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New Zealand Essay Services?

Apr 08, 2012 | #1
Hi, are there any services which cater to New Zealand students (particularly because the subject is related to our country)
thanks for any help :)
Apr 08, 2012 | #2
Have you checked EssayDirectory?
Apr 08, 2012 | #3
nothing there really, just editing or professional services :(
Apr 08, 2012 | #4
If there's nothing there, you're out of luck. If you find something valuable, post it here ;).
Apr 08, 2012 | #5
Got to be something out there?
Apr 08, 2012 | #6
Why would you need someone in New Zealand to write a paper about New Zealand? You're on an American-hosted website right now, but I can understand you perfectly.
Apr 08, 2012 | #7
Hi :), I actually dont really know what I need! :( I have been trying to write this essay for 3 days now. I am not stupid but I am in my 40s and have just returned to studying. I am studying for a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood. I have put together a whole lot of bits (Ive pulled from my readings) but just dont really know how to string it together in a cohesive fashion. It is a a 1000 word critically reflective statement that "discusses my developing understanding of the role of the Treaty of Waitangi in education based in New Zealand".

I know that if I could pay someone to write the basic draft I could then rework it myself but at this stage I'm just floundering :-(((

Therein again lies my problem as I dont know where to find to start looking for the help I need???

Apr 08, 2012 | #8
The kiwi has fallen to earth :)
Apr 08, 2012 | #9
an odd analogy seeing as tho kiwis don't fly :)
Apr 09, 2012 | #11
Guess Im not going to get much in the way of useful advice here then :(
Apr 09, 2012 | #12
Try to find OZ sites
Apr 09, 2012 | #13
Hi, are there any services which cater to New Zealand students (particularly because the subject is related to our country)thanks for any help :)

I can help you out.... How can I contact you?
Apr 09, 2012 | #14
I can help you out....

No way!

How can I contact you?

Just one more useless post with "I can help you out." or, "How can I contact you?" or, both.
Apr 09, 2012 | #15
Just one more useless post

Apr 10, 2012 | #16
When the MOM and DAD of this forum say useless post.... Eveyone including me has to agree "USELESS POST"".
Apr 10, 2012 | #17
Congrats. You did it. Now you can contact anyone you want. Cheers!

PS: Can I rest assured that you won't try to help anyone out?

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