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Has anyone used or know anything about The Academic Editor?

BritGal 1 | 1  
Mar 26, 2010 | #1
Hi, i was wondering if anyone here either knows about, or has utilized the services of, a company called The Academic Editor? (theacademiceditor.com, I belive its US based but after reading posts here all morning i am no longer sure about anything..lol!!). I have already written a 50 + page PhD dissertation proposal but due to the removal of a brain tumor last month I am currently struggling to get back on track...i want help with my proposal, especially in the areas of APA format (its all changed here recently), correct statistical tests etc for my particular study, I am not someone to completely write or rewrite it..I have already done a lot of work on it, many, many hours of hard work......but, I digress...my question is whether anyone here is aware of the above-named company and whether it has a good or tarnished reputation...any help much appreciated

Songirl 2 | 11  
Mar 26, 2010 | #2
if you type the website in the search area you might get something if someone had anything to say about it on here. That's what I learned on here anyway.
Mar 26, 2010 | #3
The copy on their site is atrocious. Why would you use an "academic editing" company owned by people who don't have the basic editing/writing skills to recognize the embarrassing errors throughout all of their OWN site's pages? Remember-that's their BEST work (unless, of course, their goal is to NOT attract customers).
OP BritGal 1 | 1  
Mar 27, 2010 | #4
hello again, at the risk of my sounding naive, can you/someone tell me what it is about the particular company i am referring to that makes it a scam? I have spent the past 24 hours online searching for a reputable coaching/assistance company or individual (not a dissertation writing service!!!) and while there are many out there promoting "help for the PHD student" most are actually writing services, which i do not want....Academic Editor (also DBA as The Dissertation Professor from what i have found online) does appear to be genuine in its offer to coach and assist in areas such as methodology, stats, editing, etc. When i spoke with them i was given a set price that provides support through both the proposal and dissertation phase, all the way through defense and rebuttals etc...so, if it is a scam, how could i tell? (i read and reread the entire site and cannot uncover any specific errors/substandard writing, or any clues that would make it seem suspicious)...how can i tell if they really are based in the US and not an offshore/foreign entity masquerading as an American company? I would be investing a significant amount for the continued support and guidance (just over $3000), so i am being very serious about wanting to know the validity of this company....or, if anyone is aware of another company that actually will support, coach, and guide (and not write the paper) over the life of my dissertation phase, please feel free to make a suggestion, i am grateful for all input :)
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Mar 27, 2010 | #5
BritGal - if more customers were like you, less students would be scammed. Your over-cautious approach is perfectly understandable and, given the proliferation of less than legitimate companies throughout this industry, warranted.

As WB told you:

I went through their webcopy and it is not very reassuring.

1) weak English
2) free dreamtemplate template
3) no real contact info
4) "About Us" is awfully uninformative
5) Misleading "as seen on CNN, NBC, etc ..."
Mar 27, 2010 | #6
i read and reread the entire site and cannot uncover any specific errors/substandard writing

Again, I have personally read many of the site's pages. The only people who will do business with that company are, unfortunately, people who do not recognize the errors and awkward copy.

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