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I delivered the whole paper to the client, but he only paid for part of it. I need your views...

Jul 16, 2012 | #1
It's now approximately 144 hours, since a student from the University of South Florida requested that I complete his 20 page paper in a span of 24hrs, which I accepted, though I was aware of the challenges ahead. The client seemed very generous, and even paid an upfront payment, and the balance was to be paid on submission. Therefore, I did deliver the paper 20 hours after it was assigned, ensuring that his deadline was met. However, I now realize I made a big mistake, since I submitted the whole paper to him. He has kept quiet, and I now do not know how to reach him. It is evident that he has decided that since he has the full paper, he is not going to play his part. I hereby ask forum members to advice me accordingly of the appropriate action I should take. If someone has any intentions of destroying you, I believe you should also do the same. Please advice me, I need help asap!!!
Jul 16, 2012 | #2
Sometimes they do come back and given that it was a weekend s/he may have had one too many and is now dealing with a very nasty hangover. But in your case my crystal ball tells me you are unlucky and that you should be thankful for the small upfront payment you got. This was probably a first time client for you but should serve as a good lesson in future. I also had a similar incident in which we had an agreement that the paper would be uploaded in stages and the client would be sending an equivalent amount of money to my paypal. This was a good plan but as usual things can go wrong and in my case, I mistakenly sent the whole paper instead of half and immediately the client told me that he had to go to the bank to get more money so he could complete the rest of the payment. Well, the rest is history because I did not even bother waiting for him to come back or communicate. However, mine was not a whole 20 page paper and the cost of that lesson was perfectly commensurate with what I learned. In fact, I am glad it happened because now my default position is to be suspicious, which is why I have not lost any money since that debacle. You can publish the paper, threaten the client and all but I would suggest you move on and redirect your energies.
Jul 16, 2012 | #3
Always take payment up front in future and learn from the lesson. In this case since the customer has not paid, you have every right to post the paper online which makes it pretty useless to anyone wanting to hand it in as their own. The threat of which *might* bring your customer back to the table to pay up.
Jul 16, 2012 | #4
Always take payment up front in future

I have always done it, and he had already placed an upfront payment, only to express his generosity.

In this case since the customer has not paid, you have every right to post the paper online

I am waiting to seek advice regarding the appropriate action that should be taken, since he had paid the upfront payment. The only big mistake that I made is submit the paper in whole instead of bits. I do not know what to do because the client seems to have varnished and can't find him anywhere. Anyone with a clue of how to go about this situation? I have sent the client several messages, but he has not bothered replying to any of them.
Jul 16, 2012 | #5
However, I now realize I made a big mistake, since I submitted the whole paper to him.

It's your business mistake. Cannot blame client for that. Maybe he dont have money for full paper so he paid part only. You can post the part not paid here so we judge your writing skill. lolz
Jul 16, 2012 | #6
post the paper here, eat the loss, and be wiser next time.

"fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me."
Jul 31, 2015 | #7
I am student, but my advise to you is to sent him every page, I mean you send him a page and then he pay for that page.. until you send him the last page and In this case you will get all your money and the student will get his paper
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Aug 04, 2015 | #8
Hey Intelligent,

As a general rule of thumb for the future, I'd suggest you request the syllabus for the course along with the instructions for the assignment for each assignment you agree to take on. Doing so serves the dual purpose of (a) ensuring quality via clarifying exactly which topics were covered in the course; and (b) providing you the contact information of the professor so you can have some recourse in the event of client nonpayment. Asking under the pretense of (a) can sound reasonable enough, depending on the client and your relationship with them, to deflect suspicion that you would do (b).

I'm assuming you don't have the professor's contact info, in which case you are probably S.O.L.

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