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Delays with oxbridgeessays.com

BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Jan 20, 2008 | #1
Is anyone else having problems with this company, or is it just me they like jerking around?

I ordered a paper (OBE24091) on 9th January and it was supposed to be a six day turnaround. I still don't have the paper - it is now the 20th January - and I haven't had any explanation of the delay / non delivery and not a single acknowledgement or response to any of the five e-mails I have sent in the last few days.

Not happy :-(
Major 38 | 1,319 ☆☆☆☆  
Jan 20, 2008 | #2
Maybe they don't work at weekends..
OP BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Jan 20, 2008 | #3
Finally got a response... the original writer failed to deliver so I have a new writer and a new deadline. Fingers crossed they make it!
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 20, 2008 | #4
five days late? that's not good. sometimes writers do flake out but their support team should have been faster to respond. you should seriously consider hiring someone else and getting your money back. i hope that the new deadline isn't so close to your own deadline that you run out of time.
OP BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Jan 20, 2008 | #5
I hope so too. I've used them before and the quality is good which is the only reason I am prepared to see if they do hit the new deadline. Wish they'd sort out their admin though - I'm prepared to accept that things can go wrong, people get ill etc, but they should keep clients in the picture if a deadline is going to be missed.

So, an update...

I agreed with them a revised deadline of midnight on Wednesday 23rd January. Eleven hours before the deadline they email to say the "writer is finding the work slightly more complicated than expected" and ask for half a day extra time. I say okay, it's quality I'm after and I say get it to me by midnight on Friday 25th January.

I still don't have my 1,750 word essay, and no replies to my three emails asking what is happening.

whotogowith - | 4  
Jan 28, 2008 | #6
I would not recommend using oxbridge essays at all. I was due a paper in early december and it did not arrive until early january. Then it needed numerous alterations. Further, my friend had exacty the same experience and has now found plagarism in his essay. Ask for John Foster - he's the ONLY person who has any sense.
OP BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Jan 28, 2008 | #7

I still haven't had any replies to my numerous e-mails so I have no idea if I will get something eventually or whether they will just totally bail.

Not very professional as they should at least have the courtesy to let me know what is going on.
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 29, 2008 | #8
i used to order essays from oxbridgeessays.com. The quality was "ok" but they r really expensive so you dont really get value for money. I started using essaybay a few months ago and got some really good marks on my masters. I would never use oxbridgeessays.com again because they used to ignore my e mails and charged silly money plus you cant talk to the writer directly which is important. On essaybay you can talk to the writer directly and its cheaper but if you do use essaybay make sure you choose a writer who is established and proven. Look at their feedbacks.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 29, 2008 | #9
essaybay is refusing to pay some of its writers.


it's probably not wise to patronize them.

i'm not sure how trustworthy shah is either, to be frank. shah57 has posted claiming to be a writer scammed by Peter Richardson and is now claiming to be a customer of essaybay.


i suppose one could theoretically be both a writer and a customer, but that seems silly. so shah57 do you write for essaybay or what?

haha, busted.

so, I decided to go to Essaybay and searched through their list of writers. look who I found:

"This profile contains information about the Writer shah57

Username shah57
Rating (Click on rating to view feedback)
Member Since 16 August 2007
University Studied At: Yale University
Qualification Masters

shah57 is not a verified writer - this means that EssayBay has not checked their identity, address and qualifications. We suggest you review their feedback carefully before choosing them for your project"

Not verified is damn right, since Shah57 has been trying to pimp the site here by claiming to be a customer:

How about the truth, that you starting WORKING for essaybay a few months ago. Nice try lying about going to Yale too. You're not even smart enough to change your alias. Pathetic, really. Go away.

Just goes to show why folks should not ask for recommendations or trust the recommendations that are given.
OP BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Jan 29, 2008 | #10
I still haven't received my essay or any reply to my emails. Does John Foster really exist?

Finally, a reply: they are going to confirm tomorrow whether they will refund, and do a different piece free of charge.
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 29, 2008 | #11
yes thats my id but i have never written for essaybay

i did write one essay for Peter Richardson to see if he really paid but when ut came to pay day he pretended to be the client and not like the paper
julie24963 3 | 122  
Jan 29, 2008 | #12
Shah57 you say you had a paper writteen by them for your masters which one would that be cos according to your writer profile you so far have

Skills Business(Masters 1st/A)
Communications(Masters 1st/A)
Cultural Studies(Masters 1st/A)
Education(Masters 1st/A)
English Language(Masters 1st/A)
English Literature(Masters 1st/A)
Linguistics(Masters 1st/A)
Media(Masters 1st/A)

Whose a busy boy then? Anyone can sign up to essaybay without any qualifications at all and can give false details including university studied at, present occupation, age etc. I see you have no feedback and no completed projects but have you noticed that no one seems to be working for them anymore hence the number of projects outstanding.

What was the subject you asked essaybay to write on and title of the paper/question?
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 29, 2008 | #13
it was in media studies. I used to go there to post my project and used to see your name in the top 10 writers list julie.
julie24963 3 | 122  
Jan 30, 2008 | #14
till they stopped paying me then fired me lol

i have checked all the media essays written and your user name isnt among them how bizarre!!!
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 30, 2008 | #15
my buyer name is different
julie24963 3 | 122  
Jan 30, 2008 | #16
so what is your buyer name?
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 31, 2008 | #17
Shah 57,

Peter Richardson of 1STCLASSPROJECTS or its reverse is the biggest fraud in this business. He has cheated so many writers known to me. My friend received an essay from PROJECTS1STCLASS. Essay was not bad; but the writer who got cheated by this Peter Richardson sold the essay to another company. Quite naturally. Any one would do that if you do not get paid for your 12 days work and my friend almost got thrown out of the university. Peter Richardson had told the writer when he threatened him to sell the essay: "Ok, go ahead and sell it to anyone you like". This is the level of concern that man has for students who pay him and for the writers who work for him, mostly free. Please warn all: not to approach this man or his many companies.

I think you wrote only one essay for him. My writer friends have worked for him nearly a month before they realised what was happening.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 31, 2008 | #18
Trouble with counting too shah57?

i did write one essay for Peter Richardson to see if he really paid but when ut came to pay day he pretended to be the client and not like the paper

I did 4 projects for him and when i applied to be paid he asked for my account details which i have. Then surprise surprise the client contacts the administrator and says he is not happy with the paper i wrote.

It's all a con. This guy peter richardson is a fraud.

is anything that you type true or do you just eventually contradict everything?
julie24963 3 | 122  
Jan 31, 2008 | #19
and still no user name probably cos shah doesn't have one or knows i can check it out?
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 31, 2008 | #20
4 u to find my buyer name on essaybay :) On a serious note though id only recommend you buy your essays from custompapers.com or a good writer on essaybay. I remember when i ordered from oxbridgeessays.com they kept phoning and e mailing me. They seemed desperate 4 my money.
julie24963 3 | 122  
Jan 31, 2008 | #21
Shah's procrastination proves he has never bought an essay on essaybay in his entire life as Lavinia suspected.

Shah if essaybay are so reliable how come there are 247 unwritten projects?

Maybe its because hardly anyone is bothering to write for them since they still haven't resolved their paypal issues as evidenced by Johnny and EW who are still waiting for money
shah57 2 | 16  
Jan 31, 2008 | #22
im not surprised u were sacked from essaybay
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Feb 01, 2008 | #23
damn julie we agree on something, it must be an omen of scary things =)
julie24963 3 | 122  
Feb 01, 2008 | #24
im not surprised u were sacked from essaybay

Hey Shah if you want to work for free who am I to judge. I might even set up my own site and get you to work for me and never pay you lol

damn julie we agree on something, it must be an omen of scary things =)

That is scary lol but a pleasant change. Maybe I'm mellowing in my old age or maybe its the impending arrival of my first grandchild thats softened my brain cells.

I guess between us we managed to prove that Shah couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it lol
shah57 2 | 16  
Feb 01, 2008 | #25
I am telling the truth. I have bought essays from essaybay. It's not what you know it's what you can prove. Being in the legal profession you of all people should know that.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Feb 02, 2008 | #26
What's proven is you've claimed to be a client for essaybay in order to endorse them while being clearly listed as a writer, something that you didn't disclose.

go away.
julie24963 3 | 122  
Feb 02, 2008 | #27
I am telling the truth. I have bought essays from essaybay. It's not what you know it's what you can prove. Being in the legal profession you of all people should know that.

According to the law

He who asserts must prove (Royal Bank of Scotland v. Etridge)

You assert you are a client... but fail to prove the same by supplying a client name. This would be an easy assertion to prove if it were true. your inability to prove this demonstrates your lack of sincerity

In the words of Lavinia

Go away
shah57 2 | 16  
Feb 02, 2008 | #28
The response of a writer who is aggrieved at being sacked by essaybay
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Feb 02, 2008 | #29
i've never worked for essaybay. i think i might have tried them if so many other writers hadn't reported problems with getting paid. lots of early negative feedback about them combined with their affiliation with a collection of writing companies that have a history of mistreating their writers directs wisdom toward the direction marked "avoidance."

you, on the other hand, work for them AND pretended to be a customer so that you could promote them through this website.

seriously, why are you still posting? no one is going to trust your "recommendations."

this is a board for exposing frauds and sadly, you have your dangly bits floating in the breeze.

but back on target: boredwiththis, did the problem ever get worked out?
tarangita 3 | 53  
Feb 02, 2008 | #30
Shah 57,

Why do you care to justify yourself to Lav. and Julie whatever?

You have made your complaint and we have ready it. The matter is finished.
OP BoredWithThis 1 | 17  
Feb 02, 2008 | #31
but back on target: boredwiththis, did the problem ever get worked out?

Hi, thanks for asking. They have refunded the money for this order to my credit card and offered to do another essay free of charge by way of apology. I've taken them up on the offer and the free essay is due tomorrow. I spoke with someone from their office and he was very apologetic and said that the mess up was due to a combination of circumstances. If the essay comes through tomorrow and is okay then I'll be satisfied that they've resolved the problem.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Feb 03, 2008 | #32
tarangita, i think some issues are getting lost in the translation for you. shah57 hasn't attempted to "justify" him/herself. shah47 didn't simply make a "complaint" but an "endorsement" that was purely motivated by personal gain. this is not a board for people to pretend to be clients to try to drum up business. are you a writer?

boredwiththis, that sounds like a great resolution. good luck. i hope it all works out tomorrow.
julie24963 3 | 122  
Feb 03, 2008 | #33
The response of a writer who is aggrieved at being sacked by essaybay

I am certainly not aggrieved as you put it. Your avoidance at giving your customer name is duly noted and confirms your lack of sincerity and self motivation in that you hoped to promote essaybay as being a good site to use for essay writing services hoping you might eventually get some work as a writer.

your desperation suggests that you are having no success writing for anyone, even for essaybay who will take anyone that cares to register.
tarangita 3 | 53  
Feb 03, 2008 | #34

I do not translate English.

No I am not a writer. I am a student. I came here because of my relatives and friends, who are writers and got cheated by, mainly, Peter Richardson of 1STCLASSPROJECTS. I will try to bring him and other such companies down.

Shah 57 too had a similar problem.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Feb 03, 2008 | #35
as a student, I would expect you to be more wary of frauds.

Shah57 has posted on this bored pretending to be a client in order to draw people to patronize essaybay, a company where Shah57 is registered as a writer. that's all undeniable.

how many people actually believed Shah57 and tried essaybay b/c of Shah57's recommendation? hopefully, not many. however, even one person getting defrauded is a shame.

i would think that your relatives and friends who are writers would not appreciate Shah57's false advertisements either. this kind of manipulation makes everyone in the industry look bad. and it helps companies that treat their writers very poorly survive.

you've taken it upon yourself to campaign against Peter Richardson and that's good, but according to a lot of writers, on this board and others, essaybay and its subsidiaries treat their writers very poorly, ie not paying them on time or at all. if you really care about writers, you shouldn't post to defend Shah57 either.

i'm not even sure why you'd believe Shah57 about being cheated by Peter Richardson. I suppose it's possible, but when Shah57 can't even keep the story about that consistent, you have to wonder...
shah57 2 | 16  
Feb 03, 2008 | #36
im a writer and a client on essaybay. I have never written an essay for them as I hardly ever bid.
julie24963 3 | 122  
Feb 03, 2008 | #37
and a client

And your client name is...... oops no you don't have one lol
tarangita 3 | 53  
Feb 04, 2008 | #38

Peter Richardson is a recurring nightmare. I belived Shah 57 that he too was cheated by Peter Richardson, because I received emails from many people saying the same story about !STCLASSPROJECTS. It is very familiar. Your first six or seven essays are approved, but for some reason or other, your payment will be pushed beyond the deadline, you work in the hope of getting it on the next deadline and then after you do the last essay, oh, no....your client said that there were traces of plagiarism (client never contacts you. It is only Peter who says so, and without pointing out where) and your total payment has vanished. Actually you owe him money!!

This we heard from many writers, and so, I believed Shah 57. I am sure Essaybay might be doing the same. I am not aware of it. But I agree with you that companies should not be allowed to cheat the poor writers who work hoping to get some money.
shah57 2 | 16  
Feb 04, 2008 | #39
dont even think of working 4 1STCLASSPROJECTS. He will not pay u a penny i can assure u.

if u want to work for essaywriters.net dont earn more that $300 a month. If u do they wont pay u anything and just close your account trust me. $300 is around £150 a month, not much but better than nothing.
tarangita 3 | 53  
Feb 05, 2008 | #40
Shah 57,

I totally agree with you. It is difficult to come across a bigger criminal than Peter Richardson. He might have changed his name to Earl of Argyle by now!! But the criminal mentality won't go. Please help us by making writers and students aware of him. Please post details on other scam places as well, and please let the students in your university know that they should not go near him.

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