragraph. It does need to be easily understood by the reader though. If the student cannot express himself clearly or make himself understood, then the essay will further deteriorate its chances of getting a passing score.


This is similar in nature to the introduction paragraph. The main difference is that the concluding paragraph will need to summarize the important discussion points in the body of paragraphs. The ability of the test taker to present his thoughts in various ways in written English is being tested.

Now that one knows what the standard essay writing format is for IELTS and TOEFL, it should be easier for the exam taker to develop a strong essay.

Remember, the grammar need not be perfect, but it does need to clearly get the point of the essay across somehow.

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