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Essay-Writing-Service.co.uk and UkEssays.com - My Experience

stuck 1 | 2   Student
Apr 16, 2012 | #1
I'm new to this, so I thought I might try out Essay-Writing-Service as I hadn't seen anything negative on here (although nothing positive either...). I spent a long time researching places on this forum and other sites, in fact I probably could've written the pesky piece of work in the time it's taken me to research sites! (Little tip for you there, haha) It's so hard to trust anyone's opinion.

E-W-S have very cheap prices, so I was tempted. I'd seen a few people comment that you shouldn't trust a site that didn't have a registered company number with the Companies House... I couldn't find one anywhere on Essay Writing Service. I asked one of the 24/7 chat reps (who were, on a side note, always very attentive) about it and they said they'd email me it within 2 hours, and it isn't on their website because it isn't their "policy". This didn't happen, so 5 hours later I asked a different rep and they said they had no record of me asking for it and they'd ask their manager and email me it the next morning. This didn't happen.

The website says it's possible to pay via PayPal, and as I browsed through the payment system, there seemed to be no way to do this- the only option was by card.

Anyway, just too many little/big things were hinting at me to try somewhere different, so I tried the more pricey UKEssays.com. I'm a bit nervous about it all, I need this work to help me out so badly, and very soon. Forked out for it, and because of its high prices I ended up only being able to afford about half of the word count I actually need! Although they didn't mention that you had to provide various ID verification photographs after you've paid to even carry on with the order. The order is on hold until you provide them if you pay by PayPal. It'd be helpful if they told you this in advance, or even in the emails confirming your payment.

I'm just really hoping I'm not being taken for a ride... I simply need an averagely good piece of work to help me out during a very stressful time. I'm a journalist (although a very fair one) so if anything bad does happen I'll certainly make sure people are warned!

Just make sure you read and re-read the Ts & Cs....
abhirup - | 7   Freelance Writer
Apr 16, 2012 | #2
you can try to hire a writer directly...it would save you a lot of trouble and money for sure
OP stuck 1 | 2   Student
Apr 23, 2012 | #3

So I got my piece of work back from UKEssays.com (on time! Although when I paid I asked for a 5 day service- but from paying to receiving the work it worked out as 7 days because of the time it takes to find a writer etc which is understandable. But I think they should warn customers of this somewhere before they order, what if I was really pushed for time?).

Here are the issues I have upon receiving the (albeit 2:2 level- wasn't expecting miracles) piece of work. Although they do give you 7 days to ask for amendments, which I have done (but what if I didn't have time to wait for amendments to be sent to me?!)....

- I paid for a 3,250 word piece. There is a Guarantee that says the bibliography will be *free of charge*. This essay is 3,250 words inclusive of the bibliography, so when the bibliography is taken away from the word count, the essay is only 3,004 words long! I was suprised this wasn't picked up on by someone. I paid for 246 more words.

- I requested clearly set-out chapters (and even specified what chapters) as the piece was supposed to be a condensed dissertation to help me out with my full-length dissertation. There are no set-out chapters whatsoever except the summary.

- I specifically asked for NO introduction, as I already have an introduction nicely written! The first couple of pages is an introduction, which I did *not* want!

They've been good apart from that, and it was a relief getting it on-time. The quality of the piece is okay but it's just as though the writer hadn't read any of what I had specified in the extra information I provided, and had just read the question and that's it!
Masterstudents 1 | 7   Student
Apr 25, 2012 | #4
Thanks for the review, it's realy appreciated. Overall, are you happy you used the service? Yeah sometimes I also think I can use all the effort I put into searching for help to actually write up the work myself lol. Good point...
Axel_J 1 | 8   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #5
My recent experience with UKEssays.com posted in another thread. UKEssays.com and CustomEssays.co.uk - My Experience

Agree with 'abhirup' 2 posts above. Got the name of my freelancer from the word file, if in need I would use him again.

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