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Honest essay writing sites request...HELP

gordon - | 21  
Jun 23, 2008 | #201
"This particular sample is absolutely riddled with grammatical errors


Considering this is offered as a sample of the writers work it hardly instils a customer with confidence that the work will be of sufficient standard. You would think that the sample essays would be of excellent quality so as to convince a customer to want to use their services"

The above quote is taken from a thread that has been closed.
However I would give this lot a wide berth too.

Oh, forgot to add their name is ********* which you have probably gathered from the link.
Damocrian 1 | 7  
Jun 24, 2008 | #202
It happens! The company recruits people to write the essays or other piece of work without prior testing. Sometimes you can fall on a good contract writer that works properly and professionally as promoted on their websites, and sometimes not. But in the end, the company is responsible, not their freelance writers. My advice, write it yourself! It saves money too...


In the end WRITERSBEWARE, you sound like you know alot from the differents sites, I know also that advertising is forbidden here but still, what site do you reckon people should use?
Jun 24, 2008 | #203
I reckon that people should use common sense and believe only verifiable evidence when determining what site to use.
Damocrian 1 | 7  
Jun 24, 2008 | #204
Well, with the number of posts you made in the forum, you sound like you already have the evidence; that's why I repeat my question: What site do you reckon people should use?

Thx m8
Jun 24, 2008 | #205
"6. The EssayScam Forum is not a place for advertisements or publicity in any way.

7. Posts that will provide no content other than advertisements may be deleted."
noname - | 1  
Aug 07, 2008 | #206
Hi Guys,

I would like to tell my experiences, and answer some questions in this topic.

I am an IT professional from one of the non-English speaking countries and studying IT in the one of the English speaking countries.

Some people say that how this is ironic. Like:

It is rather ironic seeing people complain about fraudulent essay companies and checking to see if the essays they purchased were plagiarized or not and then go and hand these in as their own works to receive academic credit.

I don't agree with them, because purchasing an essay from somewhere and submitting that essay as ours own homework is totally different subjects. The first part is an usual trade. You pay for something and you get it. It is very basic, and if we don't get what we paid for and ordered, we can argue about this. Submitting an essay as our's homework is different subject.

For me, yes, I am not saying that it is not arguable, but we can't argue this in one topic, this subject should be a thesis ;)

I am paying $16k~ per year for my school fee, I need to work more than 50 hours per week to pay my school fee, rent and living costs. I am still doing my homework for my most subjects and getting always HDs from MY assignments (this is because my IT experience of course), but some subjects are really taking to much time. I can't afford that as I have lots of things to do. This is why I have used essay writing services. Last year I have decided to use them for my essay and found a $16 essay company (I don't remember their name). After I made payment, they said that they can't complete the essay and they refunded the money(after long talks). I looked for another company and I found The company that I paid was listed there as well. When i was searching their forums I found that essaysoncall is not bad. I have sent my documents and paid around $500. When I got my essay, i saw that it was perfectly written and I was actually impressed, 1 month later I have used them for an another essay and I have not used them till now.

This term I need them for 2 essays, I have sent an email but they did not reply. So, I have tried to find another company and found this website, and this topic.

I sent my essay to, they got back me and they said they can't find my order. I have submitted again and they said there is no enough information, however I told them that I sent 3 PAGE information about my essay. Today they sent me an email that they could not find anyone for my essay.

I did not like them. They look like arrogant, this is why and I sent an email today and canceled my order as I have lost 1 day. (due date is very close and I can't afford that) They say they have %0.1 complaint . So I am happy 999 student will have no problem with them.

I have just sent same document to and awaiting an answer. I hope, they will do this job perfectly. Otherwise, I am thinking to use oxbridge..

Thanks for this website, it is very useful..

joneszr 13 | 41  
Sep 13, 2008 | #207
WritersBeware is a fraud guy/girl/unknown person. Sounds suspicious, should not listen to this person.
Sep 13, 2008 | #208
joneszr is just another dips-i* who can't stand the fact that I post PROOF about fraudulent enterprises. Of course, he wants consumers to "not listen" to me (as if I'm vocalizing through this message board).

Listen, Mr. 4-post moron, take your hack-job comments somewhere else. If you've got an accusation, BRING IT and I'll prove you to be just as fraudulent as all of your predecessors.
joneszr 13 | 41  
Sep 13, 2008 | #209
sorry writersbeware, i didnt mean you, meant someone else. mistakenly wrote your name. thanks for giving us all the feedback.

so what do you know about fu**-n fraud site arent they??

you're doing an AWESOME job of helping customers like us. thanks.

btw, writersbeware, i know advertising is not allowed. but can you tell me of REAL writing services that can help us revise OUR already written work for grammar, improvements and so forth, if there's ANY way you can communicate this info.

i am REALLY sorry for mentioning your name in the wrong way.
Sep 13, 2008 | #210
i am REALLY sorry for mentioning your name in the wrong way.

No problem.

so what do you know about fu**-n fraud site arent they?? is a fraudulent site that is based in Ukraine. The owner/rep is a proven liar who posed as a "satisfied customer" in this forum in order to fool customers into trusting his ripoff site.
joneszr 13 | 41  
Sep 13, 2008 | #211
so writersbeware, do those motherf***** give refunds for the 'work' they charge for?? I have had a bad experience. how can we customers put an end to these fraud sites. coz these wan**** keep ripping off people and are ALLOWED to continue running!!!!
Fracturegang 7 | 345  
Oct 20, 2008 | #212

How will I know who is write and who is wrong? This cyber world is full of crime and hypocrisy. First of all the essay writing companies are the worst criminal they should be hanged and crossfired.
kwekwe - | 4  
Nov 03, 2008 | #213
they are ok,
Nov 03, 2008 | #214
How will I know who is write and who is wrong?

I would be very happy to know of some genuine dependable sites for students.
writerPHscam 1 | 16  
Nov 03, 2008 | #215
I know a couple of honest essay writing sites but I could not endorse it. Mainly because sites do have plenty of writers and chances are, your paper may not be assigned to a good writer. it's like a lottery. but if you need a writing company that can really beat the deadline, I know some.
JenniferAA 1 | 112  
Nov 06, 2008 | #216
Hi Fracturegang and others,

It's very hard to know who is right and wrong - the best advice is, if you use a company, use one that is in the same country as you, is registered and has a trading address (check their details if they're in the UK on the Companies House website: using 'WebCheck'). If things go wrong, you can take action against them through the Courts. If you're in the UK, it's very easy - Money Claims Online allows you to file a low cost claim in a few minutes (although you must try and resolve things with the Company first or you may find that the judge asks you to pay some or all of the Company's costs, even if you win your case). Also in the UK, you can get free legal advice from the Citizen's Advice Bureau if you think you've been ripped off.

I can't advise you on which company to pick as this site is not intended for such promotion and my word is as good as anyone else's, but if you do follow this advice on choosing a company, hopefully you'll have a good comeback if things go wrong. Other good advice on picking a company:

1. Prices: just be careful about the fees they are charging - professionals don't work for nothing. If the prices look too good to be true, they probably are.

2. Look for a local phone number on their website. So if they are in the UK, this will begin with 01 (not sure about US, perhaps someone else could advise on this point?) Avoid 0800 type numbers as these could indicate a scam (they can be based in any country and redirected)

3. Ring them - if they don't answer their phones, they could be a scam company.

4. If they answer, listen to their accent - if you want UK based, they should sound English - US based should sound American (sorry, rather obvious)

5. You can check their location from their bank account. UK companies will have a UK high street bank - ditto for the US. Ask to make a small deposit into their account and then ask them what amount it was (so you can see it was really their account) Make sure the bank name is the same as the company name (trading names may be different - for example, 'Fabulous Essays' (fictional, of course) may be a trading name of XYZ Limited, but the website should give the actual company name at least somewhere obvious, like the contact page)

6. If they are in the UK, check their details on Companies House. Make sure the company is not listed as dissolved or pending being struck off. Make sure they actually match up with the name. So 'Fabulous Essays' should not be 'Barry's Plumbing and Heating Limited' :) Does the US have a similar service, anyone?

7. Check essayfraud for the website - they have a list of over 625 scam websites.

Hope this helps.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Sep 07, 2009 | #217

A delicious beverage served only at essaybrunch (sorry chacha, I couldn't resist) :D
Sep 08, 2009 | #218
Their main goal is to write an acceptable paper as quickly as they can and then go on to the next order because they are paid by the page.

Generally true, but after only a few months in the business I already had several repeat customers who requested me personally, and now such requests generally make up about half my workload. I'm not saying I put the same amount of time into these essays as those I wrote for myself when I was in school--I wouldn't be able to earn a living in the industry if I did--but if I didn't ensure a good quality paper (that will likely still receive an A or B), I wouldn't be able to attract repeat business.

This is basic consumer relations. Every person/business is engaged in their work in order to make money, and generally the more they can make the better. But car companies won;t stay around for long if they don't make good cars, and writers don't last if they don't write good papers.
Samfi - | 2  
Sep 12, 2009 | #219
I was going to try one of these essay writing companies but my dad (a teacher) wouldn't let me spend hundreds of pounds on it because he thought I should work for my marks - spoil sport ;-) - seriously, I know he was right but I still needed help.

Instead we went surfing online and found this really neat electronic book called 'The Secret Guide To Academic Writing & Study' - it was only £8.95p via paypal which I thought was way better than paying out £80 or more for a tailormade essay (according to my Dad that's just not possible cos of all the different universities expecting different standards - unfortunately an 'A' in one place is not in another!).

If anyone wants to check out the book, its at - it may not be helpful to everyone but there is a lot of information on the website and the book is 350 pages and I found it easy to use - even my dad was impressed - a very had thing to do!

Hope it helps :- )
Sep 12, 2009 | #220
unfortunately an 'A' in one place is not in another!

While it's true that no one can guarantee a grade, a good paper is a good paper. Your dad is trying to convince himself that no one could get past him. He's wrong.
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
Sep 12, 2009 | #221

Did you `Dad' author the book? Your post reads like an ad. I am sorry but I cannot believe you sought out this site and made a single post whose intent was to promote the above website, without your having some kind of vested interest. If I am wrong, please accept my apologies in advance.
Sep 12, 2009 | #222
Samfi's post is nothing but SPAM.
nickyxop - | 5  
Sep 17, 2009 | #223
samfi he/she is spam and carries a very long shelf life.
Samfi - | 2  
Oct 24, 2009 | #224
I just wanted some help and found this book helpful and did not think there was any harm in recommending ir to others as I have no vested interest in it (I am a student having enough trouble studying business :-( ) and thought others may find it useful like I have - I do not usually go along with what my dad says (having a teacher in the family is about as much fun as a poke in the eye most of the time) but I bought it and some of my friends have too but I cannot make anyone.

If it comes across as an ad then I really do apologise as I just wanted to make a recommendation and was not sure how to go about it so just thought I would say how I came across it in the same way as I would to my friends.

However, I will say ironically I want to get into the commercial side of business as I think that is really interesting and if you do it well you can make a lot of money - here's hoping anyway as I really need to progress and would like to take a Masters and hopefully get some good work experience so if anyone can recommend how I can go about doing that or where I can find more specific info then that would be much appreciated.
JamesUK - | 3  
Apr 20, 2010 | #225
I don't want to get accused of working for them, but to those people who said that Oxbridge Essays are a scam, you should probably know that they have a physical office in London: %20Fitzrovia++London++W1T+4PX&ie=UTF8&hq=Oxbridge+Essays+91+Charlotte+Stree t+F%20itzrovia&hnear=London+W1T+4PX,+UK&ll=51.523805,-0.147972&spn=0,0.1543 24&t=h%20&z=13&layer=c&cbll=51.520621,-0.136946&panoid=jellCnfvbWaK0nOpu9fi Zg&cbp=12%20,214.59,,0,-4.93

Note the TORG sign on the wall: The Oxbridge Research Group
Apr 20, 2010 | #226
you should probably know that they have a physical office

So did Enron . . . .
Kevin - | 35  
Apr 21, 2010 | #227
There you go again, WritersBeware liar moron BS idiot - accusing legit companies of being scams when they are not.


LMAO. Boy are you a saddo!
Apr 21, 2010 | #228

curious321 2 | 21  
Apr 22, 2010 | #229
I also emailed them about reference that they use to make sure i can get them from Ireland, they reassured me of same.......

What do you mean by getting them in Ireland? I mean im in England, and whatever source they use in the US, it's a big bet I can get hold of it here?
xotica - | 13  
Apr 22, 2010 | #230
who else has used
beenscammed 1 | 5  
Apr 25, 2010 | #231
Beware of Oxbridgessays part of The Oxbridge Research Group and owned by Philip and James Malamitinas.

I only got frustration, heartache, and lies from them.

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