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The Best Online Research Materials for Freelance Writers?

Research 1 | -  
Dec 03, 2008 | #1

Freelance Writers - Reference Materials?

I am a freelance writer and wanted some help.

Can people please give some hints on places to access good academic resources such as Journals and/or E books online which are either free or paid subscription? As someone who is wheelchair bound it is often difficult getting out to access local libaries, I would be very grateful for your assistance.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Dec 03, 2008 | #2
These days, I am relying quite a bit on Questia. The yearly annual subscription is reasonable (and tax deductible if you live in the U.S.) and the library contains a fair mix of books, academic journals and magazines. Easy search set up too.

If you need med articles, PubMed is a free cataloguing service run by the
National Institutes of Health. It will provide abstracts and, when available, point you to where you can get an article either free or through a subscription.

As far as free, both Google books and Amazon will give you limited reads of a lot of their product, which can also be useful.

I hope that helps!
exwriter 4 | 251  
Dec 03, 2008 | #3
Nice to see you back posting again Lavinia. I used to have access to questia myself and will agree that it us quite reasonable and useful.

I cancelled my subscription when I quit writing, though I do have access to a lot of sites that are subscription based through the chambers I work for. These are expensive if you had to pay for them yourself so there is no point recommending them unless you are getting in so much work it justifies paying for such sites.

I have used Pubmed as well and ssrn can also be very useful. I am also signed up to which is free and gives you regular updates on changes in practice.
MAK 3 | 121  
Dec 04, 2008 | #4
Try and get access to Athens through a university friend.That will put a wealth of resources at your disposal!
sam111 - | 1   Student
Oct 30, 2011 | #5
search engine that has credible and verified authors of articles written

any search engine that has credible and verified authors of articles written because i need to search articles for my project of 'Pak Eco'
Oct 30, 2011 | #6
Google Scholar

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