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The IELTS Task 1 Essay: Observation and Analysis Are Your Friends

JohnWriter 13 | -   Freelance Writer
Oct 10, 2017 | #1
Many an IELTS taker say that they fear taking the Task 1 essay test because of the complicated way that it is set up. These test-takers claim that it is next to impossible to properly analyze and summarize the reports for academic presentation. This is far from the truth. The only reason to fear taking the IETLS task 1 essay is if you are incapable of applying common sense and observational skills when reviewing the supplied image.

IELTS Task 1 ObservationCommon sense applies the most in the writing of the Task 1 essay because, given the 20 - minute time constraint in writing, the most obvious information to be found in the diagram, illustration, or map will be written about. However, the obvious should not be the focal point of your writing. To increase the final score, the examiner needs to be convinced that the test-taker analyze the image on a more than superficial level. How can the in-depth analysis be proven? There are several ways of doing this:

1. In illustrated charts such as line charts and graphs, look for the points in the chart where the lines intersect. These intersecting lines are not part of the obvious presentation of the essay. Indicating these overlapping points will allow the exam taker to appropriately represent the "make comparisons where necessary" portion of the test. Whenever that term is mentioned, you can be sure that overlapping information exists and must be presented in the essay.

2. When dealing with diagrams, use observational skills throughout your drafting process. A descriptive essay of this sort is not done until all of the comparison points have been made and presented with regards to certain points of the illustration.

3. With regards to the pie chart covering 2 different years, the percentage points are the key information for representation. Review both pie charts and then present the information that, though the information is from 2 different years, similarities can be found.

The most important aspects of the IETLS Task 1 essay are the comparison and observational points. These are the parts of the essay that will always increase your final score when represented in the final version of the essay. When the comparison points are clearly based upon obvious observable information, as well as a serious analysis of the information provided, a high score is given in the end.

Forum / Research Tutorial / The IELTS Task 1 Essay: Observation and Analysis Are Your Friends

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