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4writers.net payment delays

Tonny 1 | 22  
Dec 18, 2009 | #1
4writers.net has a tendency of delaying writers' salaries though they promise that they make their payments on 16th of every month. Is there anyone who have received either payment report or salary for the month of November?

sneha - | 7  
Dec 22, 2009 | #2
Yea, they haven't paid. They are good at deducting money for late deliveries but cannot pay writers on time. Paul is a waste. They don't even bother to reply to mails. Penalize and deduct full amount customer has paid to them without asking for revision for plagiarism. Cheats.
OP Tonny 1 | 22  
Dec 27, 2009 | #3
You are right, but they have paid, though its better late than never, their delay exceeds the limits, they don't have any order now, but they pay better than most companies.
nish82 - | 4  
Dec 30, 2009 | #4
They all delay payments and put penalties.
gungun 1 | 4  
Jan 09, 2010 | #5
4writers are absolute FRAUDS as they gobbled 800 USD from me; in spite of making all the on time submissions without any plagiarism. they stopped responding to all my mails and phone calls. it seems they come up every year, with different names and fool writers.

it will be great if anyone can suggest on how to give them back.
sjlfreelancing - | 2  
Feb 01, 2010 | #6
I have started working for 4 writers
please tell me do they pay?
do they use moneybookers?
their phone number?
OP Tonny 1 | 22  
Feb 03, 2010 | #7
They used to pay, but they no longer, they are scams, read all posts about this company.

gunjan - | 1  
Mar 02, 2010 | #8
Hello everyone

I received my first payment from them on time, but this moth I waited until 23rd as mentioned on the website and upon inquiring they told to wait for 7 days, whcih I did & still I di'nt receive any payments from them. They are also not responding to my emails now, unlike earlier times.I'm starting to get worried.

Has anyone received Feb 2010 salary yet?
OP Tonny 1 | 22  
Mar 03, 2010 | #9
You are lucky you are talking about February salary, have not received my December salary from these morons. They claim to pay next Tuesday, but it never comes. If you are still working for this website, please stop!!! THEY ARE SCAM.

If the so called Paul, Monica and Megan are realistic about the legitimacy of the company, they should be replying to writers emails on time, they always till Wednesday with new useless excuses.
hopefulwriter - | 1  
Mar 19, 2010 | #10
hello there :)
new here...
I just want to know if you have received any of your payments from January or February or march yet? I have been working for them and up until now I was not paid any penny yet. Please help :)

OP Tonny 1 | 22  
Mar 19, 2010 | #11
I hope you will not face their idiotic characteristics of not even getting a reply to any email you write to them. These are real scams and well out to exploit innocent writers. initially it was paul, then megan and now is monica. these are the names they give in their gmail emails they use. Please stop working for these morons, they have not paid my December and January salary. I stopped working for them.

Mar 19, 10, 04:08PM - Attached on merging:
4writers.net dont reply emails

Hi all,
It has come to my attention that 4writers.net is ignoring emails from their writers. Once you mention anything to do with salary, they will never reply your email or even say anything. The site administrator directs writers to infoessaya@gmail.com or infoessays21@gmail.com, but nothing is done from there.

They are scams in deed.
Mar 19, 2010 | #12
Anyone who conducts business with someone using an anonymous Gmail address is an idiot.
OP Tonny 1 | 22  
Mar 20, 2010 | #13
WB, you are absolutely right, i bet they will learn a lesson as i did. I lost $1,300 to these morons. To avoid disappointments, keep away from this anonymous website owned by pevlo kucheruk from Ukraine. He is really a pain in the ass.
franmbaye - | 1  
Apr 01, 2010 | #14
Has anyone been paid by 4writers.net for the month of february?

I want to inquire whether anyone has been paid by 4writers.net for the month of February?
Kisii1941 - | 10  
Oct 12, 2010 | #15
Has anyone been paid for August by 4writers.net? If its a scam them am the latest victim..$1000 done down the drain
digda - | 7  
Nov 29, 2010 | #16
$writers a bunch of human dung. i have worked with them in the month of October , they sent the sheet but nothing in the account. They are just dogs and i bet something soon will happen to them. there is no way GOD in heaven will allow these ************* to go away with innocent writers money. soon and very soon if they do not pay all October dues we are working to bring their sites down. I need some help on SQL injection and the rest. I must teach them a lesson


DOGS, *******
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Nov 29, 2010 | #17
You have every right to seek legal recourse but none, whatsoever, to tamper with their site. There are laws against your proposed course of action and nothing is worth the legal problems you'll land yourself in should you go for 'SQL injection.' Demand your earnings and do everything you can, within the bounds of the law, to get your money. Don't break the law, though.
digda - | 7  
Nov 29, 2010 | #18
@WRT, i will do anything and use the knowledge that i have to bring them down. Do you think $2500 is a joke, a walk over??

I don't care about the law, Law that protects thieves but allows innocent people to be exploited. DAMN THE LAW.
TO HELL WITH THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Nov 29, 2010 | #19
No, I do not think it a laughing matter and I certainly believe that you have the right to get every cent owed to you. BUT do not trample over the law while doing so. Do you think it right that you end up in legal trouble while they get off? Get your money, yes! There are 1001 legal ways to do so. Make trouble for them, yes. But do not make trouble for yourself.
forumregulator 1 | 164  
Nov 29, 2010 | #20
Do you think $2500 is a joke

It is not and I really sympathize with you especially if this is one of those companies that pay writers $0.1-$5 a page. Actually, my math tells me that you must have written 500+ pages to get there.

TO HELL WITH THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Nov 29, 2010 | #21
No. Don't encourage him to break the law. The poor guy has been robbed - he was not paid his hsrd earned dues. It is hardly fair that he get into trouble with the law as well. Besides, the law I'd on his side. He can get his money LEGALLY and get his money, he must.

Now - do you have anything to price that they owe you money? I'm sure you must and let's take it from there. Do not get yourself into trouble ... they are not worth it. Get your money the legals way, please. You've been through enough already.
digda - | 7  
Nov 29, 2010 | #22
@WRT. i perfectly understand you but you don't understand what i am going through. these Ukrainians are pissing us off. the maximum they pay a page is $4 and yet they have the guts not to pay us. I have done over 600 pages to earn that.

WRT i don't think there is any legal action that can punish these cockroaches. soon and very soon we are going to kick their ass. They no longer respond to emails concerning payment. I think Megan is dead and if she is not i think she is about to.
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Nov 30, 2010 | #23
fFirst I want to apologise for all the typos I've been making lately - my blooming iPad has a mind of its own :(

I do undersand and sympathise with what you are going through. However, there are leal channels. If you want to pursue them, I can put you in touch with someone who will direct you towards a LEGAL RESOLUTION - of course, that means getting your money
digda - | 7  
Nov 30, 2010 | #24
how can i go about this? any clue.
wolfpack - | 13  
Nov 30, 2010 | #25
Digda, your very correct. Bring custom-writing.org website down ASAP!!! They must face the music if they don't pay us ASAP!!!!. I have already filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IC3:

Complaint Id: I1011290646498101
digda - | 7  
Nov 30, 2010 | #26
thanks wolfpack. we need to join together and bring these dogs down. please find anyone else who have been cheated and we will act on this. If the law fails to help us. we nknow what to do , we are intellects.
Kisii1941 - | 10  
Nov 30, 2010 | #27
I received this message today:

"Dear Writer!

We were trying to send your payments but in vain. We have tried couple times but still SWREG is not able to transfer your money. Right now we keep trying to contact SWREG and figure out what the problem is, but so far there is no reply. We will see what could be done and will let you know about the progress. We are sorry for these inconveniences, but it is not our fault. This issue causes us a lot of trouble.

Thank you!"

How much do this guys want to con writers? The same message had been sent to five other writers that I know.
digda - | 7  
Nov 30, 2010 | #28
kisii do not be conned we are taking a legal or an illegal action give them deadlines.

contact SWREG

we are even going to contact SWREG to confirm this. These are thieves and cheats and we must deal with them in a special way. this time round they are playing with fire
wolfpack - | 13  
Dec 01, 2010 | #29
We have given them up to 6/12/2010 to pay us the outstanding amount. Failure to do this, we will file more complaints with IC3. They think we use their urine to power our machines. FBI will soon catch up with them. They will be sentenced to 150 years in prison just like Bernard Madoff.
digda - | 7  
Dec 01, 2010 | #30
we will do this let see who is who. we will have to kick their ass. imagine i had paid Ksh. 5000 for internet, my 3 computers failed in the course of the month and yet these dicks have the guts to refuse paying me my money.


did you guys get paid , today is on 8th dec. lets report these people
Dec 22, 2010 | #31
4writers.net have just ripped me off 6 months payment. They keep sending spreadsheets , but my account doesn't reflect anything. They dont reply to messages and when they do its totally irrelevant to your message. I am all ears to a way of getting back at them.
wolfpack - | 13  
Dec 22, 2010 | #32
Yes, you are right. Our accounts are not reflecting anything. We have hereby given them 12 hours to ensure that our salaries are in our accounts. Failure to do this we will bring down BEST WRITING SERVICE within the next 12 hours. We will make sure that they suffer as well. In fact FBI Officials phoned me yesterday regarding the matter and they informed me that they have already launched investigations. They think they are clever. We will see who is who. They have shown us that they are human beings without regard for human life. God will not allow this to happen. Ann is a BIG LIAR!!! "WE PAY ALL OUR WRITERS" Yet this is 101 % incorrect. We are even going to use the services of best Sorcerers from Nigeria. We will bewitch them soon!!!! Cursed is the person who steals from others!!!! Ann you better inform your colleagues to act swiftly or else worse will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Dec 22, 2010 | #33
We are even going to use the services of best Sorcerers from Nigeria

What a wonderful idea!!!!

Do you really want any to take you seriously?!
essaypro 2 | 14  
Dec 22, 2010 | #34
@ wolfpack, your local juju man is not a practical solution to the numerous essay scams out there. What we need is a lasting solution, a solution that will clean up this trade, give it a good name, give the writer some say and paralyze the frauds out there.

Its time we started organizing ourselves. I was ripped off $700 by essay writers, $1000 by a so called Yunzhou from academicessaywriting.co.uk and $1700 by research writing center. I got tired of all these scams out there and went into internet marketing.

If you are a writer out there, who is tired of getting scammed, who wants to protect the newbie writers and who wants to start an organization for writer by writers, contact me at admin@onlineriches.org
Dec 22, 2010 | #35
Its time we started organizing ourselves. I was ripped off $700 by essay writers, $1000 by a so called Yunzhou from academicessaywriting.co.uk and $1700 by research writing center. I got tired of all these scams out there and went into internet marketing.

Maybe if you weren't stupid enough to write for foreign, well-known ripoff outfits, you wouldn't get ripped off.
essaypro 2 | 14  
Dec 22, 2010 | #36
Shut up man, can't you put in some meaningful stuff into these threads??? How many people have you helped since you joined essay scam??? People need solutions man, you've got to give us working solutions or stop talking!!!
Dec 22, 2010 | #37
wolfpack - | 13  
Dec 22, 2010 | #38
I concur WITH Essaypro. WRT -I expect to be taken seriously BECAUSE in NIGERIA it is real!!!! What we need is change as we usher in THE NEW YEAR. Am more than ready to withdraw all the cases that I have filed if they promise they will be paying us in a timely fashion. All we need is respect from them. We anticipate a new beginning. But WRT don't get worried, I have changed my mind. I will not use the services of witchdoctors. I am convinced that you will start to realize the importance of your writers and treat them well. Pay them at the right time!!!!! This is the only remed.
Dec 22, 2010 | #39

WRT has no problem paying writers in a timely fashion.
wolfpack - | 13  
Dec 22, 2010 | #40
Shut up once more!!!! HE is of age. LET him speak for himself. He has a problem of not paying us at the right time.

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