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Model exam questions and answers service site?

wenkwank 6 | 19  
Dec 14, 2006 | #1
Is there a site, for model exams and answers ?
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Dec 14, 2006 | #2
Hmm - like English tests or something similar?
OP wenkwank 6 | 19  
Dec 14, 2006 | #3
i found oxbridgeessay and does any one know any thing good or bad bout them. Can you recommend any good companies for that type of work ?
professays 1 | 11  
Jan 18, 2007 | #4
Custom essay writing service Professays will be glad to help you.
Jan 18, 2007 | #5 will be glad to provide you with a paper written by an unqualified retard from Pakistan.
professays 1 | 11  
Jan 19, 2007 | #6
To all appearance Amy1978 used promiscuously different custom essay writing companies when he was a student. I suspect that he came a cropper with one of his purchased papers which turned out to be of extremely poor quality and plagiarized. He was immediately kicked out of his University and had to wash toilets in areas populated with Pakistanies. The time spent there turned him into a complete racist and skin head. Therefore the visitors of this site shouldn't pay much attention to his vicious indiscriminate remarks.
Jan 19, 2007 | #7
First of all, Nikolai, I'm a woman.

Secondly, are you suggesting that essay writing companies have indiscriminate, sexual intercourse? (This is a perfect example of why ESL writers have NO BUSINESS writing for Americans!)

Thirdly, I am a writer, and I have no need to BUY my words from unqualified, wretched scoundrels from Ukraine (sorry, don't mean to offend you).

And finally, I am no racist. If you think that I am a "racist" simply because I point out the FACTS about your ESL writers from Pakistan, you are sorely mistaken. I have repeated numerous times that I am just as opposed to blue-eyed, blond-haired, ESL writers from Germany or Sweden as I am to ESL writers from Pakistan, India, and Ukraine. However, the fact of the matter is that the ESL writers who work for your immoral, ESL site ( all happen to be Pakistani, Indian, and Ukrainian. Good luck proving otherwise, Nikolai.
ih8writing - | 14  
Jan 03, 2010 | #8
I found direct essays, anyone know about them?
Jan 03, 2010 | #9
1. Don't post in a 3-year-old thread as if the last post were from yesterday.

2. Once again, stop asking for recommendations. It is NOT allowed.

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