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Avoiding dissertationdom.com! and how I got my full money refund back....

aoibheann 1 | -   Student
Aug 27, 2012 | #1
How? I filed a dispute. The bank even suggested me to report to the police...

I would like to share my own experience here because it was this forum's previous discussion that made me alert....
Hope this will help other people as well...

anyway, the story begins here: I was panicking about my dissertation last week and came across dissertationdom.com. Unfortunately, I discovered this website AFTER paying for their service...(My other post is about finding someone to tutor me...)

To be very honest, I regretted it right after I purchased their service and called right away to cancel my purchase. Of course, they claimed that they already have a team working on my dissertation and if I cancel then I would only be able to get 30% back. However, if I am not happy with their service, I can always claim a full refund (However, they were being very dodgy about the words they use...it was obvious to me that this company is not going to deliver quality work).

The representative who called me later said that they will send me an outline within 24hrs, then I can decide if I want to use their service or not.

Long story short, the 'outline' they sent me was just some template that you can find in any dissertation guidebook (I know cos I have two of them). Also, they were asking questions about how and where did I collect my data: which was stated in the first sentence on the first page of my work, as well as through out my dissertation.

I filed a dispute right away. I was so worried about not being able to get my money back. (and at this point, I had already put myself together and started writing my own dissertation...)

I then live-chatted with the company, and told them that I had filed a dispute. I could tell that this must have shocked them because they started to act rude and telling lies (how dispute would harm my personal credit record and the bank was trying to full me into paying fee ....etc).

They even threatened to post my work online. (chat history below) Which I am not worried at all since I did all my work by myself!!

DissertationDom chat

They were insisting that their company policy is that they can't refund anything till the dispute is closed (which is BS!!!)
I simply told them both the bank and PayPal said the dispute CANNOT be closed till the consumer is satisfied, and in this case, only a FULL refund would do.

And that I will not close the dispute until I receive my full refund (or any written proof by third party. i.e. PayPal, bank).

Finally they surrendered and said that I'll receive an email stating refund had been sent with 24hrs. I waited 24 hrs, and sent them another email attaching the chat history, and I have not received any notification at all.

Then another 20 hrs went by.....and luckily, I received a refund notice from PayPal today stating that I will receive FULL refund within the next 7-10 days.

The end.

Pretty sure that papersdom and essaydom are the company too. They are not very careful about it...if you click around their site you would sometimes get linked to other sites...lol
andywoods57 1 | 93   Freelance Writer
Aug 27, 2012 | #2
You are lucky to get back your money..Congrats..
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Aug 27, 2012 | #3
Yes, lucky. Another thing is that he started the chargeback right after placing the order. If it had been a bit later, it would've been a different story. But anyways, good news.
doitlikeaboss - | 4  
Sep 05, 2012 | #4
damn these ppl!
Helenrob 1 | 91   Freelance Writer
Sep 11, 2012 | #5
all from Pakistan ;)
Sierra9 1 | 5   Student
Dec 14, 2015 | #6
I've heard as well of companies threatening to give all of your order information to your university - so I used a different name and said a different university than the one I attend for fear of this.

I was told I was getting a refund as well, but I'm concerned about refunds not coming through from any company. I was promised a full refund from one but they said it will take 10 business days, which I fear could be subjective given it's the holidays.

I'm worried that these companies can just close and reopen under another name and never pay anyone back while they jump from business number to business number.

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