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We, the customers, want writers either take the money and do the job, or STFU

ROFLMAO 1 | 3   Student
Jul 05, 2012 | #1
Can't believe I spent entire afternoon on this forum reading all kinds of tongue fightings, I have to admit this is quite entertaining...I'm an international student, speak broken english and write horrible essay, and that is why and how I got here, seeking for help. However, all I see is paid posters and internet marketers disparaging each other and being racist, instead of providing useful information for potential customers.

All I want to say is: I, or we, as customers, don't give a S who is with what company has what kind intimacy with whose parents. we'd like writers either take the $ and do the job, or STFU. Of course, s/he has to have proficient writing skill, and that is the only thing we care about. As a bystander, I won't pick anybody from "queen shabe" side, not because wether you guys are truly third-counrty writers, is because the sentences you guys wrote are worse, arguments are weaker, and most important, helplessly childish. wasn't everything too obvious? sigh
th63 1 | 463  
Jul 05, 2012 | #2
Just because YOU have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or how often writers gets ripped off doesn't mean that it's not important. It's important to me, even if it means nothing to people like you. I have had enough of this. It's the last straw and I refuse to take it any more.
Shiboleth - | 13   Freelance Writer
Jul 06, 2012 | #3
OP, I agree. This site is here to expose scams, though, and that's what some of us try to do.

th63, your impotent whining was old a long time ago, and it's only older now. You still haven't siad exactly what you think was done to you other than "some company stole my money." How? What were the circumstances?
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Jul 06, 2012 | #4
we'd like writers either take the $ and do the job, or STFU

really? are you sure you wouldn't really like to go **** your mother?
th63 1 | 463  
Jul 06, 2012 | #5
The people who ripped me off know exactly what I'm talking about, and what I can do about it, although they are no longer willing to show up here. We shall see.....
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Jul 06, 2012 | #6
Th - how would a 4 day old member know of your earlier complaints? I think that settles the question of identity, don't you?
th63 1 | 463  
Aug 19, 2012 | #7
How indeed?

In any case, I decided to not take anyone's money any more because after 5-6 years of doing this type of work, I really got sick of it all. That doesn't mean I am going to just STFU all the time, though. LOL.

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