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Prescott Papers - Join 1,150+Satisfied Clients and Order Essays, Papers, and Specialty Work -Get $100 Off Through EssayScam

How do college students cope with hundreds of essays, thousands ofhours of lectures and labs, and their other life obligations? What isthe trick?

According to one study, students are becoming increasingly pragmatic.A study of 3,600 students found that "95percent said they participated in some form of cheating, whether itwas on a test, plagiarism or copying homework" (Wangaard & Stephens, 2011).Join the secret majority of students and take the safe andpragmatic route to academic success.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, a team of specialist writers, andseven core guarantees, Prescott Papers is the ultimate choicefor custom writing, essays, PowerPoint presentations, and academicwork.

Third-Party Verified Reviews -Sitejabber

With a history of client satisfaction, you can rest assured that yourproject will be done correctly and on time. Hear what two recentclients, Sergio and Scott, had to say about Prescott Papers:

These reviewed have been screened, verified, and approved bySitejabber, a reliable third party. Know that when you hire PrescottPapers, you'll be working with a transparent and honestcompany.

Specialty Topics Not Covered byOther Services on EssayScam

Our team includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Tiredof getting screwed when you need technical work? You've found theright service. Hear what one client said about help with technicaldatabase and computer science work:

Imagine how much time you can save with flawless projects in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Advanced Sciences
  • Excel and Spreadsheets
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science Work and Programming
  • Databases, including SQL and Microsoft Access
  • And More!

Need a non-technical paper, such as English or history? Liberal artsspecialists, such as former English teachers and graduate degree holders in many subjects, areavailable.

Why Students Choose PrescottPapers - Seven Core Guarantees

So why do clients consistentlychoose Prescott Papers over our competitors? Here are some of themost common reasons provided by students from Undergraduate to PhDlevel:

Elite Writers - U.S. Verified

Professors know the difference between outsourced, hastily-writtenjunk and quality writing. Because of this, all projects are handledby the best of the best: Ivy-league graduates, formerprofessors, and other professionals! Read samples of their quality work and you'll see the difference.

Guaranteed Original - Never Plagiarized

Projects are always written from scratch - never resold. Run yourproject through anyplagiarism-checking software. You'll beat Turnitin, Grammarly, andthe rest.

Secure Transactions

Worried about phishing scams? Pay securely with PayPal. We never seeor access your payment information.

Confidential Orders - Encrypted for YourPrivacy

Your orders and contact information are secure. We never resell pastorders or sell contact information to marketers. All orders aresecurely encrypted using TLS 1.2, which means that your data isconfidential.

Express Delivery Available

Is it already the last minute? You can get your project in justhours! Options for under four hour delivery are available, aswell as overnight and same-day delivery.

Editing and Revision Included

Does something need to be changed for your project to meet yourrequirements? Let us know. We'll make sure that your instructions arefollowed 100 percent.

Risk-Free Samples

Tiredof risking your money hiring contractors with questionable skills? Itis a waste to spend money only to receive garbage. When you placeyour order, feel free to request a no-obligation preview. We'll puttogether a custom-written sample of your project - you'll see whyclients come back again and again.

Spend Five Minutes and Save Five Hours - Start Now!

Why waste hours writing when you can order in seconds? Order easily online or contact us now for free consultation.

Mention EssayScam in your order andwe'll manually give you the following discounts:

  • $20 off over any order of 2.0 pages or more

  • $20 off any order of a PowerPoint of 10.0 or more slides

  • $40 off any order of a PowerPoint with speaker notes of 10.0 or more slides

  • 25% off of any custom pricequote for spreadsheets, computer science, and other specialty work

  • $100 off of any order over 10.0 pages

Dec 31, 2016: A recent testimonial posted on EssayScam related to our services:

Thank you EssayScam + Prescott Papers Review

Thanks a bunch to the community on here for the help navigating these essay writing websites. I normally do my own work but have struggled to find time and energy with my husband's recent cancer diagnosis. I was quite reluctant to hire a writer or company since I don't have a ton of money to risk losing to scams.

I had almost bought a paper from a website that SEEMED like it had good rankings. Then I found this forum and someone pointed out that those websites that say they have essay writing reviews tend to be made by the same people who run the services that are rated and that they just give their sites five stars

Anyway, ended up on back in November trying to find a service and you guys really saved me from choosing the wrong company.

I hired Prescott Papers and used some of the tricks you guys suggested to make sure they were legit before paying. Checked the emails they sent me to make sure they were grammatically correct and talked to a representative. Also started with a small order so I would only be out about $200 if I got scammed. Pleased to report that they sent the paper on time and it passed the first time when I submitted it through Taskstream.

Had been using them on and off throughout the term for my courses. They're always easy to get in contact with and they really go the extra mile with their work. I'm hoping to get back to doing my own papers soon but it is a big relief to have found a team that I can trust with my money.

Special thanks to users and mods on here. Very helpful community.

2017-2018 Academic Year Update

Thank you to the EssayScam community and staff for your continued support and patronage. To help students into the new year, Prescott Papers has added several new services, deals, and arrangements for specialty courses and busy students.

World Language Courses or Studying Abroad?

Need a paper in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Russian, Ancient Greek, Biblical or Modern Hebrew, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, or another language? All of the services offered by Prescott Papers are available in foreign languages at the same rates listed for their English equivalents.

Mention that you came from EssayScam and get 30% off of any project for a world language course!

All Currencies Accepted - USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, GBP, JPY, and More!

Join clients from over 49 countries and six different continents who choose Prescott Papers. Currency conversion is handled automatically via PayPal. No account needed!

Specialty Writers Available - Computer Science, Finance, and More!

Need a lab report? SPSS? Accounting? Advanced calculus? Linear algebra? C++? You're in the right place! Relax while your specialty work is completed by an industry expert!

Tired of companies turning you down for specialty papers? Mention that you found Prescott Papers through EssayScam and get 30% off of any advanced math, science, computer programming, or other complex work.

Want to Cheat Turnitin?

What is the "Cheat Turnitin" service that Prescott Papers offers?

Do you have an existing paper or project that is plagiarized, cited incorrectly, or that will otherwise get flagged for plagiarism by Turnitin, SafeAssign, and other originality-scanning tools? Order the Cheat Turnitin service and a professional writer will rewrite and edit your paper to let you confidently pass's plagiarism scanning tools.

Haven't started writing yet? Instead of providing content for us to rewrite, order a paper written from scratch! Select the option for Custom Writing. All custom-written papers are plagiarism-free; no need to worry about Turnitin! Ordering a paper from scratch is another great way to beat Turnitin!

I thought Turnitin couldn't be tricked? How does this work?

Shady overseas business often claim that you can get around Turnitin with easy tricks. The truth is that most tricks to beat Turnitin don't work, taking a plagiarized document and running it through a script to switch out English letters with similar-looking Cyrillic characters will put you in a position even worse than where you started. In addition to Turnitin being designed to recognize these low effort hacks, it's obvious to human eyes that an English paper filled with random Cyrillic characters and nonstandard characters has been tampered with. Not to mention, you'll look insane.

Our Cheat Turnitin service isn't a trick; it's original rewriting by a professional American writer. Unoriginal content is completely rewritten and an appropriate citation is added both inline and on the references page. Not only will your paper be able to trick a piece of software, it will fully meet academic standards for originality of work, meaning that your project will actually be plagiarism-free.

Ready to be done with your project?

Take advantage of Prescott Papers' updated team, services, and deals to get the most up-to-date academic help in the galaxy! Questions or looking for a quote? Free consultation is available. Our administrative team has your back every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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