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Working for Weneedghostwriters.com?

dyesekah 1 | 4  
Sep 16, 2008 | #1
Has anyone tried writing for them? They pay $10 per accepted article through paypal. Please let us know if they really pay and what are their writing standards. Thank you!
snafunick - | 1  
Sep 23, 2008 | #2
I'm new. Is it acceptable to post locally printed essay here?
OP dyesekah 1 | 4  
Sep 25, 2008 | #3
is this a reply for my question??????
penny - | 6  
Oct 06, 2008 | #4
They pay quick. Standards are a bit high (but they don't accept essays). They have a list of topics in the member area.

Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 06, 2008 | #5
What standards do they have? How quickly do they pay?

I just went to the site and made an account. They have a list of topics, they tell you that a response to any submission will require 14 days for judgement and they don't guarantee payment because they don't accept all submissions. What stops them from taking your submission and not paying you?

I'm sorry but I see no reason to trust this site. It's a pretty common practice to scam writers by requiring them to submit several writing examples on particular topics as part of a "job application," when the intent is just to keep the submission and never pay the writer. This site looks like a variation on that theme.
penny - | 6  
Oct 07, 2008 | #6
They've never scammed me, I do a copyscape.com check on my work that was not accepted.

(Also, you can't post comments like that without proof - you and this forum owner can get sued for defamation - you should delete that comment.)
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 07, 2008 | #7
Oh please. I didn't accuse them of anything. I asked you a few questions (that you didn't answer) and then offered my opinion. It IS a common practice for companies to scam writers by asking them for examples while having zero intent of ever paying for them. Any new writer should be wary of scams.

Nothing in my post even remotely resembles defamation. Anyone can make an account there and see exactly what I saw - no clear standards, 2 weeks to review and no guarantee for payment. I don't understand why you think copyscape protects you - they can easily take what you write and sell it through an essay bank or some similar service where copyscape won't pick it up. Will you check copyscape again in 6 months to be sure your work isn't still being posted?

And, their fine print says that your submission gives them the rights to your work anyway:

"by submitting article(s) all writers agree to transfer copyright to Paramount Publishing, Queensland, Australia, and also agree to not disclose their association with Paramount Publishing. Failing to do so will result in Paramount Publishing filing for damages"

How does one prevent them from taking the submission and not paying?

So, apparently you have turned work into them and they've turned you down. What are the reasons that they offer when turning work down? What's their ratio of accepted/rejected work? Do they update topics often?

And, to repeat my initial question, how quickly do they pay?
penny - | 6  
Oct 08, 2008 | #8
You already answered your own questions so I don't know why you're asking...

You said it and they also say it on their site - 2 weeks

Don't know what you find so hard about that.

You can use copyscape.com and set up google alerts to check for your work for as long as you want to continue checking it - it's not hard to do.

If your article is off-topic or badly written they won't accept it. (Would you pay for something that's badly written?).

Why don't you just ask them your questions yourself? Or even google for comments by other writers?
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 08, 2008 | #9
So, when they rejected your article, was it off-topic or badly written?

I did google them. The consensus is no one knows anything about them but that folks agree that the site looks unprofessional. Such as here:

answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap8TRo7PjmxKTjnPIZXW5.vpFQx .;_ylv=3?qid=20080918104154AAhdohS

You claimed they paid quickly. How quick is that? The site says 2 weeks to accept or reject, it says nothing about when payment is made.

You clearly cared enough about this subject to make an account and post. I don't see why you're so hostile to simple questions about the company.
penny - | 6  
Oct 08, 2008 | #10
They pay straight away, to your Paypal account.
venus 3 | 35  
Oct 08, 2008 | #11
I think Penny is a representative of Weneedghostwriters.com. Watch out.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 08, 2008 | #12
Agreed, Venus.
penny - | 6  
Oct 08, 2008 | #13
More claims? Or is it because I get paid for my pieces? Don't ask questions if you don't really want answers. Your loss...

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