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Personal Writers are better than Writing Companies to work with?

telemimi 1 | 5   Freelance Writer
Jul 18, 2012 | #1
It is better to work with a personal writer than a writing agency. There are thousands of good writers out there but how do you find them? Ask google. Some of them will pop up.
mre 1 | 175  
Jul 18, 2012 | #2
Personal writers? You mean independent writers I am guessing as opposed to freelance writers.

Freelance writers and independent writers are one in the same. Independent writers just publicize their availability whereas a company will do the publicizing for the freelance writer. However, you get the same writer in each aspect. For instance, I am a freelance and independent writer. I write occasionally for a website and do my own thing. I guarantee you nearly all writers will fall into this category or write exclusively for a company as a freelancer.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jul 18, 2012 | #3
I do not write for ANY company. I am a 100% independent writer!
mre 1 | 175  
Jul 18, 2012 | #4
Do you want a cookie?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jul 18, 2012 | #5
I'm sure you're embarrassed for many sweeping generalizations. This is why you've refrained from the main topic.
OP telemimi 1 | 5   Freelance Writer
Jul 18, 2012 | #6
Well said MeoKhan. I meant independent writers. I am also an independent freelance writer.
Helenrob 1 | 91   Freelance Writer
Jul 19, 2012 | #7
I think freelance writers are much better choice.
Sophiegold - | 3   Student
Jul 19, 2012 | #8
But my experience with a writer at elance was so pathetic..he was my private writer
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Jul 19, 2012 | #9
most freelance writers in this industry are independent, to the extent that they are able to write for as many companies as they can without a conflict of interest. some still have time to find clients here, on top of everything else; I guess it's good to stay busy.

but when someone says, "I don't write for any companies," but still wants your business here on the forum, that's a signal for you to use caution. there's likely a good reason that person isn't able to get work the easy way.
mre 1 | 175  
Jul 19, 2012 | #10
I'm sure you're embarrassed for many sweeping generalizations. This is why you've refrained from the main topic.

Oh...of course I am embarrassed on an anonymous online forum. Join reality. If you look I said WRITERS. You are clearly no writer. Game over..try again.
andywoods57 1 | 93   Freelance Writer
Jul 22, 2012 | #11
Personal writer can by better than writing companies because they depend on word of mouth publicity and therefore are more diligent in their work. But it is a risk you have to take both for independent writer or company.
exact 1 | 36  
Jul 31, 2012 | #12
Andywoods57 where do you come from originally?
mariettaroussell - | 4   Student
Sep 17, 2015 | #13
I guess they are better but they generally take more cash, from my experience
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 20, 2015 | #14
Thanks for your invaluable contribution, but it is a bit too late.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Sep 20, 2015 | #15
No; it's never too late to post on a general thread topic. What's awkward and embarrassing is when one, for example, addresses the specific question of a years-old post within that general thread.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 21, 2015 | #16
The iron chains in your brain are too rusty now because you're dreaming of me even in a thread where I have not posted. You know you're so hilarious a person especially when you beg for cheap attention. Why do you waste so much time in doing nothing but speak utter nonsense? Get a life bro! Stop cyber-stalking me.

Now, don't make a post in which you so ridiculously try to impress me (and the random visitor) by making a fake show of your bravery saying that you had weapons drawn at someone in your school. Lolz!
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Sep 21, 2015 | #17
Speaking of random visitors, I should explain that I am just giving Meowcon a little lesson from another thread. The lesson was that he shouldn't try to bully (in his gentle, sycophantic, and wrong-headed echo of WB) a new poster who was simply adding to an older, general topic.

As for whether you're impressed by me or not, Meowcon, that's not very high on my list of priorities. But make no mistake-- I drew that weapon myself.

In any case, wouldn't taking a few English lessons be more productive than annoying people who are making legitimate posts? Speaking of "getting a life..."

MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 22, 2015 | #18
Haha, looks like I always hit your right in your brain with your neurons so rusty.

Btw, you've tried to hide your embarrassment of posting in the wrong thread very well. But you know what? You failed, and that also miserably.

Please do not ever try to teach me what or how I should post. People like you do not qualify up to that level. Do your job you're so good at: Waste your (and our too) time by posting meaninglessly all the time.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Sep 22, 2015 | #19
People like you do not qualify up to that level.

Let's not get distracted by the side-issue of your being an incompetent forum watchdog, and stick to the main issue of your incompetence as a writer. After that, we can talk about all sorts of embarrassment and failure. Can you first tell me what's wrong with the above sentence?

Consider this a free English lesson, seeing as how you didn't answer my above question.
PS-- If I were posting in the wrong thread, why would I reference a specific poster in that thread?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 23, 2015 | #20

Haha. What you do is a side-issue, and what I do is sheer incompetence? Why are you giving unsolicited explanations then? Your arrogance has ruined you. Get a life.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Sep 23, 2015 | #21
Your'e asking too many questions, Meowcon, and you haven't answered any of mine. It's hardly a conversation if you can't answer a question.

Tell me what's wrong with the sentence above. Then we can talk about what's wrong with a lower-level intermediate ESL speaker who has yet to fully master basic elements of the English language presenting himself as a competent writer of academic model essays in English.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 23, 2015 | #22
I will NOT claim that I am a competent writer. Delivering is better than making claims. But, my point is simply to say that I work in the essay writing industry and have served, and am still serving, people even from US, UK, and Australia (natives) + ESL and EFL clients.

I have never claimed that my English is perfect, or my writing style is the same as someone who grew up in US or UK in an English speaking community (and that also standard English).

Still I get clients: So, maybe they find with me what they are looking for. You cannot stop them from working with me, can you?

However, this is not the point. The point is that I am fed up, and I am sure other members are too, of your pointing out the same thing time and again: My poor grasp (in your eyes) of English. You need to understand that this industry is global and there is place for anyone as a writer if they can sell their services with honesty.

If you hate my English so much as to point it out every time, then simply you should convince the moderator of this forum to get me out so that my English doesn't bother you any more. Or, do not just talk to me. If these two things are not possible, you need to accept it the way it is. Simple.
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,260 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 23, 2015 | #23
Writer AdvantageGenerally, the distinction between individual writers and essay-company writers is non-existent except in the case of writers who just aren't good enough to get hired by any company in the first place. In my experience, every academic writer who is good enough to earn a fulltime living doing this works for essay companies and also takes as much freelance work as possible. Essay companies usually have hundreds of writers and they range from very good experienced writers to very bad totally inexperienced writers who just end up getting fired after the first few unlucky recipients of their essays complain about the horrible work they received. Having written thousands of essays for some of the biggest and best essay companies in the industry since 2003, I can also attest to the fact that it takes at least several years to earn enough repeat business and referrals from freelance clients to make the successful shift from relying substantially on company work to relying almost exclusively on freelance work. All of the writers I know who have managed to do that were the best and highest-producing company writers first.

One advantage to using a freelance writer directly is that communications are more direct instead of through a company messaging system; another advantage is that we have even more incentive to making sure that our freelance clients are happy because we know that each client could represent several years of regular work for us whereas we regard every company order as an isolated, stand-alone project since we usually don't know what customer places what order and we just take whatever assignments we want regardless of who actually placed the order. Contrary to what many customers assume, essay companies can't actually "assign" any work to specific writers even when you request us. On occasion, (new) company administrators sometimes just placed an order on my account on their own because someone requested me and then they immediately removed it when I sent a message reminding them that they can't do that to me if I'm an independent contractor and that I don't ever want any orders placed on my account unless I choose to take them because that's totally contrary to what our contract says. As far as pricing goes, the best freelance writers typically charge about the same as the best essay companies; the main difference is that essay companies take approximately half the total amount paid by customers whereas freelancers don't have to split their fees with anybody.

Obviously, an established essay company is safer than some totally unknown person soliciting customers from a generic email address, but most of us who have done both types of work for many years have always used the same email address for as long as we've been doing this and the exact same forum screen name as our essay-company writer names, which means we have as much invested in our reputations as established companies have in theirs. New customers of any company or any freelance writer should always place a small order first before risking a major investment. Once you're happy with work from an essay company, you should always make sure that you request only the specific writer whose work you liked, because if you don't, your subsequent order could be filled by any one of hundreds of other writers who might take the order after it's posted on the company assignment board for their writers. It could also linger untaken by any writer until your deadline passes and you don't have any way of knowing whether or not any writer has actually taken the assignment off the assignment board until you email and get a response from customer service. Some companies may have added some kind of notification capability in that regard more recently, but years ago, I used to offer to check the company boards for customers who were also members here just as a courtesy so they'd know whether or not their orders had been taken.
Highly-experienced, extremely versatile, and honest writer in NYC with a law degree from NYLS: www"dot"NYCFreelanceWriter"dot" com
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Sep 23, 2015 | #24
When there is a vacuum in advertising opportunity, FW hears the clarion call. TL;DR.

To answer my own question, the main problem with the above-quoted sentence is that you have serious problems with both common prepositions (high beginner ESL) and phrasal verbs (intermediate ESL). If I were your teacher in an intermediate or advanced ESL class, I would try to have you moved to a lower class, so that I wouldn't have to fail you. If I were moderator, I would give you a lifetime ban.

I will NOT claim that I am a competent writer.

I work in the essay writing industry

How about it, mods? FW uses this place for customers, too, but he is at least a technically competent writer, so if you can conceptualize ethics in this environment, his ambulance-chasing here is, relative to MeoKhan's existence as a disgusting fraud, pretty harmless. Do you see it that way, too?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 23, 2015 | #25
I would really appreciate if the moderator of this forum can share his/her/their position on this viewpoint by Editor75 so that we can call a spade a spade.

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