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Teachers know about this site?

unhappy 1 | 2  
Jun 30, 2006 | #1
Does anyone know how many teachers know about this site? I'm going to order a paper but I don't want them to know about it. Thanks.
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Jun 30, 2006 | #2
Why are you asking? Is there anything you wanna hide?
OP unhappy 1 | 2  
Jun 30, 2006 | #3
No, I'm just going on vacation for a few days (4th of July) and won't be able to complete my essay on time. It's due on Wed morning and I'll be back on Tue night.
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Jun 30, 2006 | #4
Based on some comments here - you should be fine as long as you don't try to trick the site you ordered from...:} However, it seems your writing is good - why didn't you write it yourself? I"m sure you had more than a day to complete it.
spyeye - | 5  
Jun 30, 2006 | #5
If I found this site, they will find it too lol..
OP unhappy 1 | 2  
Jun 30, 2006 | #6
I'm not happy now... :|. I do not want to cheat either. But I have no choice. I would have asked my friend but she'll be out of town too. Any recommendations where to turn for help?
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Jun 30, 2006 | #7
I understand - from time to time I have to order an example essay myself. I recommend you to go to google or other search engine and find the best deal there -- there are many competing sites out there. You may also check some previous posts on this forum. Make sure you don't buy cheap :).
henry 1 | 3  
Jun 30, 2006 | #8
I know they do - at least in my college where an English teacher ordered us to do a homework: Find at least 5 useful online resources preventing students from commiting academic plagiarism. Some people wrote about Turnitin, some about other anti-plagiarism organizations. One student found this site and this is how I found it too. But I doubt they visit this site often - most of them don't want to know about the issue.

If you don't cheat, they won't catch you :). My suggestion is - order a paper but rewrite it yourself, using your own words and phrases. That way you will sleep better at night just like me now ;).
SchoolofRock - | 3  
Nov 21, 2006 | #9
i bet teachers know this site, but so what if they do?
dandanny - | 6  
Nov 07, 2011 | #10
Ya, I doubt teachers will be able to track anyone down based on the content of this forum.
Nov 07, 2011 | #11
Whew! Way to lay that five-year-old worry to rest! You realize you're supposed to make posts that actually [i]contribute[/i to the forum in order to get PMing privileges, right?
Smiley73 4 | 383 ☆☆  
Oct 20, 2017 | #12
Sure teachers know about this website and then some. How many know about it is something that cannot be accurately quantified. There is no problem about teachers knowing about this website in particular because it does not directly advertise nor promote any specific writing service. Add to that the fact that endorsements from the independent writer participants here is a violation of forum rules. So I don't see why you should be worried if your teacher knows about this website. There is a vast difference between the academic writing websites that you see and the function of this forum. We help students stay away from scams and give advice as to how to spot the illegitimate writing websites and writers. We don't directly write the papers here. Although, you could look up reputable writers and websites that advertise here via the EssayDirectory and EssayChat. What goes on there though, is between the writer and the person who contacts him. The website is not related to nor liable for anything that comes out of agreements finalized in those areas. Teachers know about the writing services, don't pretend to be dumb about it. Sometimes, the students get a service so bad that the teacher can automatically tell that he bought the paper. So the job of preventing that from happening rests in your hands as the student requesting for a model paper. We can only guide you through the selection process.

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