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Is Academia-Research out to get me?

Aug 13, 2009 | #1
After submitting published articles and an original essay, Academia-Research gave me an assignment, "Causes of increasing crime in the UK." Or as the customer wrote, "couses". I submitted it a day early, waited to see if there were revisions, heard nothing. Meanwhile I was bidding on different jobs: Failed Banks in the UK, analysis of Medea by Euripides, areas in which I am an expert, but no go. "Already given to premium writers. Sorry! Try again!"

I got paid. Two weeks and a day after I submitted the paper and it was vetted by the admin and the student, I get a panicky email from the customer:

Dear writer,

I've been asked to make notes and outline on the essay.the problem is i have to mention around 25 notes with the reference where i got it could you please be so kind as to do it for me please.

I sized up the situation. The dude was busted. The paper was too good and the prof knew it. He ran it through the **** detector (the plagiarism machine) and it came up negative. I never plagiarize. No one can write better than me. Didn't know what to do. Asked admin. They didn't know. I revised paper. Then I get an email from academia-research re: a job for $630, 70 pages, on "Risk due to fire following earthquake." I write them back after I submitted the revision:

Let me know if you received it. Also, I got an email from Academia-Research regarding a dissertation on Risk Due to Fire During Earthquake (70 pages, $630) but I didn't pitch for it. Are you assigning it to me? Does that make me a premium writer? I pitched for other things I am an expert in, including Failed Banks and Greek literature, but I didn't get them. Does this have anything to do with the customer I am dealing with on this extremely late revision job?

Admin responded:

thank You for the revision of the paper. Hope the customer will like it.
as for the order You've asked about (70 pages) we think it was a mistake. We have checked Your account and found no orders but this one on Crime in UK.

We believe You will get the premium status in short time if our customer like Your writing and reward You (gain at least 20 rewards).

I haven't looked at the site since. However, in the last week they sent me 3 emails about different jobs.

My assumption is that they want me to sit at my desk, eagerly researching and writing (I can work on this stuff for 7 hours at a time, especially if I can locate the sources), polish it off, submit it and VOILA! Academia-research responds, "**** you very much, my friend. No dice. No money. No nuttin'."

Does anyone else who works for them get unsolicited emails? What's that all about?
Aug 13, 2009 | #2
hello Cassandra. I have worked for for a few years now. I am a Premium writer, but I also get very mad at them sometimes. I guess their business culture in relation to the employee is totally ****** or something. they communicate like total idiots, but there is a method to it, and they can usually be reasoned with.

here are some lessons I've learned:

1. if you don't want them to assign you orders, there is a thing on your profile that you can change. you have to be careful, because it will expire, and then go back to accepting random assignments they try to give you. assigned orders that you don't want is one of the most annoying things, at first, about working for AR-- but you can stop it easily, just turn off the thing in your profile. I actually find it useful now to leave it on, because it lets repeat customers get to me during the down season.

2. don't communicate with "administration" in the order messages-- they can never do anything like reverse fines, lower fines, etc. don't even bother with them. they can barely speak English; who knows why they're there. email the order or service emails directly with the order number and complaint.

3. if they ever try anything especially stripey with you, email order or service, and tell them that you cannot accept any more orders until your complaint is addressed. I just got them down from a $20 to a $5 fine by threatening to withhold work like this, earlier today.

good luck!
Aug 13, 2009 | #3
The paper was too good and the prof knew it. No one can write better than me.

Modest aren't you?
Aug 14, 2009 | #4
way to alienate a fellow newbie.
Aug 14, 2009 | #5
Is modesty helpful at all in the lonely, rejection-filled occupation of freelance writer? I prefer the opposite, even at the price of delusion. As Orson Welles said, "You ain't gonna make it in this business by hiding your bushel under a barrel." Or maybe he said the Martians are attacking. How do you characterize your writing?

That's the problem, RustyIronChains. I can't tell if they're assigning me jobs by sending me unsolicited emails. When they sent me the first one and I asked them if that made me a premium writer, their answer was:

thank You for the revision of the paper. Hope the customer will like it.
as for the order You've asked about (70 pages) we think it was a mistake. We have checked Your account and found no orders but this one on Crime in UK.

We believe You will get the premium status in short time if our customer like Your writing and reward You (gain at least 20 rewards).

Hell, I'll try it again. I just don't want to twist in the breeze. Thanks for answering me. I really appreciate it. Do you think I'm considered a premium writer based on that missive? Should I bid and keep getting turned down, which was my experience before they sent me these unsolicited emails? I don't know how to communicate with the powers that be.
Aug 14, 2009 | #6
Cassandra-- np. you can email them at or; sorry I didn't put those before, but I couldn't remember them.

I forgot to mention Premium in my other post, too. that is the fourth thing. try to make Premium asap, because it makes the AR experience tons better. you get paid more. also, you don't have to bid and get turned down; you can just take any orders you want. just draw administration's attention to it in the order message boards, whenever a customer thanks you, and tell them to give you a reward point. I was misleading before; administration in the order messages are good for some stuff. sorry about that. I basically just meant, because they're called admin, don't think they have much power.

it could also be that they, or their software system, really made a mistake in assigning you the 70 page papaer. the AR system is full of bugs, and often screws up things like whether an order is late or not, etc. if you tell them at the two emails above about it, though, they usually realize that it was just a computer error and apologize, reduce the fine, etc. well, actually, they don't apologize. but they act fairly reasonably.

don't worry about not getting bids; it is still super slow. wait till the waves start breaking in about a month.
Aug 14, 2009 | #7
That's great advice. I'm going to contact admin directly to find out what's going on. By the way, do writers get fined? Why?
Aug 14, 2009 | #8
way to alienate a fellow newbie.

I don't think you're talking to a newbie. :)
Aug 15, 2009 | #9
I certainly am a newbie in regard to In terms of other websites and my blog, I am an oldie.

You should be able to tell that I'm a newbie because I can't figure out how to copy the message I'm replying to.
Aug 15, 2009 | #10
I wasn't talking about you. ^_^
Aug 15, 2009 | #11
AR fines for a couple of different things-- late orders, last minute revision reassignments, plagiarism, repetition, etc. it seems like a really ****** system from this angle, since it virtually always catches stuff that isn't really plagiarism, gets dates wrong for lateness, etc. if you don't stand up for yourself and call their mistakes, or if you are really ******* up your orders, I imagine that the fines could get annoying. from their view, though, it's just more money pouring in. greedy *********. but, as a writer, you have to make the best of it.
Aug 15, 2009 | #12
greedy *********. but, as a writer, you have to make the best of it.

No, you don't. Work for a decent, law-abiding company.
Aug 15, 2009 | #13
Work for a decent, law-abiding company.

Cassandra, take WB's advice and try applying for the companies that she deems legitimate. Feel free to share your experience here afterward. ^_^
Aug 16, 2009 | #14
right, those decent, law-abiding term-paper mills are a dime a dozen.

ffs, WB, don't you realize? have you ever actually worked in this industry?

lately has been getting real sketchy with me. their behavior of late is the same as that of was, just before I quit. with both places, I had been there a few years, had achieved premium status, had no late orders, etc. then, they started fining me more (with EW it was 200%, with AR it was more like, they tried 70%, and I yelled at them, and they stopped). now, AR has starting "disappearing" papers from my account. the worst thing is that when I contact them at their Order or Review emails (noted above for their reasonable tendencies), they just ignore me, and tell me they can't help me.

(sigh). bigmouth strikes again. I'm sorry to everyone I told to work for AR; I take it back!
Sep 03, 2009 | #15
lately has been getting real sketchy with me

Rusty - take it up with Sean. He is the best one there (and the most reasonable). And, as he is the manager, he can do something about it. Don't leave a message on the board ... just write directly to his email address.
Sep 03, 2009 | #16
thanks, OR. do you have Sean's email? the only person I have been reaching there lately is this jackass--

"Dear xxxx!

This Order # 31xxx ("Ethics in Psychological Research") has been taken made available or given
to another writer. Our reasons for doing so may be the following:

Charged with disrespect.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sep 03, 2009 | #17
yes - will check and pm.
What does "charged with disrespect" even mean?! If they dont like your `manners,' you get fined?!
Sep 03, 2009 | #18
OR-- thanks, I appreciate it.

I suppose that "manners control" is one of the risks of at-will employment for 3rd world ********* who are in step with iron-fisted autocracy and early mafia-capitalism. they have no idea what advanced captialism is.

a forklift in the office: the ultimate disrespect.

I suppose the lesson is not to make definitive statements, actually.
Sep 03, 2009 | #19
at-will employment for 3rd world ********* who are in step with iron-fisted autocracy and early mafia-capitalism

I love that! :)
Sep 04, 2009 | #21
No, you don't. Work for a decent, law-abiding company.

And the definition of law-abiding company is? let me guess.. any company which is endorsed by WB is a decent, law-abiding company-- all others are simply cheats and frauds...
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Sep 04, 2009 | #22
I thought it was against the rules to type up email addresses here?
Sep 04, 2009 | #23
me no follow a rule.

anyway, I was just trying to help Cassandra. posting on AR administration boards is a risky way to get any billing problems solved, and I'm too lazy to PM. if it was really a big travesty re: rules, don't you think the moderator would have deleted it by now?
Sep 07, 2009 | #24
Hi RustyIronChains. I so appreciate you helping me with your advice. I've been away from the site because at this point I'm a bit disillusioned with the biz. Note to some people questioning the identity of those on this site: I am an American freelance writer who doesn't pretend to be anything I'm not. But it's hard to prove a negative: you can shout to the heavens that you are what you say you are, but credibility is in short supply in the murky depths of the Internet. That's what makes it rare and VALUABLE.
Sep 07, 2009 | #25
But it's hard to prove a negative

Impossible, actually (it's a logical fallacy). As for your disillusionment with the industry....what illusions did you hold before? There ARE legitimate companies out there that don't fine you, but it's hard to get work at these sites--they have really good writers who stay put. But the entire concept is shady to begin with; no one in the industry can claim to be truly honorable. I'm just happy to be making more than three times as much as I used to at a job I enjoy.
Sep 07, 2009 | #26
I didn't get fined. I only wrote one paper online for a broker. It was my sole and virgin experience. I got paid. I thought I would like working with a broker as opposed to on my own, but I got paid less than I was used to when I dealt with people directly, and the admin wasn't very helpful. I'm more disillusioned with the name calling on!) [what's the organization, anyway?] than anything on A-R.
Sep 08, 2009 | #27
I have resolved my issues with AR; apparently they are fining the guy who fined me, and crediting my account with just enough to keep me running.
Sep 08, 2009 | #28
I have resolved my issues with AR;

Good for you Rusty :) When you stand up for yourself, you will get what you are owed. It should not have to be like that, however ...
Sep 08, 2009 | #29
sometimes when people are rude, it has to be an eye for an eye.
Sep 08, 2009 | #30
Are they the same as
Sep 08, 2009 | #31
Totally unrelated.
Sep 08, 2009 | #32
Ok thanks =)
Sep 27, 2009 | #33

I am about to start the dissertation process and will need help thoughout the process . I not sure if this is appropriate do you accept freelance requests. I read your post and thought I give it a try .

Many Thanks

Feb 24, 2011 | #34
Not surprising. I had a very bad experience with them last summer.
Feb 24, 2011 | #35
Did you run over their founder with a bunch of your friends and then try to hide the body but it turns out he wasn't really dead and now he's killing you one by one?
Feb 24, 2011 | #36
I get it.
Feb 24, 2011 | #37
Thanks. It's a bit of a throwback, I realize.
Oct 06, 2011 | #38
really made a mistake in assigning you the 70 page

What do you mean?Are you also an ESL Writer they hired?
Oct 06, 2011 | #39
Are you also an ESL Writer they hired?

You keep saying this. It's getting old. Like this thread.
Oct 24, 2011 | #40
I just want to know that how to get rewards? I am a general writer at AR. Kindly tell me. I often get thanks from customers. I will be thankful to you if you can help me.

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