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Honest essay writing sites request...HELP

earlybird84 - | 3  
May 12, 2007 | #121
It is a shame in the case of that PhD student, I imagine that students who tutor/supervise probably do find that time is tight- it seems though that the university should also be monitoring this more closely through their Director of Studies/Co-ordinator. It does seem however that this must be a less common phenomena- the service I have written for mainly seems to put up undergraduate essays, some masters, and the odd revision aid.

I understood that you were saying it would affect the end result more than a normal term-time essay, I was just reasoning that while this was obviously dishonest there was only so far this could take them (if their abilities weren't up to later jobs or positions). On a lesser scale, the education system is full of inequalities, from funding to personal concerns, all altering to some degree the individual's ability to gain qualifications.
julie24963 3 | 122  
May 12, 2007 | #122
I've long had the suspicion that some forum members make posts recommending particular essay sites over their competition without declaring what their interest is.

If you are trying to insinuate that I have some ulterior motive in mentioning this site I don't. I have been looking for sites where I can sel model answers to as opposed to becoming a custom writer. I figured as I already have sold many suh model answers to universities (primarily Birmingham University) that it wouldn't hurt to sell them to one of the sites where they state that the essays are supposed to be for guidance only.

The way the essays are o that site where you could get several people buyng the same essay would mean that you would have to use it as a guideline. Least that was the way I read it- correct me if I'm wrong.

I can live with writing essays as guidelines- its only the same as a student borrowing a book or disertation paper from the library and using it as a reference point.
Dylan - | 130  
May 13, 2007 | #123
Maybe you could have just said you prefer to write for essay banks rather than custom essay companies. I don't think it was necessary to promote a particular site, particularly as it is both an essay bank and a custom essay company.There are other sites that are both essay banks and custom essay companies - there's nothing unique or more ethical about this one.
brandonj66 - | 1  
May 13, 2007 | #124
Could anyone tell me a company who does a service for assignments of Information Technology projects?

May 13, 2007 | #125
No recommendations here can be trusted. Many of the "members" are paper mill owners.
pissedoff - | 3  
May 31, 2007 | #126
just as long as you don't fall for essaywriters.net, i guess you're still fine. the company does not screen out its writers so quality is compromised. the better writers are leaving the company because they are not paid on time, if at all. i wrote for essaywriters.net for some time so i should know. i revised some articles that were rejected by customers; they were really bad. many of its customers just keep quiet.
pam - | 1  
Jun 19, 2007 | #127

Contact me at econsocio@yahoo.com. I can help you out with some of your papers. Please list your preferred sources.

Jun 19, 2007 | #128
No advertising!
sagehorse - | 5  
Jun 25, 2007 | #129
Hello All,

I am a bit different than most of you, I think, because I am that PhD who has been writing for a very bad company. Projects1stClass.com

My story goes that I lost my job, live in rural area and then one of my kids wrecked our only car and I couldn't get another reliable car for the life of me, so I decided to write on the internet. I need the money.

The administrator comes across as professional, but all the projects are late when the researchers bid on them and then the bid doesn't get approved right away. So, when the researcher gets the project she is supposed to do it that day, but she is already working on other projects. The dates are all messed up, but the admin says don't worry about it, you'll get paid.

So I write these stellar papers and work my tail off and now he won't pay me. He owes me for 7 projects. I haven't been paid in a month. I am willing to admit that the last one was late because I got sick and it was a really long paper. The customer didn't complain very much, so I was okay with doing a great job. That is why his paper became the last, because he wasn't complaining. So many of the other customers complained. They didn't understand that I just got their assignments and hadn't even had a chance to do any research before they were screaming at me to finish them. All in all I think I did a great job.

From the beginning though he was a little weird about payment. He also complained about other researchers. Now he has sent me a letter addressed to another researcher, supposedly from last year, who he sued and won and she had to take a loan out to pay him back for money he lost from her being late on a paper!

He threatened to put my personal information on the web so I wouldn't get a job. He threatened to publish my papers and say I was a fraud. He threatened to ask my bank for the money back that he had already paid me, which wasn't much and he acted like I was hassling him.

This guy is a scam artist, as some people already know.

I got taken for over 2000 dollars. He twists and turns around the words of his policy and the law. This guy needs to be shut down fast.

If anyone else knows of any researchers who have been hurt by him, let me know.
Jun 25, 2007 | #130
Always do research before working for a site:

sagehorse - | 5  
Jun 25, 2007 | #131
Yes, thank you WritersBeware. I didn't see these complaints before I started working for them.

The weird thing is that I have not found any other researchers yet, just customer complaints.

Please let me know if there is a place where the writers go. Thanks!
Jun 25, 2007 | #132
Freelance Writer Complaints Forum
sagehorse - | 5  
Jun 25, 2007 | #133
Thanks I did a post.

Check it out...

essayer - | 118  
Jul 07, 2007 | #134
what happened with your case sagehorse? did Projects1stClass.com eventually pay you or is the site really a scam?
sagehorse - | 5  
Jul 08, 2007 | #135
So far I have not been paid...

I will post more later this week.

Thank YOU so much for caring. It has been a horrendous experience!!
Jul 09, 2007 | #136
Good luck.
essayer - | 118  
Jul 09, 2007 | #137
good luck too! i suggest that you can perhaps e-mail writersbeware to get some tips on what to do. are you willing to help writersbeware?

until we know more about Projects1stClass.com, all writers then should BEWARE!
sagehorse - | 5  
Jul 09, 2007 | #138
Yes, I am willing to help writersbeware. What should I do? Definitely stay away from Projects1stClass.com and his other dozen or so sites. The accompanying site for students is 1stclassprojects.com, I believe.

I will write again later this week. He is saying I owe him money and that I didn't do anything of quality and all my clients were unhappy.

He gave me projects that were late and now he is saying it is all my fault. He hasn't paid me in over 6 weeks for work I did 2 months or more ago.

He emails me regularly to complain. He has shut me out of the website and gives me data that contradicts what he says. He doesn't want to pay me anything when I did a ton of work and desperately needed and still need the money.

Stay away from Peter Richardson.
essayer - | 118  
Jul 09, 2007 | #139
sagehorse, sorry for missing a comma there. i meant to address writersbeware with the question of whether SHE's willing to help you with some advice.

anyway, do post again later so we'll all be aware of Projects1stClass.com's modus operandi.
abbie - | 5  
Dec 05, 2007 | #140
Attached on merging:
custompapers.com are rubbish

My advice to anyone is not to use Custompapers.com. I used them last year and the work was appalling. Not one assignment was worth anything and I had them assessed and the highest came back at 32% and the lowest was 21%. I argued with them to try and get my money back but all they would respond with was that they only promise a result which would pass. Not much good to someone who doesn't want to 'just pass'.

Anyone who comes on here making out that they are a fantastic company are liars or probably work for them
mds1124 - | 2  
Dec 10, 2007 | #141
Anyone who comes on here making out that they are a fantastic company are liars or probably work for them

I have to totally disagree with the above and NO, I don't work for CustomPapers and I highly resent being called a "liar". So you might have had a BAD experience with them. Many of us are very impressed and satisfied with their work.

Anyways, here is my expereince:

Normally, I research and write my own papers, but my last paper for this semester was recently due and due to all kinds of other things I am involved in, I just couldn't find the time to do it. This was my first and only, and hopefully last time to use a company that offers these services.

I contacted numerous companies with my clearly defined requirements.

EssayEmpire was the first to respond.

Note - I had not yet found EssayFraud or this site yet.

I went ahead and paid them their quoted fee...What I got back was what looked like a pre-written summary of a novel. I emailed them and they stated that they would revise ASAP. I have not heard back from them and am requesting and working on getting a refund. I paid 2Checkout.com via PayPal, so, one way or another, I don't think it will be a problem getting a refund.

I was in panic...Having found EssayFraud I read several of the posts and although they will not make recommendations, I found a post that stated experience with a couple US companies that supposedly are legit and Essay Fraud verified.

I tried Essays On Call - but they were too busy to take on my order.

I tried ********* - Originally they stated they could do it. I contacted them 6 hours prior to the due date for a status and they replied that they could not do it and are issuing me a refund now.

And Custompapers originally stated that they couldn't do it, but within an hour or so replied that one of their writers would take on my order.

I was very specific in what I needed and with a very short timeframe to have it.

I feel that they have the best customer service - ie Sales and Support persons - I was quickly put in touch with my contracted writer and sent her resources that she did not have.

I received an excellent paper and well before the established time that I needed it. I now prefer to work with that writer only.

And that's my opinion - And ya know what they say about opinions.


I'd just like to add that I just checked my email and EssayEmpire has already issued a refund via 2CheckOut.

WOW, That was easy.

essayslueth - | 14  
Dec 17, 2007 | #142
writersbeware has his own company to deal with.
Dec 17, 2007 | #143
Ah, the moron with a misdirected grudge has returned, making the same accusations with no proof.
mbastudent 2 | 8  
Dec 28, 2007 | #144
Hi Guys,

I have recently enrolled in MBA and running late to submit my essay... I have requested a quote from EssayRelief and Custompapers.com..

Essay Relief offering £178 for the essay and Custompapers approx £166 ($330) so not much difference but I am not convinced or should I say can't make up mind..

I need 2 essays so the money in context is big...

Any advice will help..

afeldm1 - | 2  
Jan 01, 2008 | #145
I can't vouch for custom papers but just submitted paper specs for a quote and they are damn expensive-I guess they are reliable since everyone is standing by them but at 30 dollars a page...I don't know....it seems very very steep...I guess it all depends on how bad you need a paper written...and I even gave them 7+ days to do it....
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 01, 2008 | #146
if the two papers are about the same price, send one to each company and then you can compare the work.
mbastudent 2 | 8  
Jan 02, 2008 | #147
Thanks Guys,

I have placed my order with custompapers; will keep the thread updated.

tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 07, 2008 | #148

I do not know if they hire writers. But I know of a company that is run by four academics. I received an essay from them and spread the word around. At least 24 of my friends received excellent essays. It does not have a great website, but an honest company. One student changed his mind and received 90% refund within a week. They started recently. Their email is verona8@hotmail.co.uk. You can write to them and find out if they hire writers.


When this Peter Richardson is such a confirmed obnoxious person, cheating all the writers, how is that people still write for him, including my own friends? Are there any other websites where I can report about this man with evidence? Please let me know.

Please spread the word amongst writers and students not to keep in touch with this individual or his many companies. We must do something about this. Other companies cheat too. But not to this extent. This is inhuman.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 09, 2008 | #149
When this Peter Richardson is such a confirmed obnoxious person, cheating all the writers, how is that people still write for him, including my own friends?

i think the same thing about EW writers too. i don't get it either. these companies get thread after thread of folks talking about being cheated, poorly treated, etc. and then it all happens again in a month. until a sizeable amount of writers increase their standards, these frauds are going to continue to exist.
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 10, 2008 | #150
Agree with you Lavinia. Another reason could be that new writers are unaware. We have to spread the word in more websites (please let know of them, any of you!) and a better thing to do is spreading the word in all the Universities about these companies so that students and writers both keep away from them. It will be a kind of social work. Getting rid of criminals.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Jan 10, 2008 | #151
It does not have a great website, but an honest company. One student changed his mind and received 90% refund within a week.

Hahahahaha! Smooth.. very smooth. *ROFLMAO!*
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 11, 2008 | #152
What is ailing you? Are you saying that people should not help one another? If a writer is in need of a job, shouldn't he approach new companies? If you have a company, let the writers know about it. Saw you fighting for one essay something. If they are hiring people, let the writers know about it. They can apply and perhaps get a good job. Don't you have anything to offer other than making snide remarks? You have already been pulled up by other members, I see that!

Writers are in need of job. I am not a writer. But writers need to be paid. Instead of writing for Peter Richardson like people, they might be able to get some other job and get paid. Does that hurt you?

Also when we took essays from this the above company, we were told that they do not hire people. Who knows? They might have expanded now. What is the harm in a writer sending a line to them asking if they are in need of new people? I cannot see any problem there. You seem to be labouring under some kind of agony!

Your email does not work.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Jan 12, 2008 | #153
Oh oh.. I also know this company that's really great! It's owned by this terrific writer who has a Masters Degree in Mathematics to boot making him an excellent researcher. They're a small company but they're honest and hardworking, and just simply the best!!!!

Their email is: ew_writer@yahoo

Nope, I don't own it. ROFLMAO!

*seriously, I don't have an email by that name*
margie - | 53  
Jan 12, 2008 | #154
hahaha *im just amused*
Polomint - | 7  
Jan 12, 2008 | #155
Hi guys,

I e-mailed customessays for a quote about 3 hours ago, was just wondering when I should expect a reply? Also, my essay is due in 2 days time! Cutting it close I know but I'm really stuck. Can any1 tell me if they can have an essay ready at such late notice?



Also, does anyone have any info on a site called academictermpapers.com? Are they any use?
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Jan 12, 2008 | #156
What's your essay's topic and required length, Polomint?
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 13, 2008 | #157
To EW Writer,

Now, with all those high and mightly sayings, you want to write the essay for polomint!!!!! How the mighty fall!!

Hi polomint,

Can send you a few names if you give your email.
Polomint - | 7  
Jan 13, 2008 | #158
Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies, but I have already purchased an essay from customessays, playing the waiting game now, fingers crossed it works out! eek!
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 13, 2008 | #159
All the best, Polomint!

I am sure it will work.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Jan 13, 2008 | #160
O.O Did someone drop you when you were a baby or something? >.<

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