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Apr 23, 2010 | #121
"You can't handle the truth!"
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Apr 23, 2010 | #122
For starters, full-stops should be placed at the end of a sentence, never in the middle.

After taking my personal details, including my essay.

How is this a sentence?

Telling me that I was not a suitable candidate for the writing job.

Or this?

Now - to the issue itself.
1) AA made its decision, and as with any company, is at full liberty to accept or reject an application WITHOUT explanations
2) Since AA could not verify your credentials, they acted responsibly when they rejected you
3) As with other companies, they asked you for a test essay and you submitted it. It is part of your application package and does not mean `they took it' are going to `resell it' or that any proof of your ownership of it is required. Obviously, they did not find it acceptable

4) How is AA `abnormal'?

Now - seeing that you are happy that they rejected you, what is the problem?

Does your rejection constitute proof of AA's dishonesty? To the contrary ...
paperback raita - | 1  
Jul 02, 2010 | #123
hello all,

I applied for a position today with Academic Knowledge; they were advertising through Reed recruitment. Anyway, I got an immediate response to say I had been initially accepted.

This made me suspicious. I'd hardly given them anything except my name.

Then I read through their bumf and they were stating that they were a legitimate company and registered etc.

This made me suspicious. Anyone can register as a limited company. And what legitimate company feels the need to say they are so, during initial recruitment?

So I googled and found this exchange. Now I'm not going anywhere near it. They sound unethical and amateurish at very best -and borderline fraudulent.
Natalie - | 1  
Jul 06, 2010 | #124
I too was fooled my the advert on was the immediate success with the application and then a request for ID...really needing some "people skills" there.
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
Jul 07, 2010 | #125

I'm really sorry you feel fooled by our company - this is not our intention!

Let me explain a bit more about the process:

At present, the application form is in two different stages.

A stage that is automatically processed by our database (which explains the instant response) and stage that is hand processed by our in-house team.

The first stage will only accept applicants based on our company's criteria: for example, qualifications, nationality and of course, the screening questions. Our database will automatically accept you and put you through to round two - BUT our in-house team DOES still check through round 1 applicants, just to make sure everything looks as it should do!

Next, you'll be asked to upload proof of identity, qualifications and a sample of your work. These are manually checked by our lovely team. They've even had training on how to spot photoshopped fakes! If they're happy with everything, you're fully accepted and able to work on certain briefs.

I know our delegations team are currently working on reviewing over 5,000 applicants that we had during April, May & June. Most of these people haven't managed to upload their ID or qualification certificates yet, so are team are chasing those via email and phone. You may expect a call any time soon!

I have passed your concerns onto our marketing team, who are currently working through the application process with our delegations team. They've put a lot of work into redeveloping the back end of the AK system and they're now redoing the application process too. I hope they'll take your feedback on board and make it clearer to new applicants. As always, we're open to any feedback :) Changes the application system and back-end system should be rolled out over the next 3 months. We'd be happy if you'd like to test our new application system before it's rolled out and give us your feedback? We just want to make sure it's clear to new applicants - sometimes when you're immersed in it every day, you just think it makes sense!

Finally, if you need any more help, you can call the delegations team - they're based in Nottingham so it should be a local rate number. The number is on the website.
lapeno - | 1  
Jul 07, 2010 | #126
If you've just uploaded the documents onto the administration area, and haven't been accepted yet, how do you go about withdrawing the application altogether?
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
Jul 08, 2010 | #127
Hi Lapeno,

If you read the post that I've written above, you'll see that our team are currently working hard accepting new researchers as we've got over 5,000 to get through. If you like, I could have a word and see if they can accept you today, seeing as you've been waiting a while?

Alternatively, as I've pointed out above, our delegations team are on hand to help you. If you'd like to withdraw your application, the number is on the website.
th63 1 | 462  
Aug 05, 2010 | #128
Avoid them at all costs. This is one of the companies that cheated me. was the other.

Don't go near either one: that much I can tell you from personal experience.

Just ignore their threats and tell them you quit. They can't do anything.

This is a company well known for using "fines" to scam its writers in any way possible.
Lord of Galloway - | 2  
Dec 12, 2010 | #129
You are never legally obliged to work for anyone for free, unless a judge imposes this on you. Any contract you sign that says otherwise will lack legal enforceability. Just signing a contract doesn't make a contract legally binding. The contract itself has to conform to the law. It would be utterly illegal to force someone to work for free, and anyone who has any record that they are claiming this should submit it to the relevant authorities wherever they live.

The practice of withdrawing payment for work is probably illegal too. If you do the work, it is your money. That the payments are going through the company is of no relevance. They have no more right to withhold the money than they have to dip into your bank account; the only difference is that they actually have the ability to hold your money if they already have it. As this will probably be against the law, if they do so, initiate a small claims procedure against them. They are gambling that you won't do so. So do so.

Agencies offering to provide essays to students for the purposes of plagiarism may very well be breaking the law. They think they are getting around it by claiming they discourage plagiarism, but this isn't enough if they are not doing so in practice (which could be easily shown). There hasn't been any case brought against them, but should there be, it is only then that the legality of such activities will be determined, both in respect to the writer and the agency. By working for them you are taking a risk that you may regret later in life.
AmonsEssays 2 | 193  
Dec 12, 2010 | #130
Lord of Galloway: I think that we are aware of potential legal and academic risks. That having been said, barring a few jurisdictions like Massachusetts, to the best of my knowledge it is neither illegal to turn in a plagiarized paper nor to write a paper with the understanding that it will be plagiarizes.

Other than that, I agree 100%. If they don't like your work, they can fire you. I suppose pay docks and demotions are used by legit companies, but NEVER to the degree they do in this business. And it doesn't matter because you're a contractor: You did the agreed work, you get the agreed money. Period.
Dec 12, 2010 | #131
There hasn't been any case brought against them

You're wrong. Boston University sued a group of term paper companies in 1997. BU lost.
Lord of Galloway - | 2  
Dec 12, 2010 | #132
to the best of my knowledge it is neither illegal to turn in a plagiarized paper nor to write a paper with the understanding that it will be plagiarizes

It's one of those many things where it is not blatantly illegal, but there may be so upon a serious court case. Though in the US there have been some cases, the legality doesn't look very strong. In the Boston U case mentioned above, the case faltered on a technicality and there was subsequent behind the scenes dealings; the companies involved caved into Boston U outside of court ... they knew what would happen otherwise. And ...
I wouldn't be very optimistic about it, even in the US.
AmonsEssays 2 | 193  
Dec 12, 2010 | #133
So... every court case ever, then.

How can the legality not LOOK very strong? Writing papers is a form of speech. We are protected by the First Amendment in America barring specific legislation OTHERWISE. I wouldn't be surprised if that Massachusetts law is actually unconstitutional now. In any respect, you can't just sue or prosecute someone over a law that doesn't exist and hope to win. That's legislation through the courtroom and is pretty heavily frowned upon. The only reason the Boston U case even worked at ALL is because there was some claim that they had violated STATE LAW.

Reviewing the Wikipedia article, the case was even worse than I thought. This was a private action. NOT legal action, but a civil suit. This means that the DA didn't even want to TOUCH the idea of prosecuting, even when the law is clear! The plaintiff attorney would like to stop this sort of behavior but it seems transparently clear he knows that the law is NOT on his side. Finally, they also managed to get some traction because they were dealing with real research, which could have fraud implications. But that's NOT the same as writing someone's Hamlet paper for an undergraduate English class.
BigDave - | 1  
Jan 16, 2011 | #134
Hi everyone, just seen this site and thread and thought I should put a few things straight. I think there may have been some misrepresentation of reality above bywriters that just weren't able to provide the grades requested.

I've been working for AK for about 4 months now and have not had any problems yet. I am allowed to 'bid,' which basically means "I can do this to that level," on any orders within my capabilities. I do so and get work assigned and then treat it as I would have when I was studying a few years ago. I research and write the papers as if I was still an undergraduate myself. To be honest, on calls and messages from AK staff, the impression I get is that some of the other writers don't take this as a serious job which may be the problem (but then again thats just speculation).

I have had a few minor requests for changes with which I have complied and there have been no fines.

I think what some of the people that post on here have failed to realise is that as a writer, you are engaged to produce a piece of work at a certain grade, and I must admit, if I didn't reach that grade, I wouldn't expect to be paid. I mean, if you pay a builder to build a conservatory and he delivers a load of bricks you wouldn't consider that fulfilment of his duties would you?
TruthWillOut - | 3  
Apr 14, 2011 | #135

In my opinion the problem arises when Academic Knowledge asks unsubstantiated, unecessary and fabricated amendment requests of their researchers such as in the busy period of 2010.

NiaG - | 7  
Apr 20, 2011 | #136

I've been with AK on and off for several years and it does vary from month to month what they are like to deal with. I will try and offer a balanced view... you can tell they're very busy and as such they need a lot of automation, this at times causes substantial problems as no 'human' seems to read the messages from clients to the researchers and back again. When you can break through and speak to someone you normally get quite a lot of sense and support.

Many of the clients have no real idea what they want and only know that they haven't got what they want when they get it (if you see what I mean). This creates frustration from an amendment point of view and certainly there is a tendency of AK to fall down on the side of the client rather than the writer which again is frustrating but not personal. If you can have a thick skin and are prepared to draw the line yourself (AK will never tell a client that an amendment is unjustified but if you push it or point out plaigiarism then they will on the whole back you up).

There are pros and cons, on the whole they're fine to work with but you need to accept that there is a definite bias towards the client and try and push through the automated system stuff if you want to stay sane!!
Kate_poster - | 13  
Apr 20, 2011 | #137
thanks for the thread. It was pretty useful. It's better to stay well away then.
alpha - | 7  
Apr 23, 2011 | #138
I have just started writing for AK and have yet to receive my first payment. In my first month I have completed two briefs on time and am working on two more. Reading these posts has only exasperated my suspicion that I am being taken advantage. Are they trying to extract as much work out of me as they can before my payday? Will I get paid what I am due?

I will have to report back on that one.

I understand that as a business they require timely and quality briefs, and paying people for late and substandard work is not a good business model. I agreed to the terms, but I think it would be better practise simple not pay for late submissions and/or take that writer of the books. I will not continue writing for them if I receive a fine that is greater than what I would have been paid for said piece. My only worry is that I might be fined for work that is not judged by the company to be worth the specified grade, even though it clearly is.

550 for two days work is a pretty good deal in my opinion, especially as I enjoy writing essays. I just don't want to end up doing it for free!

I really could not give a crap what students do with the model answers they buy. However, if their intention was to improve their own ability to get better grades then outlines and writer commentary would better serve them. Likewise, having someone grade the clients own work and providing feedback on how to improve it would more honestly be helping students.

Speaking to AK on the phone they seemed personable enough. I think they could better serve the client and the writer by facilitating more timely communication between the two. If my last piece is not what the client wants it is because I had to take an educated guess, rather than use the clarification that I requested and never received.
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
May 03, 2011 | #139
I thought it best to reply to this to set minds at rest.

Here at AK we pay our writers monthly and we had a problem with writer invoicing during April. The problem was not serious and has now been resolved, but it did mean we had to manually raise all the invoices in April which has meant a delay in some payments. We have tried to contact any writer affected by this problem. Please feel free to contact us direct via the messaging system in your researcher control panel and we can let you know when you will be paid.

To address the other concerns, we never seek to rip-off our writers with fines. Our writers are the life blood of our company and we want to look after them. For this reason we have a team of people dedicated to looking after our writer's needs. Unfortunately there are occasions when we have to apply fines to writer's work for many reasons. We are always careful to ensure any fine applied is fair and justified, we also allow any fine to be disputed by the writer. We have a duty to our client's to provide the level of work they order and to deliver it on time.

To address the communication issues between the client and the writer, this is always a difficult one to manage and, unfortunately, sometimes the clients are not very forthcoming with the information our writers would like. We always try to get the information, but if the client chooses not to communicate it to us then we hit a bit of a brick wall :(
DrDavies 4 | 28  
May 29, 2011 | #140
My experience with Academic Knowledge has been great. The fines are not an issue. If you do the job you have been paid to do, there is no need to worry about fines. Furthermore, if you do a good job and have return customers, you get a bonus. Granted, some companies do take advantage of the fine system. However, good companies don't want to fine their writers; they need them.
May 29, 2011 | #141
DrDavies, you're a tool.
DrDavies 4 | 28  
May 29, 2011 | #142
Hi Pheelyks,

I work primarily from my own business and use AK as a 'side job.' If you would like to visit my website, which includes my company registration number, please feel free to email me.
May 29, 2011 | #143
If you would like to visit my website

No, I've read lots of ESL webcopy already, but thanks for the offer.
mrngorickets - | 1  
Jun 02, 2011 | #144

I agreed with you. Any way, your points of view make me thinking about some thing for my project.

Pls try to keep posting. Tks and best regards

Apart from that, you also can ref more resources at:

Best rgs
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jun 17, 2011 | #145
EssayMonster - | 2  
Oct 08, 2011 | #146
Dear Writer,

I worked three time for, and my submitted research paper were awarded even 100% feedback. Just in one paper, i got 82.5% and they removed my account on the basis that i have not provide the paper summary at first page, they even do not give you a chance to revise paper, they just favor the clients, moreover lot of times they receive paper and reject it keepig all the content with them. If anyone is thinking that i am lying, i can show the papers that i have done for academic knowledge, he/she can check the quality of paper.

they are cheater............................
academic knowledge ........................fraud.....

i worked for another company ....students can get me through morgandvn (at the rate sign) g m a i l
Oct 09, 2011 | #147
If anyone is thinking that i am lying, i can show the papers that i have done for academicknowledge, he/she can check the quality of paper.

By all means, upload them here. If your posts are any indication of your English skills, they should make for interesting reading.
yeknahs - | 1   Student
Oct 20, 2011 | #148
I am continuously applying for working as a writer for Academic Knowledge, but they cancel my application because i am not a UK based writer? So is there any Asian writer working for Academic Knowledge? Please let me know about the procedure so that i can apply to work as a writer.
Oct 20, 2011 | #149
I am continuously applying for working as a writer for Academic Knowledge, but they cancel my application because i am not a UK based writer?

....and because you use question marks when you shouldn't?
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #150
Wow, lots of negative publicity for AK, but I've never had any problems with them. The only thing I can say is that I don't enjoy writing anything for £16 to £20, even if it is a 500-word essay. But a lot of these seem to be coming my way. I just pretend I don't see the notices and delete them from my inbox without bidding on the work. I think anything less than £25 per hour is exploitative.

But every now and then a really good one comes along and you get £200 or more; and these are really good. The really high-paying jobs £300 or higher usually go to experienced researchers who have done work for the client before (so the client asks for that researcher to do the job). I haven't had one of those yet but I only started working for them at the beginning of the year so maybe there is hope yet.
Apr 28, 2012 | #151
Tell me how this is asking for advice and not an advertisement of your services.
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #152
pheelyks, call it whatever you will, but since I write for Academic Knowledge and am paid for my work when they say they'll pay me, I think I have the right to speak up on a forum that seems to be bashing the company. All am saying is am not sure how they work out their payment system and am giving my reasons why I've questioned it. But other than that I haven't had a negative experience with them, personally.

Since we've all entitled ourselves to the term "Writer" and we're all talking about what we do and how we do it, one could argue that we are all "advertising our services" on here. I don't need to defend myself to you.
Apr 28, 2012 | #153
I think I have the right to speak up on a forum that seems to be bashing the company

Of course you do. Go find a thread where AK is being bashed on defend them, if you want. Using multiple unrelated threads to tell everyone who you work for and how good you are isn't defending your company, it's spamming. Knock it off.

I don't need to defend myself to you.

But the fact that you're trying to makes it clear that you know you're being a douchebag. Stop with the douchebaggery and post relevant things to relevant threads. That's all.
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #154
Did I forget to vote in the election where you were voted President of ?
Apr 28, 2012 | #155
Read the rules, fucktard. I didn't write them.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Apr 28, 2012 | #156
Using multiple unrelated threads to tell everyone who you work for and how good you are isn't defending your company, it's spamming. Knock it off.

You do same thing idiot. Only difference is he is talking about one company, you peddle other.
Apr 28, 2012 | #157
I never mention the names of the companies I work for without being directly asked. Ever. You do it for me all the time. I also don't post at random just to post. I actually respond to what people say, not find a way to say what I want look like it "fits."

kabbymoh will start a post with, "Well, I don't know anything about that, but let me tell you who I work for and how great I am." Hate me all you want, but I don't do anything remotely like this.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Apr 28, 2012 | #158
peddler - you act like mongrel when pedegree dog visit this place. You have mere bachelor title and all you can do is bark like mongrel. Get master or phd and then you can talk.
Apr 28, 2012 | #159
Again, if you want to have a rela debate I'm more than happy to oblige you. Trying to dismiss me for not having a certain type of degree isn't going to work.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Apr 28, 2012 | #160
Trying to dismiss me for not having a certain type of degree isn't going to work.

Some debates can start from good education level only. You are not qualified to start it. You cant jump steps in education ladder.

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