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Teachers know about this site?

Jun 30, 2006 | #1
Does anyone know how many teachers know about this site? I'm going to order a paper but I don't want them to know about it. Thanks.
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Jun 30, 2006 | #2
Why are you asking? Is there anything you wanna hide?
Jun 30, 2006 | #3
No, I'm just going on vacation for a few days (4th of July) and won't be able to complete my essay on time. It's due on Wed morning and I'll be back on Tue night.
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Joined: Feb 13, 2006
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Jun 30, 2006 | #4
Based on some comments here - you should be fine as long as you don't try to trick the site you ordered from...:} However, it seems your writing is good - why didn't you write it yourself? I"m sure you had more than a day to complete it.
Jun 30, 2006 | #5
If I found this site, they will find it too lol..
Jun 30, 2006 | #6
I'm not happy now... :|. I do not want to cheat either. But I have no choice. I would have asked my friend but she'll be out of town too. Any recommendations where to turn for help?
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Jun 30, 2006 | #7
I understand - from time to time I have to order an example essay myself. I recommend you to go to google or other search engine and find the best deal there -- there are many competing sites out there. You may also check some previous posts on this forum. Make sure you don't buy cheap :).
Jun 30, 2006 | #8
I know they do - at least in my college where an English teacher ordered us to do a homework: Find at least 5 useful online resources preventing students from commiting academic plagiarism. Some people wrote about Turnitin, some about other anti-plagiarism organizations. One student found this site and this is how I found it too. But I doubt they visit this site often - most of them don't want to know about the issue.

If you don't cheat, they won't catch you :). My suggestion is - order a paper but rewrite it yourself, using your own words and phrases. That way you will sleep better at night just like me now ;).
Nov 21, 2006 | #9
i bet teachers know this site, but so what if they do?
Nov 07, 2011 | #10
Ya, I doubt teachers will be able to track anyone down based on the content of this forum.
Nov 07, 2011 | #11
Whew! Way to lay that five-year-old worry to rest! You realize you're supposed to make posts that actually [i]contribute[/i to the forum in order to get PMing privileges, right?

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