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Honest essay writing sites request...HELP

essaytown1 - | 2  
Sep 10, 2006 | #41

Yes, we did post previously. The moderators rightfully deleted the other thread because "Kimberly" provided absolutely no order details or contact information that would enable ********* to investigate the matter. We've done all we can do. Until "Kimberly" provides her order number or the email address that she claims to have used to order from us (both of which would enable her real name to remain private), we are powerless in addressing her concerns.

kimberley - | 9  
Sep 11, 2006 | #42
Hi all. Wow iam causing a bit of a stir. Your right Dylan,Iam not using my real name on this site (iam not that daft) but iam honest about everything else.I have received an email from ********* this morning so fingers crossed, i'll have good news about the work i received.Thats for your support Dylan, i know it can be hard to trust people especially with all thoses fraud essay sites. Relax *********....We're students will little money trying to do our best wthout been riped off, understand it from our point of view.

Kim X

SORRY spelling mistakes in above post. Work i hope to receive and i meant to say "thanks" dylan not "thats".
Dylan - | 130  
Sep 11, 2006 | #43
Hey, I'm just happy to get a mention ;-) Hope you get everything sorted! :)
sugarlips - | 4  
Sep 13, 2006 | #44
have you tried my classmates says they've got really great essays...and free of plagiarism
Moris - | 3  
Sep 13, 2006 | #45
It seems they are located and operate in Ukraine..
sugarlips - | 4  
Sep 13, 2006 | #46
really? how did you know that? i tried searching them for whois..and their IP add, they are located at VA as what they are claiming.
Moris - | 3  
Sep 13, 2006 | #47
My colleague told me so (she said the phone/fax numbers they list on their site are also listed on other websites).
sugarlips - | 4  
Sep 13, 2006 | #48
really? we just ordered a thesis and received it on time with great quality. i think its unfair that foreign companies like that who operates in Ukraine are mistreated. would that make any difference from other sites?its cheap labor yes, but i guess the quality is there...
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Sep 13, 2006 | #49
essayfraud/forum/index.php?showtopic=275 - Here is a thread on essay writers - maybe "Moris" was referring to it...

anamal - | 5  
Sep 16, 2006 | #50
I have to agree with one of the earlier posts on this page. I used Oxbridge Essays recently and both the work they sent and their (human) customer-service was superb. They only use experts from Oxford or Cambridge University and for me that was a huge reassurance over all the other dodgy foreign companies on the web. In my experience, they are genuine and honest, and I would recommend them to everyone.
captainbeaky - | 10  
Sep 16, 2006 | #51
You may even be working for them, it's impossible to tell on here isn't it?!

I'm really wary of unsolicited testimonials promoting a single company. The last one I read on here was saying how genuine and honest were .... then a few other people posted that it was run by a 419 scammer in Panama and then the moderator of this site added that the original post was by the company itself and it was a total scam.

In my opinion, never take any posts online at face value; you never know who the author really is and whether they are connected with the company (or a competitor trying to stiff the opposition).

Buyer beware every time!
anamal - | 5  
Sep 16, 2006 | #52
I guess captain has a point. Although whilst you may never know who has posted a single post, you can infer the truth fairly well if you take a group of posts. If one post commends Essay Relief as the most reliable company on the net, and then another 20 say that it is the most corrupt (as it is), then the odds give you a clearish idea about the truth. Likewise, if all the comments about a company like Oxbridge Essays are positive then you have a probablity that they are a decent company. I

I haven't read anything bad about them anywhere, and I really do feel reassured by knowing that all of their writers are Oxbridge experts. Which other company can say the same?!
kondo - | 2  
Sep 16, 2006 | #53
Your posts clearly indicate you either own or work for "oxbridge experts". Especially this sentence says that:

"They only use experts from Oxford or Cambridge University and for me that was a huge reassurance over all the other dodgy foreign companies on the web."

because it sounds like a really cheap ad talk. Not to mention you only made two posts and in each one you brag about them.

How do you know whom they "use" and that they really use "only experts from Oxford or Cambridge"? Don't waste your time as nobody's gonna believe you...
Sep 16, 2006 | #54



anamal just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he or she is affiliated with that UK company. "Whilst" was the final dagger for me.
anamal - | 5  
Sep 17, 2006 | #55
Kondo: I find your post maddeningly cynical. For me, and I imagine for many other students, having my work written by experts from two of the world's most prestigious

universities is a genuine reason for using the company. Can you not understand that?
Rather than someone from Luton University writing my work someone from Oxford will do it. Of course I checked them out first: but there are loads of stories about them on Google from the UK press and they look pretty genuine.

Amy: have you really been 'daggered'? Please choose your words more carefully; it will help you explicate your thoughts more precisely.
captainbeaky - | 10  
Sep 17, 2006 | #56
I'm dubious about Oxbridge Essays. Their site says:

"Oxbridge Essays began as an idea in 2003 when a group of Oxbridge graduates, disillusioned with the dire quality and reliability of the essay companies then in existence, began to consider a very different type of service."

The newspaper reports dated 2006 say that the company was set by two brothers (age 21 and 20) in 2005 who have no connection with either Oxford or Cambridge universities - one graduated with a BA from Birmingham University last year and the younger one was scheduled to graduate with a BA in geography from King's College London this year. It's not clear who these Oxbridge graduates are / were who came up with the company idea in 2003 as it obviously isn't this pair as they would have been 18 and 17 years old respectively at the time and not graduates of any university!

They may be okay but I think that their website is misleading and I therefore don't trust them.

I don't trust Anamal's posts either as to my mind anyone who defends a single company so passionately and doggedly is either a company representative or one of their writers.
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 17, 2006 | #57
I have previously posted on this thread that I have used OxbridgeEssays (amongst others) and they were fine - which they were.

I have also used and for two out of three papers they were fine - good 2:1 papers - the third paper was well written but I later found out that the statistics were inaccurate which invalidated the argument presented in the paper.

I have used and found them appalling. The paper was a poor standard, failed to address the question, doesn't use the source I had asked for at all, and their customer service was dire - the promised 24 rewrite arrived a week late and the standard was still unacceptable. were okayish. The paper was a little bit basic in coverage of the topic and it arrived a day late but it was a big improvement on the paperstore. were good - I've only used them for once so far but the standard was high; it was easily a good 2:1 standard and was an equivalent standard of the two good papers and the papers. Custompapers also delivered 12 hours before the deadline which was unexpected and much appreciated.

Given that the output of meets a good British 2:1, I will be using custompapers over the next academic year. They are far cheaper (£187/$300 for a 3,000 word essay versus £300/$480 at and from what I've seen the quality at Custompapers is comparable.

As Anamal says, you might want to have some reassurance that an "expert" at an Oxbridge university has written your paper but that reassurance obviously comes with a hefty price tag. I'm happy with getting the same quality without the label and having money left in my pocket!!! That said, if Custompapers couldn't meet the deadline or cover the topic, then I would use or again but in my opinion custompapers wins hands down on quality and price.
kondo - | 2  
Sep 17, 2006 | #58
Kondo: I find your post maddeningly cynical. For me, and I imagine for many other students, having my work written by experts from two of the world's most prestigious
universities is a genuine reason for using the company. Can you not understand that?

A "normal" client does not know whom an essay writing company hires -- you seem to know EVERYTHING about "oxbridge essay" -- that's why I think you work for them and do sales pitch here. A "normal" client will order a paper - if it's good will remember it's good; if it's not - will remember it's not. He won't know so much details who works for them or not, what kind of press releases they wrote and when - why would he care? He cares about the final product and if the paper is delivered on time.
Sep 17, 2006 | #59
Amy: have you really been 'daggered'? Please choose your words more carefully; it will help you explicate your thoughts more precisely.

I'm sorry that you do not understand American expressions.

Here's another one for you: THE JIG IS UP!

Everyone knows that you work for Oxbridge Essays. We're just having some fun at your expense.

As the evidence posted by others suggests, neither you nor your site can be trusted.
anamal - | 5  
Sep 17, 2006 | #60
Amy: I clearly understood the expression; just as clearly I told you how lazy and ill-fitting was your choice of adjective. Metaphorically, Judas is daggered by his act, a wife by her husband's adultery, a king by treason. Essay bloggers are hardly daggered by the word 'whilst'; less they have a very peculiar and warped psychology! Did you 'feel' daggered Amy by my word? Did it strike painfully into you? I doubt it, and so like most other vocabulary-starved Americans you stole a powerful word to be used by powerful writers at powerful occassions and casually dumped it into your sentence, like some piece of verbal litter. It guts of strengh and marches into poverty the noble words of English when you use 'our' words so tritely and unthinkingly.

Presumably you do not know what a 'jig' is either; but like other herd animals you use it anyway to save having to invent a phrase yourself. Have you ever invented a phrase? Ever thought a thought anew? Ever beheld afesh the pristine dawning of one's consciousness? For someone so bound to the 'evidence' as you profess to be that before us would suggest not.
Sep 17, 2006 | #61
Wow, you're a complete jackass. I was referring to the last DAGGER being plunged into the heart of your obvious plot of deception.

You've now revealed your company ( to be anti-American. Therefore, neither you nor your company has a place on this board, or anywhere else in the American sphere. I hope the moderators of this site post your anti-American remarks for all of the American consumers to see. I bet you love American money, though, right?

" . . . like most other vocabulary-starved Americans . . . ." = anti-American

It won't be long until your reputation of prejudice floods the Internet. That's a promise.
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 17, 2006 | #62
Anti-American and pompous and pretentious to boot. I won't be using them them again after reading Anamal's posts.

Best avoided :-(
anamal - | 5  
Sep 17, 2006 | #63
Unambiguously you used the word dagger as a metaphor for the confirmation of the thought you believed you had reached. Undoubtedly it was a wasteful and lazy use of a word. All English speakers should take greater care with the words they choose -- not only Americans. Its a universal obligation.

Anyway, back to my original point, I've used three companies in the past: essay relief, ukessays and oxbridge essays. UK Essays were good, Essay Relief were rubbish and Oxbridge Essays were good as well. Clearly though I am not allowed to express an opinion.

I find the evidence for your accusations pretty hilarious. I've been studying at UCL for two years and my dad is loaded so I don't really need to work at all.

However much I enjoy arguing with you I need some sleep.
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 17, 2006 | #64
I find the evidence for your accusations pretty hilarious. I've been studying at UCL for two years and my dad is loaded so I don't really need to work at all.

Not sure what bearing your dad being loaded has on anything but thanks for sharing.

You may or may not be associated with OxbridgeEssays and you may or may not be a student at UCL - who knows. Your posts certainly haven't done either Oxbridge Essays or UCL any favours.
Sep 17, 2006 | #65
He's just trying to distract potential customers from the fact the he works for by focusing on other meaningless topics. For example, he'll now likely issue a long-winded diatribe about why he ignorantly used the word "its" in his previous post to incorrectly perform the function of the contraction, "it's."

I don't think it's a coincidence that both of the sites he claims to have "used" have very similar design:

I also do not think it is a coincidence that EssayRelief (although dirty frauds from Pakistan) is the main competitor of the afformentioned sites, and anamal trashes them.
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 17, 2006 | #66

I do know that and aren't connected. is run by a guy called Barclay Littlewood and he is forever in the newspapers in the UK - the company seems okay and he does seem an okay guy even though he brags about driving lamborghini and ferrari cars on the strength of the money he is making from students. "The Times" - which is a national newspaper in the UK did a piece on him and they agreed that the essays were of a good standard although they did the usual criticism of essay companies generally.

Oxbridge Essays is run by two brothers, Philip and James Malamatinas, who are mentioned on the previous page in this thread. They are new graduates themselves and their company has only been around a year. There has been a couple of mentions of them in the newspapers when they were trying to recruit students to work for their company but I haven't seen any articles that look at the quality of work that customers get for their money.

Essayrelief are total fraudsters.

It is possible that 'Anamal' is trying to look less like a company man with his latest post, but it is also possible that he is just an idiot student. There's no way of really knowing on here.

As ever, buyer beware!
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Sep 17, 2006 | #67
Wow, you should be working for FBY, Ben :).
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 17, 2006 | #68
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Sep 17, 2006 | #69
Sorry, I meant FBI. :-).
kimberley - | 9  
Sep 18, 2006 | #70
Hi all,
I agree with you benCole, i received a paper from The work was brilliant.They also used but i could not use them in my paper. But i also noticed that my question paper (which i emailed them) asked to include information in table format, which they did not do.So they did 80% of the paper that i asked them. Iam now doing the table format as other areas they did not cover. Apart from that, the paper was of good standard.

I have send another paper to ********* and should receive it during this wk. Its not due for hand in till end of October so i hope its good. Kim X

you see why i need companies to write for me spelling mistakes are bad... I meant to say in post #73 that CustomPapers used statistics in my paper that i could not use here (Ireland) and of course i had to rephrase the paper with words we use...but it was no big deal...the overall standard was good.

Kim X
abbie - | 5  
Sep 23, 2006 | #71
hi all, i was just wondering if anyone had these papers marked and what the results came back like. would be particularly interested in hearing about's results for students who live in the uk.

thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 23, 2006 | #72
Hi Abbie

I've used custompapers once and they were fine. I selected the level as "university" and the writing level as "very good" and I'm happy with what I got back (came in as a mid grade 2:1). I plan to use them again once term gets going - we only reregistered this week! - as they are a lot cheaper than their UK counterparts and the standard is pretty much the same.

If you are worried about sources for your essays you can send material to them such as articles or lecture notes that you want the paper based on. I don't know about your uni but mine offers access to electronic databases such as proquest etc so you can look up and download articles from there if you want to and then send them to custompapers. This takes the worry out of what sources they'll use and helps match sources with what your lecturers / tutors have on their reading lists.

Hope this helps.


abbie - | 5  
Sep 24, 2006 | #73
hi bencole, thank you for taking the time to answer me, i really appreciate it. i was a bit worried about the sources but will definitely do as you suggested. i will post on here when i get the essay back.

what a fantastic site .... just a shame i didnt find it earlier!!

hi would anyone be able to tell me how to check an essay for plagiarism? i'm not sure how i check this for myself and any help would be gratefully appreciated,

BenCole 1 | 54  
Sep 26, 2006 | #74
I use Eve2 software that I downloaded online; I check all my work through this before submitting. It's reasonably effective but I'm sure it's possible that there are instances where it doesn't detect stuff.

My uni also uses and students have to submit all assessed coursework through that. I hate this software as it throws up material as plagiarised if you use material that you yourself have written and previously submitted. So if you write an essay in your first year and then use this as the basis of an expanded second year essay then the second year essay is marked as plagiarised. Bizarre.
beatrice    - | 68   Freelance Writer
Sep 26, 2006 | #75
hi would anyone be able to tell me how to check an essay for plagiarism? i'm not sure how i check this for myself and any help would be gratefully appreciated,

I think relying on anti-plagiarism software is not always a good choice... Most of the times it just provides you with *possible* links where the particular term or sentence might appear - but it would take you hours to actually analyze the results yourself. In addition, such software does not recognize the quotations - so if the essay contains direct and referenced quotes, the software "thinks" the paper is still plagiarized.

In general, I just copy-paste some phrases or sentences in the google search box (including the "" signs) and find it the fastest and most effective way.

bamalam - | 6  
Sep 27, 2006 | #76
Well, based largely on the feedback from this thread, I decided to try out custompapers as well. I am just so overwhelmed between work, school, and family life, I needed help with research and "the mechanics" of papers. I will keep you posted!
captainbeaky - | 10  
Sep 28, 2006 | #77
I'll be interested to hear how good the paper is, and also what writing quality level you selected (good, very good etc).
Nicole 3 | 11  
Oct 02, 2006 | #78
This is a very expensive company but their writing is top-notch. I have ordered from them twice and the paper was very well written. They also have excellent customer service. They usually reply in a few hours.


Another website called elephant is also great. They have live help even at 3 am in the morning. I called them once at 3 am and there was still a guy named Steve to help me with my order.

I hope the info helps.
bamalam - | 6  
Oct 25, 2006 | #79
Well, I've used custompapers twice now, and I must say I am quite impressed. The papers were well written, and quite intelligent; downright impressive considering that the topics were very heady and in-depth technical papers.And make no mistake, I do mean technical! They netted me a mid and high B-level from selecting college and very good. I submitted a third request and tried graduate and very good (yes it is actuality a graduate level course, so kudos to custompapers' author for writing it at a lower level and doing quite well). I'll report back as to what the differences were between the two levels and how it did. Won't be till the end of November/beginning of December though.

Custompapers' writers got them back to me by the promised deadlines and provided the writer's name and email should I have any questions or additional changes. Replies were a little slow from the writer, but I'm sure that was only because they were inundated with work. I have some more work to send their way, but they are unique in that they require ultra quick turnarounds and outlines that require the prof's approval before committing to the topic. I'll report on how well custompapers responds to these special requests and their performance as well. They certainly seem open about working with me and it's great to work directly with my writer.
ssmm 1 | 8  
Nov 04, 2006 | #80
Help! I ordered a paper from Custompapers, however, the deadline is 3 Nov. but not yet received any paper from them. I send the writer serveral emails, no reply at all. But if I send them an email for the quote they reply me quickly. I want to ask any problem of this company? I am so worry.

Oops! I still do not hear from them, what's going on? How can I get the refund. Anybody can help?

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