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EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Feb 05, 2009 | #1
Good Essay clearly admits that it does not condone the act of students using papers produced by the company's writers for grades. Therefore, it would be wise for students not to choose this site for their homework needs if they intend to submit what they bought for grading.

However, if students have no intention to submit the paper for grades and are paying money for it only to use it as a guide, then there's no problem. Feel free to use Good Essay.

Hope this helps. :)
Feb 05, 2009 | #2
Mod, we all know exactly why EW_scumbag posted this libelous thread.

I forwarded the URL of this page to the folks at Good Essay. They responded almost immediately, informing me, in so many words, that they were already aware of the crook's defamatory post and will be taking appropriate legal action.

Given recent legal developments, only an absolute idiot like EW_writer would be stupid enough to test Essay's resources and international legal capabilities. I know that I sure as hell wouldn't, and I'm extremely confident in my own legal knowledge and capabilities. This moron is going to cause big problems. Does he care? Nope. Hell--he's been blatantly violating this forum's rules for months.

Mod, unless this libelous thread gets removed promptly, I suspect that Good Essay's response will be to direct its attorneys to secure a temporary shutdown order and a subpoena for all IP addresses used by EW_writer since he opened his account in July of 2007. (Since it will cost no additional time or money to do so, they sill surely also subpoena the IP addresses of all other members that have libeled the company.) That's what I would do, given the egregiously false statements and scare tactics that an unscrupulous competitor, EW_writer (an admitted agent of, has employed in direct violation of the Lanham Act.
alice 2 | 62  
Feb 05, 2009 | #3
WritersBeware, Good Essay can obviously do whatever they want, but the question is: why are you being sooooooooo concerned? In your post you almost threaten the moderator and this looks really strange if you say you are no affiliated with them :)
akuma 3 | 58  
Feb 05, 2009 | #4
where is EW_Writer breaking any law? Freedom of speech?

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