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Jan 08, 2018 | #1 and facts and real review:

1. 100% operated from Ukraine, staffed almost exclusively with Ukrainians and Russians.

2. Direct ties to notorious cyber-criminals in Ukraine and Russia.

3. Hacked thousands of websites injecting hundreds of fraudulent links. Including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), ITT Tech, Harvard, UIC, among others.

4. Continue hacking and redirecting unsuspecting Internet users to their essay fraud website. A visitor may search something on Google and after clicking on a link from a completely different website gets redirected to their essay fraud site.

5. They try to hide their tracks by...... completely removing their own ( domain from Google and Bing. Their robots.txt page content:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

It means that no search engine bots are allowed to crawl and index their websites.

The reasons? There are actually three:

1. They know their criminal activities are already documented by Google / Bing and if they removed the block, the site would be immediately banned. So - thinking they are smart - they self-banned itself hoping that maybe in the future Google or Bing will get stupid and forgets the criminal history (hint: not going to happen).

2. They don't want to get even more attention from the annoyed webmasters and students from whom they stole content and publish as their own. If their site was indexed in Google, webmasters and students would use the Google / Bing spam report. If there were enough reports, Google / Bing would take enough time to connect the dots and ban all of their criminal websites. They don't want that obviously.

3. They fabricated reviews on some essay writing sites. When a student searches on their name (especially the fake reviews show up.

On their own website they ask this direct question in the Q&A:

"Which country are you based in?"

Their answer? "You don't have to visit our office" - they don't answer that "We are based in Ukraine." Or "We don't have any copyright or cyber-criminal laws to protect people in our country. Whoever we do business with we can screw as we please". - Ukraine based

Annoyed organizations keep adding their website / bot to their bad bot list:

apessay - bots blocked

I was hired by them to work as an "IT / Tech" writer. They wanted to pay me $3 per page! Their customer service people lie and cheat writers. I was shocked to know how much personal information about students / clients they have. Students don't know their information is kept on Russian servers and have no protections whatsoever? I guess they don't. My English is not great, but it's light years ahead of their "top 5" writers. So you get what you pay for. I hope this info will open eyes of the Internet security companies, scammed writers and especially students. Good writers will NEVER write for less than $10-15 per page. Unless they live in Ukraine and their English skills fail the acceptable standards.
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Jan 10, 2018 | #2
I am Shocked after reading this.
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Jan 11, 2018 | #3
I am Shocked after reading this.

Why would you find this so shocking? It makes perfect sense. It's apparently much easier to just redirect web traffic from legitimate providers than it is for them to convince customers to order from them voluntarily and with full knowledge of who they are.
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Forum / Essay Services / and - most likely the most criminal Ukrainian paper services

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