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EssayPro ... scam (fake writer profiles)

sasokess 1 | -  
Jan 06, 2017 | #1
Hi, I just want to share my experience with those scammers.
Anyone who is searching about them and want to make an order... STOP! SCAMMERS alert!

they had a catalog of their writers so I figured too google their pictures.

And here is some of what I found:


-- who is actually: kenyanmusik.co.ke/blog/this-is-sage-the-musical-career-of-multitalented-songstress-sage-chemutai/


essaypro.com/essay-writer .html?id=28806

-- who is: twitter.com/gavineastlack

There is a lot more, you can actually have fun searching in google by image and laugh on these scammers.

I emailed this to a staff member in their site and he replied:

"We offer a complete confidentiality to both - our customer and our writers. They are don't need to reveal their real photos if they don't want to."

Lol! who is gonna believe that! what is the point!?
I searched for his picture on google image and it was fake too!

Thank god I didn't pay them a penny!
Be careful guys!
Major 34 | 1,280 ☆☆☆☆  
Jan 06, 2017 | #2
I have visited a few of those fake essay review websites (that partner with their sister sites, including the one you commented on above), and haven't found a single writer profile that would be true. Names, pictures, credentials, employment history - 100% doctored and fabricated. The only true ones (confirmed by their posting history) I found on essayscam.org/freelance-writers/

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