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Any experience with MinimaxConsulting.com?

zoola 1 | 4  
Jul 09, 2010 | #1
New to the forum-Hello All
Has anyone had any experience or thoughts about Minimax Consulting (minimaxconsulting.com)?
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Jul 10, 2010 | #2
I went through their website now. Looks like they're the real deal. Wait for WB's input before making your decision, though.
Jul 18, 2010 | #3
OMG, Friend. Please google "Minimax Consulting reviews/complaints/scam or fraud", and you will never hire these people. They screwed me out of 1800.00 and after 4 months of lies and 5 different handlers, sent me some data analyses results that were obviously fabricated. Please, do NOT hire these people. If you do, I can promise it will be one of the worst decisions you ever make. You might as well throw your money in a toilet and flush it.

FYI -- Minimax Consulting now named MCG; trying to disassociate from bad publicity, no doubt.
Jul 21, 2010 | #4
MCG (Formerly Minimax Consulting)-new name, same bad business

Well obviously, someone has them running scared. Good job, whoever you are! But don't be fooled. This is the same, deplorable company owned by Charlotte and Peter Chabot. Peter (former owner of Chabot Investments) was convicted on Securities and Exchange Commission fraud in 2003, and served a prison stint and had to pay over 1 mil in restitutions. Here is the link:


If you read their reviews at MeasuredUp.com and elsewhere, you will see clearly for yourself their undeniable and blatant disregard for the writing-blocked individual, and clearly have forged a niche by which to prey on such inidividuals. If they don't hesitate to cheat the common man daily, imagine what havoc their data services wreak for medical schools and casinos that use them. It is staggering that they are still in business, at all.

I suggest vehemently that you DO NOT USE MCG, previously Minimax Consulting. If the idiomatic expression, "Where there's smoke, there's usually fire" does not appeal to your good senses when you check their closing BBB rating in Providence, R. I., or run multiple search engines on this/these company(ies), then let me recount part of my own, exasperating (and criminal) experiences with them:

(1) MCG violated all contractual agreements, including each and every promised deadline, and explicit research objectives to be analysed;

(2) After months of excuses and outright lies, and passing me around from one "Client Specialist" to another (probably because their employee turnover rate is astronomical), and after threatening them with legal action/demanding a full refund, MCG sent me a document I could not in any way use, unless of course, I didn't give a rat's a** about my own reputation. There was absolutely no reproducibility of statistical analyses based on the depauperate amount of information provided, and I have no doubt, this was strategic.

(3) They unequivocally refused to supply any of the original statistical functions or output;

(4) Explanatory syntheses that accompanied were downright pitiful, and obviously authored by a non-English speaking illiterate. Hell, my 13-year old is more lucid!

(5) Shortly after receipt of the proctologically derived results and conclusions, I posted an anonymous, throttling complaint about their company and its "services"; and within moments, lo' and behold, received an open threat from the company via email (which I have kept).

(6) Just for giggles, let me mention also that they have (a) an unwavering, No-Refund Policy, (b) Caller ID on all their contact numbers, and (c) conveniently changed the company name under a looming cloud of suspicion and during a barrage of consumer complaints being investigated by multiple agencies, e.g., the BBB of RI, the RI AG's Office, the FTC, the American Gaming Association, USPS.gov, and the list goes on . . .

I cannot describe for you what I have truly experienced in terms of sleepless nights, loss of valuable time and money, betrayal, fallout with my advisor, graduation delay, and other casualties because I hired these totally incompetent and unscrupulous bastards to validate my research findings.

Nor can I change my own decision to hire MCG or erase what they have done to me. But I will do my BEST to try and make sure that potential students, writers, and other consumers are made aware of their grotesquely disdainful treatment of former writers and clients, alike. In this way, maybe others will take heart to what they have read, and not provide MCG with the opportunity to defraud them.
iceNYri - | 2  
Jul 31, 2010 | #5
Whatever you do, DO NOT work with or for this company. I've worked for them personally and this is what they do:

Hire Filipinos with barely any certification or degrees. They pay them next to nothing after promising them thousands of dollars a month. They charge students upwards of a $1000 for a simple chapter edit or write-up. About a tenth of that will be what they pay their writers.

They are the biggest fraud company and no matter what name they change to, the loyal legion of students they've f'ed over will follow them. They lost accreditation from the Better Business Bureau because of the inordinate amount of complaints.

They have about 5 people who work in the office. Peter Chabot is a complete scam artist convicted felon arrested for SECs fraud. Very similar to his father who was convicted of real estate fraud in Rhode Island over millions of dollars. Charlotte Chabot is the front person. Almost everyone on their website no longer works for them and they just amp up their website to look professional when really it's a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Charlotte Chabot's father is the company lawyer who guides them through all the corporate loopholes that keeps them in business. I'm praying that they make a mistake one of these days and I see them on nightline.

Barron Gati, Clark Guo, Lenny Marandino, Pattilou Normand and Martin Barugel and all of them are out to screw you over. They'll be exceptionally nice on the phone, but once you hang up and they get you to wire over the money...just kiss it all goodbye. And don't expect to be paid anything near what they say they'll pay you if you're an employee. They rip everyone off, including the ones they hire.

I can't explain enough how absolutely horrid this company is. They are a small business posing as a large firm. Do not give them time, money or a second thought. I'm very surprised that Stephenie R. Thomas actually works for them. But hey, she's a corporate lawyer so what can you expect.

Do NOT touch this company with a ten foot pole.
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Jul 31, 2010 | #6
MGC (I assume that you are also MinimaxConsultingScam?) and iceNYri - you have been extremely informative. I assumed they were the real deal - they are persuasive :) Thanks for correcting my misconception.
Aug 03, 2010 | #7
Yes, I was; had to change my identifier once I realized Minimax had changed names . . . doh! Glad you found the info useful, and I hope many others benefit from my misfortune.
redbox - | 1  
Oct 24, 2010 | #8
I didn't realize MCG was Minimax and just got scammed by Clark Guo. Wish I read this thread sooner.

[Moved from]: MCG-SITE.COM (formerly known as MINIMAX CONSULTING) is a SCAM

I just got duped. Didn't realize that MCG was Minimax. Looks like they recently changed their name but retain the same bad practices. See there other post in this forum here: (see the other thread on them here: Any experience with MinimaxConsulting.com? or just google "Minimax Consulting"

-Sent me a joke of a "draft" with incoherent sentences, poor grammar, and plagiarized text.
-Provided sparse communication (including not answering my phone calls) after payment was made in stark contrast to the prompt responses prior to payment.
-No adherence to deadlines.
-No delivery of final product.
-No response to complaints.

iceNYri - | 2  
Nov 14, 2010 | #9
Yes, they are still up to their old tricks. Visit this site: mcg-site.blogspot.com and spread the word to warn potential victims.
unhappygradstudent - | 1   Student
Mar 22, 2012 | #10
This company is now "Precision Consulting" - and I just wasted $2800. They have now changed names again and are scamming people in the exact same way as all of these posts are saying!!! I wish I had read this before hiring them. I am in the process of making a BBB complaint on the new company.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Dec 28, 2013 | #11
You sure it is not FreelanceRewriter or peddler? They are joker and they play with student. Complain is often but it get deleted by moderator.

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