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How to Get a Perfect 9 in IELTS Task 2 and an Amazing 5 in TOEFL Essay Writing?

JohnWriter 13 | -   Freelance Writer
Oct 04, 2017 | #1
There are so many examples online of essays written in the format of IELTS and TOEFL essays. Some of them have a single sentence per paragraph, some have 3,4,5, or even 6. Based upon the examples available online, it becomes difficult for the self-studying student who is preparing for one of the two tests to properly assess which format is best for the exam. It is easy to clear up the confusion. Use the essay format that will best allow the exam taker to properly show off his English comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. This leads the examinee back to the original question, "Which format is best?".

The best format for writing the exam essays is the 5 sentences, 5 paragraphs format. How can that be the best format when others score high on the test with only 2 sentences? That is, according to the examples online. Since I scored a perfect 9 in my IELTS Essay Writing Test and an amazing 5 in the TOEFL Essay Test using the 5 sentences in 5 paragraphs formula, I can safely say that writing 5 sentences per paragraph and properly completing 5 paragraphs is the best way to get the highest possible score for your essay. What are the reasons behind this reasoning?

Perfect IELTS Task ScoreWhen I was practicing for the test, the first thing that I took note of was the time that it took to complete the essay. Based upon the 30-minute allotment for the essay, it left me with only enough time to create an outline based upon a single reasoning per paragraph in defense or opposition of the given topic. Trying to present more than one reason per paragraph left me with half discussed and confusing paragraph presentations. Since I had only 30 minutes to complete the essay, I slowly came to realize that the exam only requires one reason to be discussed in the paragraph. Present the reason first then discuss it in the remaining 4 sentences. It worked like magic in increasing my overall scores.

If you closely study the prompt requirements per essay, you will find that the topics for discussion for each paragraph is already outlined for the test-taker. Take for example, the following prompt:

Alternative energy sources that use the natural power of the wind, waves, and sun are too expensive and complicated to replace the coal, oil and gas that we use to power our cities and transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree whit this opinion?

Based on the above example, the correct discussion format, per paragraph for this essay should be as follows:

1. Paraphrased introduction with the personal agreement or disagreement of the opinion;

2. Expanded discussion of the public opinion regarding the cost of renewable energy resource. The public opinion should serve as an introduction to the next paragraph;

3. Provide a personal opinion of the given discussion supported by personal knowledge or experience;

4. Supporting public evidence of the personal opinion in the preceding paragraph;

5. Concluding statement that summarizes the first 4 paragraphs.

The objective of these tests is to prove that the English as a Second Language learner has the ability to find the topic sentence in a prompt statement, understand what type of discussion is required, and then present the discussion in the manner expected. The 5-sentence rule allows an examinee to properly develop one idea, in a simple or complex sentence format, in a manner that best shows off his English abilities. The examiner is not interested in the reasons that you give in the essay, he is interested in how well you defend your single reason in English because that proves the ability to understand future English based lessons. More importantly, the examinee can use these tests to prove his ability to properly complete English based assignments in terms of research and essay writing.

When the essay has only one or two sentences per paragraph, that does not prove any English skills. If the writer has only 3 sentences in the paragraph, that proves some of his English abilities. However, when the writer presents 5 sentences in a paragraph, using only one fully developed / defended reason, the examiner sees a more complex set of sentences that an easily gain higher or the highest marks in terms of grammar range and accuracy.

That is whole point of the IETLS Task 2 and TOEFL essay writing test. To allow the examinee to prove that he has the English skills to achieve the highest possible grades in his classes at his American, Australian, Canadian, or British university. By presenting a logical English thought pattern during the qualifying tests (IELTS, TOEFL), the student will be deemed ready to take on an English language based education.

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